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Apollo is the mild mannered son of Nyghtwolfe and Marius Wolf. He was sired by Misos Orcus since the day of his birth, so it is in his mind that Misos is his natural father. During the course of his life, he met Marius only once, but although he felt the innate connection, his loyalty and love would remain with the only Dad he remembered, Misos.

During a battle in the Island of Corsica, he bravely fought to conquer the land for his Aunt. As he swung his sword, killing those who opposed their superiority, Apollo learned something about himself. He did not have the blood lust of his vampire mother, but he had a deep gnawing hunger for souls. As countless men died under his swift blade, Apollo fed on their essence, feeling stronger and powerful. This trait, he would learn later, came from the genes inherited from his paternal parent, Marius.

He would repress the urge to drain souls, for it was an enhanced ability and not necessarily vital to his existence. Unlike his mother, who needed blood and raw meat as nourishment, Apollo found that having the love of a beautiful woman was sustenance enough.

He was also capable of shapeshifing into a white wolf form, and would often go hunting with his mother. He would not, however partake in the meaty rewards of the kill. He found that animal souls were just as appetizing as humans, if not slightly less nourishing. During wartime, he would join his father Misos in battle, and feast with gluttony on the human souls that he took.

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Queen Esmeralda Tepes Dracul Orcus {M_L~ Apollo} {TAK}

06-13-2022 3:12:00

Esmeralda lay locked in her nightmare and nothing could be done about it!  The shark attacks were continuous.  Then she heard music, the music she so loved.  It seemed to calm the savage beast attacking her.  The attacks stopped and Esmeralda was spiraling in an endless field of colours and flowers.  Then mountains!  She was in the Carpathians.  Wait she was not alone! That voice, so strong yet so gentle to her.  The Carpathians, Romania,  she was there on top of the mountain with her husband and love of her life.  “APOLLOOOO” her voice called out loud of her comatose body.  Then she saw him in her dream, so handsome and strong. They had mated several times on this trip.  

Esmeralda was pregnant!  She was so happy as was Apollo, it would be a son.  They would call him Adonis.  Then spiralling again she was giving birth!  It was hard and her mother-in-law, Nyghtwolf and her father Vlad were with her.  They had been at a party.  Whose party was it?  She had drank something she should not and it poisoned her.  But Nyghtwolf knew what to do and drove the poison from her and the baby’s body.  Then she needed blood for Esmeralda is half vampire and half mermaid.  Then again there he was, the father of her son and rolled up the sleeve of his royal tunic and she fed.  

Spiralling again she called out “Apolloooo” and “Adonis!” as she felt everything around her was growing brighter and she heard this song ….

Falling, drifting but more conscious she was on her way home.  She remembered, she had gone to her homeland of Romania, they needed their Queen.  So much troubles, war, peace, red tape but she sent Apollo and Adonis back to Atlantis where they belonged!  Where SHE now belonged!  

The music, Atlantis itself, her wonderful husband, her brave handsome son, they all called to her to come home!  Then there was the shipwreck!  The shark! But wait, Poseidon picked her up, the dolphins had protected her, Poseidon lay her close to shore and as she swam, she hit her head on a piece of the wrecked ship.  The ship, all its people, her presents for her family, all ALL gone!  
Her body washed ashore as a mermaid and she transformed there, unconscious, but that voice, the voice so wonderous to her.  Her warrior, her protector, her saviour once again.  Apollo!!

Now as she lay in their bed, in the little cottage in the forest he built for them.  She remembered it all.  They raised Adonis there.  Away from the City walls, the hustling crowd.  Here where it was peaceful.  They attended the Palace of Misos and Nyghtwolf.  They attended Royal commitments but it was here.  Here was her home, her heart, her life……

LIFE, She chose LIFE! And with a gasp!  She opened her eyes wide and she lay there.  In their bed.  At first she couldn’t speak.  Her mouth was dry.  Turning her head she saw her son sitting in a chair at the side of her bed and he smiled.  She smiled back at him then turned her head the other side and there sat her beloved Apollo!!  Gently like a soft sea breeze she spoke his name.  As if a prayer had been answered “Apollo”.  She gave him a beautiful smile and lay there to regain her strength.  “How long have I been like this?”

