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"All is fair in love and war and I love a good war."
119 years old
Neumayer - permanent station of Germany, Sector claimed by Norway
Antarctica - 12123
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Misos Stats: The God of War and Death, Misos is the son of Fegkia and Chaos. His chief aids are Pali (strife) and Diafonia (discord) who are said to run about in battle and confuse and outrage soldiers and commanders to incite more bloodshed. During times of peace, they take on the form of humans in order to stir up mayhem and trouble between nations. Misos′s violence was such that Archon banished him to the lower regions and made him ruler of the underworld where he lived with his wife Thnita (Mortality).

When a civilian dies, their daughter Zena is sent to lead them to the underworld. Soldiers are escorted by their son, Stratiotis. Children are given their own special guide, Paidi who is the youngest of their offspring. Paidi is said to take the form of a winged pony who rides the children to Telios (paradise) where they are given into the hands of adults who will love and nurture them until they can be reborn as mortals.

Their realm is guarded by the multi-headed dragon, Prostateva who was cursed by Apollymi when the woman claimed to be more beautiful than the queen of the gods. No living human can cross the path of Prostateva, any who try are eaten alive by her.

WE have Awakened. All the Gods of Atlantis have our reborn. Our lands have risen. Apollymi has chosen Misos to rule and be king. Now Misos leads the gods and rebuilds Atlantis hoping to prove he was always better then Archon. This Misos has done. He made Atlanthisia the center of a might empire called Theokos Atlanthisia Kosmetas or TAK which is Atlantean for the divine one Atlantis order.

This empire extends throughout time and space to most known realms and includes several powerful empires all united together. The Orcus family of gods have become the rules of the Atlantean Pantheon And Emperor Misos Orcus their Patriarch.

For all his success and power Misos was alone. He started an epic quest to find the perfect mate, the perfect partner. He had little success until he met the dark Goddess Nyght Wolfe (Formerly Artemis) the two fell into deep and dark passionate love. They became more than lovers and were married. Now Nyght Wolfe is the Empress of TAK and the mother to all the gods and goddess. Her intelligence and cunning mind compliments Misos Power and warrior skills completely. The two of them together have made TAK an empire of empires. TAK has expanded to include all sorts of creatures and mortals alike and grows more every day. There are few mortals in the realms that have not heard of TAK and its empress and emperor.



