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"Original calcifer from MySpace and elite"
50 years old
Bandon, Cork
Ireland - B1
Last Login: December 31 2022

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Calcifer was born a twin alongside his sister Alana, to Melissa lynn and Seven Temp′elar. In his youth he and his sister were as close as any siblings could be but as they grew despite there strong love for each other they spent less time around each other due to there differing life styles. Calcifer took on home schooling under a friend of his mothers, Sophie whom he only reffered to as ′Miss′. Now eighteen Calcifer, who at this age already considered his Mother his first love developed feelings for Sophie also, however when she needed to leave he accepted that they couldnt be together. Joining the Knights of Camelot Calcifer was sadned when his sister died feeling he had lost a piece of himself. While he still had his mother and father, alog with others in his family such as Luna, Kaya and Sera whom he knew well her abscence hit him hard. Spending more time in Blackthorn, his fathers Town Calcifer is slowly growing darker in nature and his youthful nieavity has faded. Calcifer blames the town for his sisters death and seems intent on punishing the very town itself one way or another. With a new close bond forming with Mizzy, his new adopted sister things may settle for Calcifer.... Or they may turn out to be the catylist to each others dark nature.
Since a young age Calcifer has had an ability to control fire. It was assumed that this was inherited from the demon side of his vampire mother. However as he grew older he realised a strange trait he had inherited from his father. One of his fathers ′sins′ Envy, had clearly touched his genetic make up and Calcifer had become fueled by the emotion of jealousy, or more specifically his fire controling ability had. The more jealous he fealt the more power he had , actually becoming able to burst into flame, without coming to harm. Calcifer has appplied to Blackthorn academy were he hopes to learn more about his powers.
Following the arrival of his daughter from a future he knows nothing about calcifer ventured into Blackthorn to find answers. Following a bizare confrontation with the temporal distortion that brought her to him, his body was left in a state of flux, causing his age and appearance to fluctuate. Calcifer was undetered and continued his quest for answers as to why his daughter had been sent away, and secretly what he could do to prevent that from happening again
The older shift of Calcifer, comes with a darker more brooding mood with at times a sinister edge. This comes from the change not only effecting his biological age but while he cant remember what should have happened in the years leading to the time he should have reached this age, the effects of many dark times remain on his emotional and mental make up. In this form he is far more deadly to those he considers a threat.
Calcifer inherited a lot from his father the first and most notable factore being a degree of the sin Envy. While Calcifer does not transform into the sin itself, he does find that the emotion of Envy fuels his power. Calcifer takes after his father in his interests and became a knight of camelot in HOS, however when his fathers mission to redeem blackthorn town led to his twin sister death Calcifer found a difference in them. While his father wanted to save the town to end more suffering, Calcifer simply wanted to destroy it for revenge.


🗝 Cal is very proud to have Mizzy, his hotwife. Though he doesn’t always measure up he does try for her and indulges her every whim ♠️

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Mizzy Temp′elar {FW:BT}

01-24-2021 11:13:07

Mizzy Temp′elar {FW:BT}

02-18-2020 11:02:47

Love you baby

Charity Temp′elar {FW-BT}

08-01-2019 2:19:00

Thank you granddaddy! *She hugs him tightly*

Charity Temp′elar {FW-BT}

08-01-2019 2:18:35

Thank you Daddy! Love you!💖

Mizzy Temp′elar {FW:BT}

03-27-2018 12:09:46

Mizzy Temp′elar {FW:BT}

12-25-2017 2:34:10

Mizzy Temp′elar {FW:BT}

02-14-2017 5:58:28

Happy Valentines Hot Head

-Blows him a kiss-

Mizzy Temp′elar {FW:BT}

12-11-2016 6:05:28

Mizzy Temp′elar {FW:BT}

03-29-2016 9:21:10

Mizzy Temp′elar {FW:BT}

02-29-2016 8:51:23

-Snuggles with her hot head after a long night;

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