Queen Esmeralda Tepes Dracul Orcus {M_L~ Apollo} {TAK}

06-13-2020 11:15:13

ESMERALDA RETURNS HOME PT 5 Esmeralda was in a dream state remembering the storm that had come out of nowhere and caused the seas to pitch and churl and the ship creaked and groaned. The lightning struck like Poseidon’s trident with many shards striking at the ship until it splintered apart. Esmeralda stood at the railings and tried to see what she could of anything that had dared to bring this storm. Was it the Gods? No she was befriended by the gods, well most of them. Yet something was behind this storm. Someone didn’t want her to go back to Atlantis, to Apollo, to her family….. The next thing that she dreamed was falling into the sea and being battered about. She was dreaming that she had survived a horrendous storm at sea and that she shapeshifted into her mermaid shape. She was swimming with a protective school of bottlenose dolphin. There was no thoughts, no direction, just a voice saying in her thoughts ‘Swim my daughter, ‘People linked by Destiny will always find each other’. So she let the dolphins take her to where she must go. If fishermen saw a school of dolphin leaping and playing they might squint to see what the shimmer of mystical colours were with them. Could it be a mermaid? But they were myths, magic, not real at all. But before they could move closer the dolphins and their guest were gone from sight. Under water Esmeralda was in awe of the colours of the fish, the coral reefs, everything that most human eyes did not see under the sea but in paintings, and other art forms. Many of that was guessed at! On one occasion she remembered a great white shark circling around them. He was about to strike for his meal and he didn’t care if it were fish or mermaid. It was then that the dolphins scattered but the one that took charge of her swam her over to one of those coral reefs and nudged her into the middle of it. She was well hidden in all the vibrant colours but if the shark sensed her the prickly corals would protect her. Her protector then swam away from the corals and into the open water. The shark neared the corals and niffed around it. Spotting something shimmering in the corals he thought to himself ‘a mermaid!’. He would gourmet eat today! And he dove into the coral but just as quickly he turned and swam away. The corals all closed in and their jaggy bits of stems were like sharp razor blades. So the shark decided to follow after the dolphin that had tricked him. Yet the dolphin was more agile and swam in and out of places the shark could not get to and thus the shark went off looking for an easier meal and the dolphin called in high pitched tones to the rest of his school and they came back for Esmeralda. No time was wasted now and a large strong hand scooped up her body much larger than the body that now swam with the dolphins at a speed unnatural. The trident in the other hand a deep voice spoke to her mentally ‘Soon, soon we will have you home brave one, you are your mother’s daughter and like your father you are a survivor. Your destiny lay before you. I will see that nothing more will dare to harm you Princess.’ Next she dreamed she had washed up on a shore and lay there on her stomach as her body changed back to human form. She had hit her head on some driftwood from the very ship that she had been on. Esmeralda you fool, why did you not just open a portal and take you and your gifts safely to Atlantis. She dreamt or was it a dream, of being lifted in the strong protective arms of her beloved Apollo. She put a hand to his face and looked into his eyes and said “We have to stop meeting this way, people will talk”. But now she was at home in their bed and yet she could not awaken. Something was wrong and she lay there in her dream state this time fighting that shark over and over. Her body suddenly began twitching and jerking as her mind fought that shark. Not being able to awake, not being able to talk, …. Not beginning to remember!