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Galactic Tyrant

10-02-2018 6:55:10

Deep in space, a crew that maintains universally feared despite being defeated a few times by monkeys gathers. By the light of the stars, the Galactic Tyrant who had declared himself Universal Emperor, simply chuckles and breaks out in hideous laughter. "My Lord," a henchman said, " we took the Namekian dragon balls and wished back the Ginyu Tokusentai,and then wiped out New Namek according to your orders." "Excellent, with Ginyu back and in the body of Tagooma, maybe we can find him an even stronger body." The Galactic Tyrant said before awkwardly being interrupted, "My Lord.. one problem, the dragon wasn′t able to restore Tagooma′s body, and so Ginyu had to change bodies with a woman. Not even a Saiyan thot, but a weak human woman body." The Galactic Tyrant, not amused, points his finger," bad news is forbidden at this time." Suddenly, purple beams unleash from his index finger into the body of his poor henchman. He then threw one into the side of the ship as many more of these incompetent henchmen are sucked out into space where they would slowly die. Frieza simply stands there watching, and the ship automatically repairs itself so that Frieza ,and the rest of his men who were not on the bridge of his ship continue. This was to a small and insignificant planet called Earth. Dies Irae! Solvet Saeclum In Favilla. Within six months, the whole Frieza force arrives. Frieza gets out of his ship, and stares down earth. His finger extended out as he is tempted to just destroy earth. But where is the fun there? A quick extermination of humans and monkeys? No, the better path is to see the pain in their eyes. See their regret, and form a fascism on earth to sell it to the highest bidder: maybe even Beerus? After all, he enjoys the food production from earth. Frieza puts his finger down as the many ships of the Frieza force lands with thousands and thousands of henchmen, and he communicates with Ginyu through one of his subordinates that the Ginyu Force ought to shop for him a body. That it should be a strong target. One from one of the stronger civilizations on earth too. When Frieza lands, many of the Frieza forces are battling the armies and police forces of the world,but also overtaking much of West City. Frieza flies around as he knew that only one thing could stop him: if the dragon balls were not destroyed immediately. He goes straight for Kami′s lookout where he is greeted by Dende,Mr.Popo and Kakarot. "So, Piccolo is dead,but this weak worm is the reason for the dragon balls," Frieza says calmly as he raises his finger. " DENDE, RUN , NOW!" Kakarot screams as Frieza shoots the death beam without hesitation. Dende is struck three times in a small time frame. The guardian of earth died instantly. "You...monster!" Kakarot says as he saw the death of the guardian of earth, and the Dragon balls in a state of not being dragon balls anymore,but stone. Frieza laughs as he forms a ball of deadly ki intensely on his finger, flies up and brings it crashing down into Kami′s tower. An angry Kakarot turns into Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan ,and stands ready to kill with his blue god ki. "Ka...me...ha...me.....HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!" Goku shouts as his hands extend forth with the kamehameha wave shooting towards the Galactic Tyrant Frieza. Frieza used after image to appear behind Goku. He shoots a Death Beam right at the monkey′s filthy neck, and then swings his tail to knock the monkey to the ruins of Kami′s Tower. "Now, let me show you the Mastered Golden Frieza form." Frieza says as he lands near the ruins, and a big explosion of Ki creates a crater around Frieza as Goku is knocked back, and Frieza′s skin turns purple and gold. He learned so much fighting beside Goku in the Tournament of Power, and again against Broly, and fighting him in his previous attempt to exact revenge. " Your son Gohan is the only warrior that has common sense among you monkeys," Frieza says as he shoots a chain gun effect of Death Beams powered by his form into Goku nearly killing his rival. However, at the last second, Goku′s hair turns white, and he sends the beams back naturally and instinctively. The Saiyan was using the powers he had to master in the Tournament of Power. A power that only could be achieved unconsciously. One he could not control,but it saved his hide against Jiren. Frieza, having witnessed it, already had ideas to counter it. The attack was sent back at him,and Goku immediately dashes forward throwing a punch in his gut,but Frieza uses his Death Saucer attack to send slicing blades of Ki honed on Goku′s position. From there, he jumps up and sends loads of Death Beam attacks in every position possible as he jumps and back flips. Finally, Frieza sends a death slicer and Death Ball simultaneously. These attacks are made to limit the movement for Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku. The real attack was just there. Frieza endures many attempts to punch him as he keeps fighting Goku allowing for the ki energy to eventually reach and hit him super hard. At least one landed blow would allow him to counter. Frieza then learns to adopt the same ideas that created MUI Goku within the fight. He stops thinking about things too hard, and lets his fighting commence. The two are in a beautiful fight, and the only thing that mattered was the fight. Frieza eventually gets Goku hard on the neck once more, and then watched as Mastered Ultra Instinct drains all of Goku′s energy and causes him a tremendous amount of pain. Frieza uses a death beam attack right to the saiyan pest′s head ending the battle with laughter. Back at West City, many interrogations take place. All over earth, the humans were being systematically slaughtered and tortured by Frieza′s worms who had their desire for a little power. " Ginyu, go to Atlantis," Frieza said telepathically, "steal their emperor′s body, and prepare for the extinction of humans."

