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"of the Nunar Clan (T+L Senga) "
60 years old
Atyrau, Atyrau
Kazakhstan - 2100
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07-28-2020 5:04:39

Senga was puzzled by Ulgar’s reactions to her telling him that it was only 3 days, he understood her perfectly. She drew on her clothes and a bear fur long jacket and scuttled out of their yurt behind him. As she came along aside him she realised how much taller than her he was. Ulgar was a very large man! She felt small, insignificant now next to him. She watched her people, no his people, no THEIR people now, all of them breaking camp while the weather held out. She looked up at him questioningly wondering what he was thinking when he suddenly took her hand in his and he drew her close. His voice was husky and gravelly but yet there was a softness and surprisingly an urgency to it. If, when, they had babies would she ‘allow’ him to teach them the fighting ways of men. She was shocked and for a moment in her loins there came such an ache. A fluttering in her stomach and her face became a crimson red with flush. The sound of his voice alone set her loins on fire and she had not given thought to babies because of all that had happened. Turning fully into his large frame she pressed against him and took his other hand in hers. “Ulgar, why would I NOT expect you to teach them to fight like men, like Picts, like your kin and mine? How else would they survive in our harsh land? When WE have our own children I expect no less from you as a father. Yet do not just think of our babes, think of our people, you can teach them so very much. Our men, our women, all children need to be able to defend against intruders. You see, Ulgar, we have a wonderful and rich land where we grow crops, have cattle, hogs and sheep. Most of these people have homes. The castle is a safe haven from what intruders are to come and yet it is not large, yes, it is different than sleeping in our yurts in many different ways but it is kept warm by the large hearths and by …… our hearts.” With that she tiptoed up and kissed him on the lips lightly, hoping she had put his mind at rest but he had gotten her not with such talk of their babies. Something she had thought of growing up but now it would be a reality. Their part of Alba was so beautiful and she prayed he would fall in love with it as much as she and her people would. Yes, Ulgar, she thought to herself, I will be proud to bear your young. Hands still in his, her doe like eyes looking up into his as she stood there against his strength and she let loose of his hands and brought them up into the hair on each side of his head and pressed a bit more for the kiss.

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