Queen Esmeralda Tepes Dracul Orcus {M_L~ Apollo} {TAK}

05-30-2020 12:24:21

Thankfully Esmeralda was half mermaid and half vampire by birth. She had managed to swim with the dolphins as the ship had run aground oh so close, so very very close to home. The dolphins and sea creatures knew her well and where she truly belonged. Her mother’s spirit guided them as they swam as far as they could to the shoreline of Atlantis. The ship was gone, its cargo at the bottom of the ocean only a mile off the Alantean coast. When the dolphins could swim no closer the great octapus God Cthulhu, picked up the beautiful woman in his arms and carried her as far as he could inshore to where she could breath. He lay her gently down on the ground then disappeared away into the deepest part of the sea. “You are home Princess, the rest is up to fate, yours and his.” He said as he left. Esmeralda lay on her stomach now on the cool sand but was unaware of where she was. She just wanted to rest, to sleep, and in her dreams find her love. She dreamed of a small cottage in a forest where she and Apollo fell in love, Apollo … it was always Apollo, she had never loved another. Adonis, she had given him a son, Adonis. Her mind was a whirling mass of memories, good and bad. She needed to calm her mind. To focus at least on one thing, one person, and that person was Apollo. Thoughts of them living so peacefully at their cottage he had built for them. She could swear she smelt the flowers and his, his scent. The wolf, the vampire, her beloved man. Peacefully breathing but shallowly she could even feel the warmth of his strong body as he used to hold her. If his quiet strength when they made love. Her last time she saw him… that was on their camping trip up a Romanian mountain. Their lovemaking there until a message was carried on the winds to her of her father’s illness and her brother’s need of her to come as he could not cope. She and Apollo split up then, he had to go back to Atlantis and his family there. She promised it would not be long and she would return home to him. That sadly was not the case as his father lingered on death’s door and she and Vlad did all they could to make him comfortable. Time flew like the sands of an hourglass and eventually it had become four long years. She and Apollo wrote back and forth at first but then that even became painful as both did what they had to do. Their son Adonis at his father’s side when needed had also come to visit her in the country she ruled, Romania, but he was at an age he wanted to see the world and so he did. Finally it had come to the point she could no longer stand the distance between her and Apollo. Her mind remembered the ship she was taking back as she had accumulated so many gifts for her mother-in-law and father-in-law, Apollo, Adonis and countless others. But fate was not kind and a storm of unfathomable proportion set on the ship and tossed it around as if it were a child’s beach ball. Then she felt the cold water and unconsciousness as she had hit her head on the mast as it fell to the sea. Now she just lay there and breathed in gently the scent of Apollo as if he were there, she opened her mouth and inhaled as something slipped into her and filled her whole being. She was sure she was now dead or gone mad for she thought she heard his voice. “Es, Es wake up” and so she slowly dared to open her eyes once more as droplets of wet tears hit her face. She suddenly drew in a quick breath and started sputtering and coughing but she got out the surprised words “Apollo! Apollo! Is it truly you! Are we alive or are we death….it does not matter we are together and she lay her head against his chest and put her hand there as well. She was weak of course but she would live! Esmeralda was home …

