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As a young lad Rinaar MoQcwu lived with his family in a semi-desert region known as the Kazakh Steppe, a vast region of open grassland spanning from the area east of the Caspian Depression and north of the Aral Sea, all the way to the Altai Montains.

His father was an influential man; a chieftain by the name of Baltabek MoQcwu of the Nunar Clan, his mother was a simple woman by the name of Mariam.

Traditional Kazakh belief held that separate spirits inhabited and animated the earth, sky, water and fire, as well as domestic animals. They lived by the laws of tribal rivalries, establishing military alliances among themselves within each jüz and quite often against others.

Rinaar was out hunting one day when the news arrived that his father had been killed by warriors from a neighboring tribe. A scene of devastation met his eyes when he returned to their village, the enemy had gotten there several hours before and in their hunger for victory they had torched everything in sight and captured women and children.

Rinaar fled to the mountains in a state of despair and became lost among the rocky crags; he became a recluse, never staying in one place for too long as he wandered the steppes without a purpose.

Eventually, he met a ranger, who called himself Rowalum the Mad. He was a warrior who used tracking and other wilderness skills to hunt down his enemies. He was a fierce protector of nature, a skilled woodsman and a solitary individual who lived of the land. Rinaar took this man as a mentor and learned the mystical ways of the ranger, perfecting his survival skills. Rinaar grew to be a man in those mountains.

One day, while hunting he saw a beautiful woman skinning a rabbit beside the entrance to a small cave. Curious he stared at her until she noticed him and then fled into her rough shelter like a frightened animal.

The woman was Surja Gefjyn Cronian.

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Surja Gefjyn Cronian MoQcwu of the Nunar Clan (TAK)(SOS) M*L Rinaar

03-12-2018 11:58:28

Surja Gefjyn Cronian MoQcwu of the Nunar Clan (TAK)(SOS) M*L Rinaar

02-13-2017 8:58:02

 photo c9fa7985-af20-45d2-8d14-80f0d1c05543_zps27d401be.jpg

Gulnara Mariam MoQcwu of The Nunar Clan *TAK*

01-03-2015 12:14:20

 photo d5c9dcb6-d19d-4ad3-b5b2-dfaa75f67bd7_zpsb18c216d.jpg

For you my dear dad, you are the best dad in all the world. Hugs and kisses from me

Surja Gefjyn Cronian MoQcwu of the Nunar Clan (TAK)(SOS) M*L Rinaar

06-06-2014 10:13:00

Mesmerized by his gaze, she saw that his lips were moving, but the words were like a whisper. Would she stay with him and help these nice people? She had a purpose of her trip to the mountains. Surja lowered her face, but lifted it soon after and smiled at him. The prospect of being in his presence seemed more appealing than traveling further, at least right now. No one knew what the future brought and Surja was curious and wanted to know all about this mysterious man.


Although his lips were very close to her, his lips invited her lips for a long kiss, but Surja hesitated. She became sweaty at the thought of feeling his lips upon hers, she wanted to throw her arms around his neck and complete this wonderful moment with a passionate kiss, but Surja held her desire back and kissed his beard stubbly cheek. It was soft.


"Yes Rinaar" She whispered softly near his ear, "I want to stay here with you and ...I agree, they have been very helpful, they saved our lives" She cleared her throat “ I like you very much .. I am embarrassed that I did not welcome you in my camp, but I had been alone for a long time and I was almost dizzy with hunger " Giggling shy, she moved her head away from his and looked deeply into his eyes "What a rabbit, it was the reason we met each other , and right now I think about how I can help here . I think that it will be with cooking and cleanup, I could always teach them how to skin a rabbit"

Laughing loudly she rose and grabbed his arm "Come Rinaar! Let us dance with these lovely people"


The days went by, Rinaar were busy with the men and Surja picked berries, mushrooms and spices with the women. When darkness fell the prey of the day were skinned and roasted over an open fire. Surja helped with the preparation like all the women, she loved everything she learned and enjoyed the company of these brave women, her respect for them and their daily work which was of utmost importance for their lives grew day by day.

In her royal life she never knew how hard the people worked, she was surrounded by high walls and everything came easy to her just by ringing a bell, she never knew that the existence outside felt like a gift to her life.


Surja never saw Rinaar during the day; the men left the village before dawn and returned late at evening. They were sleeping in the same cabin, but in separate rooms, Surja heard his snoring and heavy breathing, she often felt an urge to crawl up in his bed and snuggle close to him, Surja was deeply in love. Whenever she looked at him her heart was pounding wildly in her breast and when eating she always found a chair next to him telling him all about how the day had been. Surja loved the closeness and the whispering in the ears, her feelings had grown from a fleeting infatuation to a deeply heartfelt love for him; she wanted to follow him wherever he was.  