King Dalikas, The Sophrosyne One, Eurypontid Empi

01-28-2018 3:56:10

The chaos of a new light. A new dawn approached and hovered over the world. Sol Invictus disappeared, and everything was cold. From the cold, many died from sickness and death. The reason for this chaos was that the war with the gods was taking place. The Olympians destroyed the order which Demiurge, in his masterful craftmanship, put on the universe. Dalikas was preparing for his invasion of Olympus knowing that he′d need the help of other nations,and had the plan to sail to Rome and Carthago. The great nations of the world needed to stand up against the gods. However, it is difficult for things to go as plan when the gods controlled much. No protection by Gaia meant that Neptune had complete and total control of the fate of whoever ventures to the sea. Dalikas knew this,but he also had courage and would fight off Neptune if he were to attack. Miles within the journey, the ship full of chosen companions throughout the the newly formed Laconic Empire. All were warriors and no helots because Dalikas wanted only capable men and loyal men in his voyage should Neptune get in the way. He also asked that Minerva act as regent as he is off on this venture. Within the journey, Dalikas expected to see the coasts of Africa,and the beautiful city of Carthage,but instead that a deep fog overtook the trireme and he couldn′t see ahead. None of this phased the Laconians. They sailed on without the fear as Odysseus and his companions did long ago even to reach the island through storm and siren attacks. Also, as Aeneas did long ago with the help of Neptune on the same style of route that Dalikas chose. Fogs and storms combined. The ship rocks crazily as if it could tip over at any minute. Within a few minutes, a group of Berber pirates seized the ship and killed all the companions except Dalikas,but Dalikas knew that surrendering to the pirates was the only way to survive the sea: and so he did that. The pirate captain was known as Crates of Massilia. Crates speaks to the new prisoner, " you are foolish to venture into foggy lands near Gaul: we will sell you to far away lands and get a large profit. In fact, you will be far away from your home lands.... say as far west as we can go?" Dalikas looks at the captain straight in the eyes saying," I will kill you." The pirates all laugh and said," by what authority do you have here?" "I am the king of Sparta," Dalikas said,but that invoked more laughter. Thinking he was a madman to have fun with, they gave him more freedom and started to do as he wanted them to do as if to play. Dalikas said, "lets toss Crates over board." The pirates all laughed and Crates acted as if he were to fall near the end of the ship. Dalikas pushed Crates over into the dangerous waters and said, " listen to me if you wish to survive: go the same route, and we will take riches from that far western island." The pirates are all impressed by Dalikas and called him the Captain. He had a new crew and continued his journey,but this time that he attempts to avoid Neptune at all cost. His plan is to go along the shores of Europe and then travel to Rome through Gaul. However, the deep fog imposed by Neptune created navigational difficulties. They ventured way too far out into the ocean, and a hurricane sweeps the ship up. The pirates struggle and fight for their lives against nature. Within weeks, they reach a strange and advanced civilization. Like Massilia, it appeared to be quite similar to the Greeks despite being expected to be a savage. The Atlantian civilization was found out about. The land which Xenophon long ago taught to Dalikas about during a co-lectureship with Plato. A land that inspired his own advancements in the Laconic Empire. Up until now, only Syracusae was his model of which to go after with his improvements to Sparta. The Demiurge appears to Dalikas saying, " before you go, there is a god in a different dimension I will have you meet. He is from Kolasis, and the Atlantian pantheon fears him,but he will help you throw off this curse and become a god again, and you will also master your Sophrosyne form by which helps." Dalikas smiled responding," Thank you my Lord Demiurge,but how do I reach this land of Kolasis?" To this, Demiurge points out the chaos in the distance and says, " I will send you by portal,but if he distrusts you due to your Olympian blood, you will have to defend yourself until you can convince him otherwise, and so you have to be careful." The Demiurge opens the portal to Kolasis so that Dalikas doesn′t face the titan invasion alone, and to meet the powerful god Demiurge spoke about. Upon the light of Kolasis, Dalikas steps forward and says, "Are you Misos Orcus? I am Dalikas of Sparta, adoptive son of Agesilaus II, but biological son of Mars and Bellona, and I was sent here by Demiurge to meet you about this Titan Invasion and Olympian Wars."

Princess Haley Orcus T&L Carlisle -Tak-

05-28-2017 8:43:07

It was a early morning on Saturday,Haley had just woken up from her sleep,haley yawned and sat up on her bed and rubs her eyes and yawns again, Haley got out of the bed and walks towards he window and opens the blinds and window smiles softly,haley then walks to her closet to pick her outfit for the day. Haley need to wear something elegant for the day just in case she went out or so. Hlaey new there was alot of changes for her since they made her a high priestess,there were alot of rules and expections from her,haley was strong enough to take the role of high priestess,but haley didnt want to disappoint her parents, so haley had ideas for the kingdom but wanst to sure how to explain to her parents.once haley sat her clothes out and ready for the day,haley walked to the bathroom and close the dor behind her and turns on the water and gets in and starts to shower. after haley shower she got out an and got dressed haley did her hair and make up,haley made her way to the bedroom door and opens it and starts to walks out and passed the servants as she passed them she greets them-morning-she walked to the stairs.once haley got stairs she made her way down the stairs as soon she got to bottom she smiled and looks around for abit. haley made her way to the dining room as soon she enterened she saw her parents and walks in and bows-morning father and mother-haley smiled and made her way to her chair and pulled the chair out and so she can sit,haley sat across from her parents. haley has notice that she was starting to show,there was no hiding her pregnency anymore haley waited for bulter to serve her meal. haley waited and started to think and wanted to her see how she was gonna start her plans but first she must have a word with her parents about adding few touches to the kingdom.haley new hwe parents where easy talk about things but didnt now how to start the conversation with them

Kira Orcus|TAK|ROD|

05-02-2017 7:15:21

Demetrius & I are having TWINS!!!!

