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"It is TRUE a beautiful woman can turn my eye but will take an extrodinary one to turn my heart. NO OOC DRAMA or CYBERSEX TROLLS

119 years old
Romania -
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Here for: Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: ATLANTIS
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Other
Smoke / Drink: No Answer/No Answer
Education: No Answer
Religion: Other
Occupation: Prince of Atlantis & Romania
Height: 6"6'

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Hello all,

My name is ADONIS TEPES ORCUS. My father is PRINCE APOLLO ORCUS of the Realms of Atlantis. My mother is the beautiful Gypsy Queen of Romania, QUEEN ESMERALDA TEPES DRACUL ORCUS. My Maternal Grandfather is COUNT VLAD TEPES DRACUL III of Romania and my maternal grandmother was an Atlantean Mermaid. My paternal grandmother is EMPRESS NYGHTWOLFE ARTEMIS ORCUS, a vampire, as paternal grandfather is EMPEROR MISOS ORCUS, a demon. I have a beautiful sister named BRAILEY ORCUS.

I am a free spirit and stand for equality and justice in this world. Now that I have become a man my sword will protect Atlantis and all innocents. Though I still have wild oats to be sown, I am looking for that special kind of love like my father and mother have. Someone to settle down with and start a family'

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It was a lovely day when Prince Adonis thought to ride out across the lands of Atlantis. He had two friends, actually they were Royal Guards, but more friends than anything, almost like brothers. "Ahhh what a glorious day for an adventure, Aye?" he said as they lazily rode along. Adonis felt safe in the lands of Atlantis and the people knew him as the kind and benebovlent Prince just like his father was. But that did not mean that the Orcus family did not have its enemies, foes, and those that sought to destroy the Orcus family but they seldom showed their faces in daylight. "Isn't there a lake over those hills. Fancy a bit of skinny dipping and cooling off, shall we?" he laughed.

Adonis loved the water, of course he came by it naturally as his mother was a water creature, he was a conclomeration of mystical beings, or a mess of them. He was vampire, merman, wolf and who knew what more coursed through his veins. The morning was hot and steamy and he sat upon his horse 'Roach' the golden palomino that he had been given for a birthday present a few years ago. Slipping off his tunic he stuffed in in a saddle bag as they rode and his bronze body glistened with the sweat drwn out by the sun.

Passing through the hills they got to the lakeside and Adonis slipped from the saddle to lead Roach to the water for a good drink before he himself took a drink. The area was lush and green and the lake cool and blue the colour of the sky abouve without a ripple even in the mirror smoothness of the water~~~

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