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Amöneburg, Hessen
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.vicarious{Second Hide Blurbs Code}
FANDOMAIN.ORG is a social website designed for roleplayers of various fandoms to have a Fun, Drama-free place to post Memes, Pictures, Fan-fiction, Videos, and to engage in Roleplay Writing, and Social Networking. Build a Kingdom, or expand an Empire, establish a Family or a Group of a specific genre, be it whatever tickles your fancy. To have a profile on our site, you must have created a 'Named' character, whether that is a canon character from fanfiction, or your own original character creation.

For Mature Roleplayers 18+

We do have a Shoutbox available to meet new people and have Ooc or IC conversations, but it′s not found on the Homepage. We did not want it distracting people away from actual creative writing.
You can find it here : SHOUTBOX

We also have a public Forum section for those wanting to Blog open SL′s that the general public can be involved in. Currently, nobody has been using it. We just want to make people aware that it is available to all.

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Misos Orcus - The God of War and Death.
"All is fair in love and war and I love a good war."

WE have Awakened. All the Gods of Atlantis have our reborn. Our lands have risen. Apollymi has chosen Misos to rule and be king. Now Misos leads the gods and rebuilds Atlantis hoping to prove he was always better then Archon. This Misos has done. He made Atlanthisia the center of a might empire called Theokos Atlanthisia Kosmetas or TAK which is Atlantean for the divine one Atlantis order.

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NyghtWolfe - The Dark Goddess

Nyghtwolfe was born as Artemis, daughter of Zeus and Leto. She is the Greek goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, the Moon, and chastity. The goddess Diana is her Roman equivalent.

Artemis would be exiled from the heavenly realm for taking a vampiric lover and her purity tainted by the bite of a Gangrel scoundrel. The darker persona would change her name to NyghtWolfe as the adopted daughter of NightBreeze, Queen of Androia, Sisterhood of Steel.

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Desdemona Lust - Succubus demi goddess

Desdemona possess the blessing of darkness given by her grandfather Lucifer, thus letting her use shadow magic and the power to summon other (lower level) demons/shadow creatures Desdemona can both feed on and induce lust. In fact, she must feed this need just as vampires must feed on blood. It is a hunger that can never be satiated, but it can be controlled. The only way it can be fed is through sexual energy. It does not necessarily need to be intercourse, but the main component is lust. This makes Desdemona a very sexual creature.
Her slightest movement and sensual appearance will arouse even the coldest of hearts.

This profile is for creative purposes only.


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