Queen Esmeralda Tepes Dracul Orcus {M_L~ Apollo} {TAK}

05-05-2020 6:03:36

NEW STORYLINE ~ ESMERALDA RETURNS HOME Esmeralda had had enough. She had come to see to her ailing father and now it was Vlad’s turn to watch over him. He was a vampire; vampires did not get sick and die nor would her father. She had sat the throne of her kingdom and ruled as the Queen with her brother at her side but it was not her brother she wanted at her side. Her mind often drifted to the memories of her and Apollo camping on that mountain top but alas he as called home and she was called here. She wrote at first then time with the troubles of this land kept her tired and she did not write nor did Apollo. So this is the time to go to Atlantis and see if there was a spark of hope that their life together was far from over. Their son, Adonis, was with his father and he did not write and so this worried her even more. “Vlad, are my things now loaded on the ship. I know I could portal there but unsure what I would portal into. What was happening that they do not write. Apollo is my soul and Adonis my heart and I must go to them now. I will sail on the morrow and you can take care of father. The nurses will see to him. I do not know what this illness is nor do you so you must protect yourself too my brother. Please, I will stay no longer as I must need to go where my heart truly is. If Apollo no longer wants or needs me, I still have my son there. It has been far too long and I have to set my life back in order.” Vlad put his arms out to embrace her “We will be fine, you will keep in touch or I shall come looking for you and that family of yours. If you are sure than leave with my blessings and fathers for he would want it this way. He will come out of this and we shall both visit you. But if this Apollo hurts you in any way, breaks your heart, there will be hell to pay my sister.” He said knowing that Apollo would not have been his father nor his choice of husband for her. The man was half werewolf by the demons! On the morning of the next day Esmeralda said farewell to her father in his bed and then at the docks to her brother. She walked up the gangplank and onto the deck. Turning back to the docks she waved to those that were there to see her off safely. Thus her journey began as she went below to her cabin and changed clothes into a pair of black trousers and a white pirates shirt that hung loosely about her since it was her father’s shirt. Then she came up the stairs and back onto the deck going to the stern she braced her hands on the oak railing and gazed out at the waves and wondered at the beauty of the Sun and sea. The day was uneventful and when evening came she had her meal and her blood then went into her cabin and bedded down in the wide berth. Suddenly as it comes on the seas a monstrous storm brewed and boiled as it sent the swells of waves higher and harder dashing against the boat. Esmeralda could hear the men above battening down the hatches. The Captain came below and called to her through her door “Lass! Stay in yer room its coming hard and fast this storm and tis not a good one.” Esmeralda sat up “Alright I will!” she shouted over the booming thunder and lightening. But suddenly the ship’s large mast crashed down and she had to go up and see if she could help. It was at that time that lightning crackled an ominous spray across the heavens and the ship was torn asunder. Esmeralda found herself in the water and trying to cling to a piece of wood. She closed her eyes and transformed into the mermaid that she was then turned loose of the wood and went under to start swimming towards Atlantis. That was as her fist instinct was that fateful day she was saved by Apollo. After swimming miles and miles she was swept up on the shore of Atlantis but was unconscious and did not look like the royal princess she was….

Queen Esmeralda Tepes Dracul Orcus {M_L~ Apollo} {TAK}

02-14-2019 2:36:59

Queen Esmeralda Tepes Dracul Orcus {M_L~ Apollo} {TAK}

08-03-2017 2:10:30

ESMERALDA Es nimbly slipped into her clothes for hiking further and stepped out of the tent. Looking around she could scent a storm brewing. “I do hope the weather holds out while we climb.” And walking over to the food that Apollo had cooked up. She smiled and then went and sat down on the rock next to him. As he pointed out the beautiful castle Hunyad. “What you have probably heard is the ramblings of the Romanians. Much of it is true.” She sighed as she drank in the calm beauty now of what once was a blood flooded land. The turbulent unrest and the military presence of those who wished to overthrow the Dracul from their stronghold. “It is both beautiful and mystifying here Apollo. Back in its day it was once call the Hunyadi Castle or the Hunedoara Castle, in my native Romanian tongue is Castelul Huniazilor or Castelul Corvinilor, and the Hungarian’s call it Vajdahunyadi Var and is a gothic castle from the Renaissance period. This area of Transylvania is called Hunedoara. That castle is one of the largest castles in all of Europe and is one of the seven wonders of Romania. It is now called Corvin Castle. My grandfather was indeed held prisoner there and in Bran Castle as well. There was much fear from the people who did not understand our kind. Theirs is the term ‘vampire’ for us. It ‘stuck’ you might say. But we are so much more than creatures to hate and fear and lock away in some dark dungeons.” She gave a light laugh. Many changes have been made and there had been a great fire that almost destroyed all the castle. Most likely set by townsfolk afraid of what the dungeons held in them. Thankfully my family had escaped and are alive. The Gallery and the keep, the last defence tower built, is call ‘Nebojsa’ which mean ‘Don’t be Afraid’. Tourists are told that it was the place where Vlad III of Wallachia (commonly known as Vlad the Impaler), my Grandfather, was held prisoner by John Hunyadi, Hungary′s military leader for 7 years after he was deposed in 1462. Later, Vlad III entered a political alliance with John Hunyadi, although the latter was responsible for the execution of his father, Vlad II Dracul. Because of these links, the Hunedora Castle is sometimes mentioned as a source of inspiration for Bran Stoker′s Castle Dracula. In fact, Stoker neither knew about Vlad′s alliance with Hunyadi, nor about Hunyadi′s castle. Instead, Stoker′s own handwritten research notes confirm that the novelist imagined the Castle Dracula to be situated on an empty top in the Transylvanian Călimani Mountains near the former border with Moldavia which is called Castle Bran or Castle Dracul. In the castle yard here, near the 15th-century chapel, there is a well 30 meters deep. According to the legend, this fountain was dug by 3 Turkish prisoners to whom liberty was promised if they reached water. After 15 years they completed the well, but their captors did not keep their promise. It is said that the inscription on a wall of the well means "you have water, but not soul”. Throne Hall and Throne table It is one of the most haunted castles in Europe still today. It has now fallen into my Brother Vlad IV’s hands. Father resides at castle Bran. That is where he placed a solid gold goblet at the foot of the town well for anyone to drink from. But death to the person who tried to steal it. Father was a strict but loving man, well I should say still is since he attended the wedding feast and birth of his grandson, Adonis. So there that is all I know on that.” She had been talking idly as Apollo fixed the rest of their breakfast. After their night of rigorous love making she was ravenous.