One day Surja and a group of women traveled to a village to sell spices at the market. The journey on horseback lasted a whole day; they arrived late in the evening and spent the night in a local inn. After breakfast they went to the market which was already filled with people who sold lots of different things. The jewelery on the carpeting was shining bright in the sun and beautiful decorated bags with beads lay on rows. Most of all there were sold daily groceries with live chickens in cages and bread.

The people came from different clans, some friendly acquaintances and others were new faces.


Talking and laughing filled the lively market Surja was busy selling goods to customers while the women from her village bought the most necessary goods around the market, they would have filled baskets on their return home. Everything seemed peaceful Surja loved the atmosphere, but suddenly Moran walked towards her with big steps, she seemed angry "Pack everything we have to leave the village" She said loud while the small group of women quickly threw the goods in the baskets and folded the carpet, Surja sensed that something was really wrong, their faces were determined without smile and while they were packing they often turned their attention towards one of the side streets "What is wrong?" She asked gently, but got no response.


Confusing filled her mind as they quickly galloped back to their village, none of them spoke and they had no break on the way. At nightfall they arrived home, the people were sleeping, but awoke of the noise outside. Moran jumped off her horse while it was still moving and ran to the leader’s cabin. The horses neighed aloud and snorted when the women pulled hard in the reins, Surja heard yelling from the cabin as she shaking dismounted Lemalien” What happened in the village?” She whispered to the woman next to her. The woman turned her face and looked at Surja” Our enemies are close, they left long ago, but people saw them in the village we visited” Then she walked away.


Enemies…nervously Surja turned her face to find Rinaar….”Rinaar” She called, at this moment her only wish was a warm hug from him.


Surja Gefjyn Cronian MoQcwu of the Nunar Clan (TAK)(SOS) M*L Rinaar

05-17-2014 11:23:36

Hey my love I created some kind of a shield for the Nunar Clan, if you dont like I find another. Hope you like the look of your daughter, she is blond yes lol but I see a lill blond in you haha

Surja Gefjyn Cronian MoQcwu of the Nunar Clan (TAK)(SOS) M*L Rinaar

05-17-2014 11:20:37

 photo 15691aa8-f9ca-4ecb-9a1d-017f75bef256_zps35463f1f.jpg

Surja Gefjyn Cronian MoQcwu of the Nunar Clan (TAK)(SOS) M*L Rinaar

05-11-2014 5:41:13

Surja brushed her hair and took a last look in the mirror before slowly walking into the kitchen. Where was Rinaar?  Her cheeks blushed slightly of the thoughts that passed her mind, the muscles in her legs were sore after a rather hot night. Rinaar was extremely sexy and he knew exactly what she adored.  Surja giggled while looking out of the window. He was not in the garden and there was no sight of Nurzhan…oh well!! He was probably on his way to the mountains…she had to order him to say goodbye before leaving home…like father like son.


She heard that Rinaar left home early, he often went on hunting and perhaps he did that today…mhh she sighed and started preparations for lunch. Rinaar always returned for lunch.


Busy she fried eggs and bacon while making a delicious salad. The kitchen in their cabin was quite smoky and Surja heard nothing about what was going on in the garden. When all was finished she cut the bread into slices and placed everything on a beautifully set table.


What was that??? ..... Surja rushed to the window ...” Oh my gawd” ... her favorite flowers and color .. “RINAAR” She yelled aloud and opened the door to the garden. Completely speechless and surprised she threw her arms around his neck kissing his cheeks “OH MY GAWD Rinaar..yes it is today…I forgot…oh baby it is beautiful…Thank you soo much, I love it”


Surja Gefjyn Cronian MoQcwu of the Nunar Clan (TAK)(SOS) M*L Rinaar

02-12-2014 7:14:03

Surja Gefjyn Cronian MoQcwu of the Nunar Clan (TAK)(SOS) M*L Rinaar

02-10-2014 11:01:24

“Help” Surja said with a low voice, she was hoarse of the calling and the pain in her wounded back hurt more up against the rock wall. Sighing she careful turned her torso to find a comfortable place on the cliff edge; it was not comfortable when she finally could rest, but better than sitting. Exhausted and tired she tried to take control of her gasping breathing and closed her eyes.