Queen of Fyre and Earth ~Hiril Noir De Rosies~ Shee Hellkite-Topliss ~TFR - BvL ((Main Page))

10-27-2016 7:01:36

Imperial Majesty Cain Romanicus (M) (TDG) (DH)

10-01-2016 9:09:07

The time was 70 AD Europe. At this time the Roman Empire had taken over more of the Estates in Europe, apart from northern Scotland and Ireland. Strong Goth Army reside there with a stronghold that can not be penetrated. At that moment, Cain sail his way through the Mediterranean sea and into the Island of Cyprus. There he hold a small legion of Roman Legion under his command by the recent Emperor of Rome. He pledge his Friendship and loyalty as he was hunting the followers of god for sometime now. And in so proven himself worthy of the Caesar. Soon heading to Italy in where are to set camp in Napoli. After three Day of rest and feasting on the latest victory. Cain in wish adopted a last name Romanicus When he live for many years there. Cain enter the nearby camp in where one of the right hand of the Caesar was staying, been of a high rank he got permission to let go or no the soldier that making his stay in Napoli. Cain Saluted two guards outside the tent. A she spoke. * I need to see the General.* He said. A voice from inside responded. * Is that you Romanicus.? * He asked. * Yes is my General. * Cain replied. * Come inside is been a long time since you step here.* Cain enter the tent and saluted the general with his fist close to the chest . The general replied in the same manner and pointed to Cain to sit down. * So Cain, what bring you here, you are sure far from home in Persia. * He pointed. * Yes , i was send to Gaul. ( Modern time France ) To continue my hunt. But at last minute, the mission was cancel. and was send here to get a new set of orders. * Cain explained in details about the mission. the general looked at him and give him a small smile. * Well there is nothing much here to do. I been waiting order from Rome for 3 weeks. No word yet. * He reply. Cain look curious for it was unlike a order to take long . it could take longer to travel from Napoli to Rome. But on a 4 hour ride at full speed from one camp to the other, so another rider take over and continue to deliver the order. something was not right. * It shall be here by now General. * Cain said. * Yes, latest maybe tomorrow this do not sound good. * The general sounded a bit concern. Cain stand and headed to serve himself some wine and another cup for the General. * I could go to Rome. And she was had happened. * Cain said. * No Romanicus. You can′t, No one had set foot in Rome for 100 years. Is why we only send for order never to step there. But the idea. is not bad. Perhaps you can, you are not known that far. * At that moment, someone enter the tent to inform of the new. * General, the last boycott we send got Ambushed in Lazia. * The general enrage look to Cain and nodded as he headed to serve himself some wine. looking back at him.* Very well. You will head to Lazia, get the head of the leader there and bring it to the Caesar. You will be appointed Lieutenant . Go now.* Cain vows and headed out with his Legion to Lazia. After few Hours of fast spring towards the City. He finally was there. The city was lay to waste. Vandals perhaps in the area. But , it was unlike them to be this far from their territory something is up. Soon after, he stand by a close village where a group of people was hiding away from the attackers. There he saw someone, a young woman that seems to have some knowledge of what happen here. When he looked to her hand, she was holding a Roman sword. Cain order to have her arrested and to set camp here. And to kill the rest of the Villagers. As Cain set in his private tent. He order the woman to be brought to his present. Few minutes Later, He was toss before him , wrist ties a behind her. As the Soldier tossed her, her face hit the ground. Cain said.* Tell me, what happen here, where is my Soldier that was send to Rome and got Ambush here. * A he waited for answer Cain took the Sword she had and lift her by the hair positioning her on her knees while the sword was on her throat. *

FanDomain *

07-02-2016 7:06:29

Test Test

Empress Nyghtwolfe Orcus **SOS**ROM**TAK**

04-06-2016 3:41:32

Empress Nyghtwolfe Orcus **SOS**ROM**TAK**

12-24-2015 11:29:00

Imperial Office LCP

09-29-2015 12:25:01

The Old Marid I seem to be not much for an old wise man, but more for the voice of judgement as one of the elitist to the Empire, as the room spoke by it self for it′s members it was not a characther, rather unpersonal and had find predilection investing in contemplative pursuits just to move papers, agreements and easier the mediation among Emperors.

Secluded around notary books and registrations, the two scribans of the Emperor worked on the sides with ink and paper to note and miss nothing. My long cloak hanged in tha back following my steps, as my hood too posed in my back showing my curved neck and white hair flowing as a genious, short of stature and damged by the decades walked pasive opening the door widely to Emperor Misos, as the first guess and of Importance and by number.

"Emperor Misos, I believe we have not meet before but is true I heard legendary stories and from many warriors, Queens and have seeing from your Empress my self for the way you have taken away, indeed is an honour to welcome, I believe there shall be thrumpets and a Military Display with an orchestra to parade your coming."

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