Queen Esmeralda Tepes Dracul Orcus {M_L~ Apollo} {TAK}

03-16-2017 9:48:00

Her hand was soft and warm caressing his thickness.  Apollo sighed contently as his body trembled in the pleasure of it.  Not only her hand, but her warm moist mouth brought him quickly to a fulfilling climax.  He threw back his head and howled loud and melodic. Being the son of two godlike parents, the Prince of Wolves could shoot his load to the moon like a geyser if he didn’t restrain it.  His toes curled and he pulled Esmeralda quickly off himself as he let go his seed into the wind.  “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHROOOOOOOOWL!”, he howled again in the full release.  His male scent would undoubtedly attract female wolves to their camp site.  Surround them, they did, stalking out of the darkness to sit in the close proximity of the mating couple.  Erotica scented the air. Soon, male wolves felt the arousal and came into the camp to claim the females.  It was a wolf orgy!   

The three poachers, who had hidden themselves when Apollo and Es showed up, were shocked speechless as they watched the sexual frenzy.  It was enough to scare them off, fearing that the accumulation of wolves would detect and attack them.  Outnumbered and frightened by what they’d witnessed, they quietly fled the scene. Apollo, lost in the thralls of Esmeralda, was barely aware of them. He howled in his orgasm, attracting more wolves to the orgy.  The three scared poachers high-tailed it to the nearest town tavern and spun a crazy tale of what they’d seen.  It would be the talk of the town for many months to follow.

At the campsite, Apollo surrendered to his wife’s urgent begging for him.  He reached down to lift her effortlessly by the hips and set her down on top of his still swollen mast pole.  His groin thrust up deep into her velvety softness, still secreting with cum, lubricating her.  Guiding her hip movements with his hands, Apollo thrust hard repetitively into her with the need to hear her moan his name.  Gods how he loved this woman!!  Apollo would defy heaven, hell, and earth, to keep her safe and happy.  She was his whole world, his universe. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for her.  The grunting and humping of the forest wolves continued throughout the night until morning, many of the females now impregnated.   The wolf population would surge this season. 

