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""Destruction is good for my soul, but it sucks to be you""
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The Goddess of Life, Death and Wisdom, Apollymi is the daughter of Chaos (the formless matter that birthed the universe) and Zenobi (the Atlantean north wind). She holds many epitaphs including: The Destroyer, The Bringer, The Giver, Biosia (Life), Thanata (Death), Magosa (Wisdom), and Fonia (The Killer).

Capricious and vain, she is the most powerful of all the Atlantean gods and can only be controlled by her half-brother and husband, Archon. She travels in the wind and can strike down her victims in an instant. It is said those who are about to die by her hand can glimpse her blond hair swirling in the mist a second before they die and at the instant of their death, the last vision they hold is her merciless pale swirling eyes.

A goddess of contradictions, she tends to be loving and kind in one breath and then brutal and cold in the next. No one, not even her husband, is safe from her wrath.

Fearful of her vindictive nature, the other Atlantean gods joined together and imprisoned her in Kalosis (a hellish plane between dimensions).

There are various legends that tell of her release. Some claim it is only by the sacrificial blood of an Atlantean that she can be freed, while others claim it is strictly the hand of her lost son Apostolos that can free her.

Because of her imprisonment, she, alone, escaped death when Atlantis was destroyed (at least that’s the tale the Greeks tell). Apollymi has a different version.

Now she sits in her prison, awaiting her release so that she can wreak her havoc across the earth and bring about Telikos–the end of the world as we know it.

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Sister Abigail (SOS, HYDRA)

01-04-2015 4:49:51

Dare you walk along the path offered at the "Crossroads"? Have you the strength? More importantly do you possess the courage to journey along this "Way"? Looking into your eyes, down deep into what the world of man calls the "soul" you possess I, Sister Abigail, believe that you do hold within this strength. Now you may look down on me and wonder "What manner of child is this before me?". Child I assure you I am not, rather I was old before you issued forth from your mother′s womb. We shall travel the "Way" you and I. In our journey you shall take on the role of the sheep, while I am the Shepard. During our travels you will come to know yourself in a way you have never imagined before. Are you good? Evil? Or somewhere betwixt and between? This you will come to know along the "Way". Now Child, the road is long and the way is hard, shall we make our beginning? Follow me Child, that we may begin. Worry not for food or clothing, these things you will be provided along the "Way".

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