 Surja knew that darkness was approaching and the cold had already taken hold in her body as she bent her knees to find a bit warmth under the long skirt. It helped for a brief moment. "Please" she said while folding her hands and prayed to the gods, preparing herself for the inevitable, her last hours in the earthly life, it was impossible to survive the cold dark night and the wounds needed care. “Please help me in my last hours….dying….” She muttered, but her words were abruptly interrupted by a loud roar from the bear followed by a strange noise that almost sounded as if the bear was on his way down to her fairly safe place. Anxious Surja raised her head and turned her attention toward the sound, but her vision was blinded by dust and gravel…”OH MY GAWD” She screamed, her eyes wide open staring into deeply dark eyes. She remembered those eyes and the person they belonged to..he was here.


With trembling hands she tried to remove the dust off her face for a better view “ Y..ou” She said with a shaky voice while turning her face glancing worried up to the top and then back again looking at him. The bear roared angry at his neighing horse however it sounded as if the horse galloped away from the danger “The bea..r, he can smell us” Just the thought of the bloody foaming mouth send shivers down her spine, but thankfully she was not alone anymore.


 “Y..ou heard my call..ing” She managed to say between her heavy breathing and nodded of his words “Yes..y..es..dress my wounds..of course I am grateful that you are here to help me..thank you..thank you”




Even though his eyes showed anxiety and worry Surja knew that nothing could happen to her now by his side, his warm hands comforted her and helped her to breathe normal, but she was not prepared for his actions. A gasp escaped her lips when he pulled off his shirt and his muscular chest was before her eyes..oh my she thought and cursed herself for blushing in a time like this, by god he was sexy, Surja melted into butter in his hands she had almost forgotten the painful wounds however they came to live when he gently cared for them “Ouch” She moaned softly, every muscle in her body were tense as she with both hands desperately held on to a rocky outcrop, but fortunately the dressing alleviated the severe pain .It was like magic.


 "Thank you" She said with a sleepy voice and turned her face smiling at him “You saved me, I am deeply thankful” Drained she closed her eyes and fell asleep.




Surja awoke when he gathered wood for a small fireplace, confused she turned her face from side to side unaware of where she was however the surroundings reminded her, she was with him at the cliff edge and the hungry bear was waiting for them “I am sorry, I fell asleep “She muttered while raising her body to sit up against the rock wall smiling at him and when he looked another way peeking at his extremely sexy torso. Oh my…Surja shook her head and lowered her gaze, you are stupid Surja, their situation at the cliff edge was dangerous as night time was close, he was thinking about it, his eyes showed worry when he smiled at her and spoke. Surja heard every word and nodded



 “I believe you..do not think about my words in the camp..we need the warmth..I hope we find a safe route tomorrow” Concerned she turned her face and glanced at the dark sky and then back again looking at him “The dressing helped me..but..but you must feel cold” Her voice sounded shaky Surja was deeply worried about the night and hopefully she was able to give him some warmth however she did not have to think about that long, suddenly the noise of hooves above disturbed the silence



 “Horses..people” Surja`s heart jumped frightened and she gasped when the stranger called for their help and not long after she was standing at the top, everything happened so fast. Rather confused and unable to speak she managed to smile at the men as they lifted her up on the horse, it was like in a dream. The environments seemed blurry, but where was her friend, Surja turned her face, he said something to the owner of the horse who in a friendly manner stepped aside handing him the reins.




Shortly after they all rode up the narrow road, Surja seated comfortable with a strong arm around her waist, she was very close to the man she called the stranger, his name was completely forgotten in her mind, how rude she thought, how could she forget an important name, he was not the man she met in the camp, the man with bad manners no he was exceptionally kind and caring for her, the gods had heard her prayers.



 Gently she squeezed his arm as he whispered warmly into her ear and assured her she would be safe. “You are wonderful I am deeply thankful for everything you do for me” She whispered back and tried to ignore the heavy beating in her chest while they approached the mountain village camp. Several children ran to meet them along with barking dogs and a few women were standing by the cabins. The smell of wood and fire filled their noses; Surja saw a roast on a stick which reminded her of how hungry she was and the rabbit in the camp. Giggling she leaned back and whispered ”Food”



A friendly smiling woman approached them as they stopped “You are most welcome, come along my dear”



She said and raised a hand to help Surja off the horse “Thank you soo much” Surja nodded kindly and was about to turn her face to look at the stranger when a big hand grasped her hand and pulled her away, the woman almost ran and Surja tried to follow the best she could towards one of the cabins “ Ehh…yes..yes I am coming” She could not help but laugh as they stepped inside



 “Now little one, I am Moran” The woman said as she gently slapped a hand upon Surja`s hand. Surja nodded kindly and said with a smile “I am Surja I have lived in the mountains several months, I did not know the existence of this village, it is very beautiful” Moran blinked admiring at Surja to her it was unbelievable that a woman of that size could live in the mountains, she choose to be quiet with those thoughts  “Soon we will eat, but you need more clothes in this cold night” She stepped a few steps back to inspect Surja before grabbing a warm sweater and a scarf “My wounds” Breathless of all the new surroundings and the kindness she met Surja turned and pulled her blouse down “How does it look?