Queen Esmeralda Tepes Dracul Orcus {M_L~ Apollo} {TAK}

06-26-2016 12:06:52

Esmeralda lost her consciousness of the world around them. Apollo had her going into a sensual state that could only be destroyed by his withdrawal. His kisses covering all of her sensitive places that he now knew all too well. She felt the smooth material of her breezy gown now slide up her long shapely legs. Esmeralda was well proportioned as if the fates created her just to match the God Apollo. Feeling the cool grass under her bare feet was rejuvenating and energizing her from her tiredness of the hike they had taken together. Her body now beginning to tingle and sizzle at the overpowering need to be one with her love now. Esmeralda heard the sound of gravel falling but she was where she belonged and that was in the arms of the most wonderful, powerful, man she loved. She let the sound go completely because she felt safe in Apollo’s arms. She had no fear of anything except the worst of nightmares and that would be the loss of this man she loved. The object of her attention now hard as steel and wedged between them made her wet and an aching was beginning, the tingling growing stronger and stronger that she was losing herself into the realms of full surrender to him. Esmeralda barely was aware of him taking one hand to pull a blanket from the tent. He had moved them inch by inch to the tent from the grove of trees and as he kept a strong arm around her waist he gently lowered her to the blanket while never relenting his heated caresses. Esmeralda trusted his strong hold on her and he could have just as easily been dropping her off a sheer cliff and she would follow his lead undoubtedly. She knew it was only a matter of moments that the shift would float away and she lay there naked to his devouring gaze. A gaze that both promised pure bliss and erotic hell for he would take all she could give and then have her begging for more. Apollo would not relent now until he had her moaning and screaming his name as he joined her in the thralls of pure abandonment and orgasms. This was their time. Their special time… There was no need to be close to the fire that danced shadows over their nude bodies as they now moved together on the blanket under the stars. “I want your hardness in me NOWWWW” she growled the last as she grabbed his hard cock and started stroking it not fast, nor slow, but just the way he liked it. His fingers only served to remind her what her body was truly craving and hungry for it. Apollo used his hands so skilfully again on her body knowing exactly what she liked and what drove her to wild abandon. Her nipples now so taut that they threatened to explode as he rubbed, pinched and arched to his touch for more. “You want me to take you there, then cummm with me and we shall go there together my love” she growled and putting her palms against his chest as she wrapped her long legs around his legs that were so firm and muscular. She used some of her powers and she flipped him onto his back with her entwined on top of him. With a wicked gleam in her eyes she slide down and took his manhood to taste how much he was already wanting her. Looking up between his legs to his handsome face she moved up and down with a rhythm she knew would soon drive him wild. She would drain him this first time and yet keep him hard for their complete coupling after. The night was theirs, the mountain was theirs and the universe were theirs.