The bear attacked me, but my friend dressed it” Moran sighed, a bear had killed many from the village “Now little one they seem perfect your friend have done a good job, you need rest, but first we must eat and welcome you in a proper manner, I will fetch some water and you can clean your pretty face” She laughed aloud and pinched Surja`s cheek before stepping out of the cabin.




“Wow” Surja inhaled deeply, had she known the day would end like this she would not believe it; it was like pictures passing through her mind, unreal however she was very much alive in this room as she slowly turned her face from side to side. The heavy walls of wood were decorated with pictures and trophies of bears and deer’s, probably killed by the hands of the strong warriors. Sighing she stepped closer to a bear trophy wishing it was the one that hurt her when the door suddenly opened and Moran stepped inside with a bucket of water  leaving it at the floor “Food is almost done, hurry my lady” She said and turned strolling out of the door again.



Surja washed her face and pulled the sweater over her head, it felt warm as she with both hands brushed her skirt to look somewhat presentable, perhaps her friend “Damn” She cursed “I really have to ask him about his name” He was no longer a stranger to her not after today. With that said Surja reached for the scarf and turned it around her neck before leaving the cabin.




All members of the camp were seated around the fireplace, some on chairs and others on felled trees that were neatly placed surrounding the fireplace “Mam” A large hairy man stepped closer to her and elegant bent his arm to guide her to a place. It all seemed very cozy Surja had never experienced that in her royal life, family in her life gathered around a large table too far from each other so they almost had to shout while talking “Thank you Sir” She nodded and smiled at him while moving her arm around his and they slowly walked towards the fireplace.



She felt like millions of eyes were following her footsteps while she turned her face to the left and the right greeting and smiling at everyone.  In the mist of smoke Surja caught sight of an extremely handsome man, her friend. With pounding heart she smiled at him and waved..oh my Surja licked her dry lips as they approached him “I feel like this is a dream” Laughing she with both hands folded her skirt in front before sitting next to her dear friend. He was like her dressed in warm clothes



“Here you are..I mis” Surja stopped her words and lowered her gaze. She felt like home by his side however she had stopped her words for not sounding too eager. Her thoughts were interrupted by Moran, she was serving meat and potatoes. Completely stunned by the sight of food Surja giggled and forgot everyone around her, she only stared at the wooden plate as if she was afraid of losing it “That look delicious..mhh” Surja lifted the plate to her nose and inhaled the smell before grabbing a piece of meat into her hand and started eating.



 There was no time to think of manners Surja was very hungry. The oily liquid ran down her chin while she now and then smiled at her friend and continued grabbing the next piece until her stomach rolled making loud noises and first then she realized the bad manners she had. Embarrassed she peeked at the others, they were busy eating, nobody noticed her, fortunately and even her friend was busy with a large piece.




Fatigue hit her mind when the plate was empty, she had experienced a lot in one day it was overwhelming to her, Surja felt like crying, but held the pressing tears back and lowered her face while fumbling with her fingers. Control yourself, she commanded herself, do not make unnecessary attention.



Surja waited a few minutes before raising her face and managed to smile at a little boy who merrily danced in front of them. He was adorable, but suddenly he ran away and hid behind a large woman.



Her mood immediately changed, life was magnificent and she was sitting beside a wonderful man. She knew well the words her heart spoke..but yet she was unaware of his feelings even though eyes said more than words and he often looked warmly at her. Now..she said to herself while cleaning her chin with the back of a hand and smiled lovingly at him.



 “I am sorry, but I have to ask you a question” She started slowly and sank a lump in her throat “Please forgive me, but I have forgotten your name, I do remember that you presented yourself while I was hiding in the cave however at that time my thoughts were elsewhere, I only heard Rinaar I think, is that your name? I am sorry I did not ask you before. I am embarrassed” She said shy and continued “..ohh and by the way, my name is Surja, but I guess you heard when I talked to myself”




In this moment Surja felt that everyone around them disappeared even though the sound of laughing and talking people filled the air. Someone started playing a flute and another started to sing, people clapped their hands and followed the music and far away a wolf howled, but still she felt that they were alone.



Her teary eyes searched his while she lifted a hand towards his face and gently stroked a finger along his cheek.

Surja Gefjyn Cronian MoQcwu of the Nunar Clan (TAK)(SOS) M*L Rinaar

12-03-2013 8:20:11

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