Queen Esmeralda Tepes Dracul Orcus {M_L~ Apollo} {TAK}

05-29-2016 1:28:34

Esmeralda was so full of bliss and happiness here alone with her beloved husband. Just as quickly as Apollo set to making camp Es joined in happily and skillfully. She had grown up with the gypsies that kept her safe and she knew how to set up a camp as easily as her Apollo did. She watched him move about from the corner of her eyes as she set about preparing for a safe fire spot for later and a small cauldron to cook some good Romanian Ciorbă de fasole cu afumătură (bean and smoked meat soup). She had found three long branches already on the ground from the tree that they had made theirs by their symbol of love. Es would never dream of taking them from the live tree but from what the tree offered them on the ground. Both Apollo and her had a deep reverence for nature. Coming lastly out of the entrance of the neat little tent which they had erected, she stopped as her husband gave a low growl and she stopped instantly to listen to what he was saying. Both of them had keen senses and Apollo even more than here she kept silent and offered just a slight nod that she understood and she walked over to the place where Wynd was tethered. As if nothing were wrong she pulled the small caldron and the ingredients for their supper from her saddle bags and at the same time her imperial dagger and her long sword. As if anyone would do to keep their weapons close for the night. Walking over to the spot she had put the tripod of branches she set down the small cauldron and set it down with bowls and spoons. Rising up she then stretched her back with her hands at her slender waist, turned to the tent and went inside to place her weapons on her side of their sweet bed. Why? WHY? Could they just be alone for a few days. She knew not what to expect as she slipped out of her clothes into a long gossamer caftan as she watched Apollo through the open door flap. The gown was a translucent gold that either did not leave much to the imagination or it rendered too much to the imagination. Her full figure of a woman that had borne a child and now back to its shapely curves in their proper places she sauntered up to Apollo. She had not even caught her breath from seeing his own magnificent body of nothing more than a bronze body and a golden mane and deadly gleaming white smile that he pulled her so gently into his welcoming and possessive arms. Es giggle a second as the thought of a beautiful palomino stud stood there before her. Shaking her head she shot him a wicked smile “My love I do not know about giving someone a show but if you keep nibbling on my neck like that you rake. I could care less who sees us as long as I am in your arms husband.” She laughed musically and nibbled on his own neck with a hand reaching down to his bare manhood that was definitely awake and always at the ready. Whispering in his ear with warm breath she purred “And just how are you to fight with ‘that’ sword, m’lord?” The only thing keeping them apart was her sheer caftan. All the while her sensitive hearing of the wolf part of her was alert listening to pick up any movement, her keen sense of smell as well was also alert and her vampiric body was ready to shift with her mate or fight in human form. Esmeralda was a Toreador Vampire. The Toreador are a clan of vampires known for some of the most beautiful, sensual, seductive, emotional and glamorous of Clans of Vampires. They are responsible for the legends of vampires who seduce and entice their prey with beauty, love and sensuality. Famous and infamous as a clan of artists and innovators, they are of the bastions of the Camarilla, as their very survival depends on the facades of civility and grace on which the sect prides itself. The power to change at will into the wolf also shares her body with powers of her mother the Mermaid. Thus Esmeralda is able to manoeuvre through various realms of earth and water. She still carries the embarrassment of having turned into the real beast within, the demon when she is at battle. Thankful her brother and yes her father were there when she went through her changes will birthing Adonis. Still here in the ‘old country’ she avoided her father for she carries the sight of her mother’s death in her mind. What her father had done to her and her brother Vlad was still hard to accept but she being fine with it now gains on her own powers more and more. Her husband, Apollo Orcus, was where her heart found love and peace. Many think her man weak and quiet but she remembers the day he showed his full powers and broke her free from an occupation that was not to her liking. Apollo Orcus was a deadly man and she never wished to see his full temper released as it had dire consequences to all that vex him. He was that much like her mother-in-law, Empress Nyghtwolfe Orcus, and the traits of his father Marius and his stepfather who was more a father to all was the Emperor Misos Orcus. Now that was not a man to anger or come against in any form for he thrived on the fight, the battle and wars make him stronger and stronger. Yet Misos and Nyghtwolfe were loving to their family and she was immediately made a part of that family when introduced to them by Apollo. The Orcus family are a strong family with many members and all love and respect Misos and Nyghtwolfe. She was proud of the name Orcus and she was ever so proud of this man now tempting her with his sensuous nibbles His hard bronzed body drove her wild with need now here he stood holding her with all but the sheerest of fabrics between them. He knew effects on her and that she was utterly tee totally in love with him. She did not fear what was around them for like this they were as one mind and not far off from being one body.

Queen Esmeralda Tepes Dracul Orcus {M_L~ Apollo} {TAK}

02-22-2016 2:31:57

“So that is some challenge my love, but you ain’t a waitin on me!” and with that she got up and started putting things back in the bundle so they would have the food for later. She hoped she had not dampened Apollo’s mood with her brief moment. She turned to him as she stopped doing anything. “Apollo, you have filled my heart so full of love that I no longer dwell on the sadness.” She walked over as she lifted her backpack over her shoulders and looked up into those blue eyes. Stopping just in front of him as he was working getting all the gear that they needed in his large backpack. Catching him off guard she threw her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her for a sweet gentle kiss that sent shards of lightening through her body. “Okay lets give it a go as we have a lot of climbing to do to get to where we could pitch a tent. The weather can change on the mountain swiftly, so hope you are prepared for it all. Come on…. Let’s get going.” In the few moments of that tender kiss she felt her whole body spring to life and she thought of, could they, conceive another child on the side or top of that mountain. Hmmm, she shook off the thoughts and set her mind to the long climb ahead of them. A beautiful day with the sun shining and hope in her heart she was with the only one person in the world that made her so complete.

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