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Foundations (Credit to a past HOS Member)

Foundations (Credit to a past HOS Member)
Posted On: Wed Oct 6 2021 5:50:04 UTC
A foundation is more than brick and mortar. The good thing about a foundation is that it can be rebuilt and stronger than ever. The good thing about a good foundation is that it's there for the future. Fairweather friends and allies will always fade away in time. These people will never last, and eventually be wishing they had a place to return to when their legacy fails. Our legacy is strong, and the very foundation of the spirit it's built on will never pass into the night.

We embrace the darkness, and evil where others shun away from it. Evil is in our blood and our heritage. A legacy that will only get stronger through the fires forged through our endless bond. Everyone goes through a crucible, what makes or breaks you is what happens after you come out of it. Iron sharpens iron and we are forged from the very depths of the world of darkness from which we sprang. A few petty individuals who can't fathom the awesome power our blood yields, or handle the responsibility our name brings, will never cripple or break what we have.

We are a family. Our blood runs deeps and our passion runs deeper. We've survived this long and although a House is no longer a House, it's just a House. What makes the House the House are the individuals that still remain loyal. Those people that never left, and when the going got tough, they dug in and showed their character. True grit is a passion. You embrace the strange, and the burdens that bear the name we carry. Not everyone can be who we are.

A lot of people have proven that fact, and those are weak-willed individuals. We are a proud family, and people mistake our pride for many things, but we're a family of demons among other things, so naturally, it's in our blood to remain prideful. People can't handle the fact, that our foundation is stronger than theirs ever will be. Those who remain are family, and those who continue to proudly carry our freak flag will forever be bonded by something that people can't seem to fathom. We have seen our trials and tribulations. Our time has not come without its troubles and the problems never seem to go away, but like the Phoenix, we rise out of the ash and embrace the absurdity that comes with the name. We embrace our freak-like nature, and the blood that flows from it has us bathe in it a lot more than shun in it. We were baptized by fire, and our fire never goes out, it only burns hotter. Out of the decades and centuries of being who we are, and going through the problems, there is one very important fact..

We're still here..

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Thoughts from an Admin

Just my thoughts on this night as I sit here ...

Everybody has friends, be they true or fake.  We collect them, we discard them, we keep the ones worth keeping.   Everybody has enemies, some stalkers, and some haters.  Everyone has their own drama that goes around in their circle of friends. Girlfriends and boyfriends break up and then make up, or end up hating each other and are obsessed with ruining each other’s happiness. Friendships break apart; people take sides with whom they believe is in the right.   Everybody would like to see at least one other somebody get banned from existence, or if only from this Rp site.   I have my fair share of enemies and those who would wish me harm. There are plenty of people I choose to avoid, knowing the drama that surrounds them, but I don’t hate them.  I don’t even know them, only their bad attitudes … or more precisely, their character’s attitude.  Are they like that in the real world?  If I saw them face to face, would I see them in a different perspective?  I think they would be a stranger to me. 

If we were to ban anyone just for the sake of someone else not liking them, then we would be obligated to ban everyone that someone else did not like.  That would result in us banning everyone on the belief that there is probably someone else out there that thinks the other person is stalking or harassing them, and vise versa.   The stalker/harasser might also claim to be the victim of a past offense.  I know many people who have been fighting with each other for many, many years and on many different social platforms simultaneously.   Should we ban someone because 5 years ago in a galaxy far, far away they were being an ass to someone else for no good reason?   We have actually had requests from people to ban another person because many years ago, they did this, or that. It’s mind boggling, actually.  We have had a few requests to ban someone because of an argument on the chat forum Discord.   Yeah … there is a block and delete button, try it.   We do try to be rational.

A true story, I once ran a group on MySpace and some of my members voted out another member for excessive drama.  They demanded that I kick her out of the group, to which I eventually did after much discussion.   Then, 3 months later, they were all best friends again with the exiled one and all happy Rp’ing with each other.  I have learned that People are finicky when it comes to friendship.  Today they love you, tomorrow they’ll hate you, and several months down the road they forget why they hated you.  I know people who have hated on each other for 10 years or more.  It’s just the same old argument and there seems to be no resolution.  I feel sad for these people; someday they will lie on their deathbed obsessively hating someone that they have never met face to face in real life.  I cannot understand the depths of that hate.   I can almost image them, old and wrinkly scowl, pumping a gnarled first in the air and cursing your role-play enemies by the names of their fictional character.  Do they even know their real names?  

Long time ago, I once hated my soul sister.  Well, I loved her and hated her, it was a bitter friendship.  We laughed, we fought, we got on each other last nerve, and we had some amazing story adventures. We were like real sisters in every sense of the meaning.   Yet, I never really got to know the real person behind the character.   Sure, we had plenty of OOC chats and phone calls, but still I did not know her much beyond her character persona.  In my mind’s eye, I saw her as her character and not as a real person.  She recently passed away and I grieved for her loss.  I mention this because each of us all have people who love us, and people who hate us.   We are all in the same proverbial boat.   My enemy might be your friend, or your enemy might be somebody else’s best friend who happens to be my friend.   Agree or disagree, but we are all so tightly interwoven with each other.  We cannot just ban one person without the after-effects being felt by all.   Some people will rejoice and other people will curse our decision.

I try not to be narrow minded about the drama that occurs here.  I try to sympathize with both sides of the conflict.   It’s not about who the good guy is, and who the bad guy is.  It’s about two people that used to be friends, who now do not like each other.  I try not to play favoritism, although I have sadly lost the respect of several friends who had expected me to take their side just because we were friends.  They thought they had clout with me.   Isn’t that what friends do?  Sorry I can’t do that, friend or not.

I want to be impartial and fair.   I want to be non-judgmental and help both sides come to an agreement to disagree peacefully. Most conflicts resolve themselves, and some conflicts will never be resolved in a hundred years.   Yes I am a people watcher.  I see the same patterns of behavior over and over and over again from the same people, over and over and over again.   Nothing really changes.   People are who people are.  That’s just the way they are.    People don't change unless they want to change and nobody else can force them to.  Banning is a temporary fix to a problem that will never go away when hate is the fuel to the fire.  

Here is a quote I often refer to in stressful conflicts …

There are no perfect human beings! Persons can be found who are good, very good indeed, and even great. There do in fact exist creators, seers, sages, saints, shakers, and movers... even if they are uncommon and do not come by the dozen. And yet these very same people can at times be boring, irritating, petulant, selfish, angry, or depressed. To avoid disillusionment with human nature, we must first give up our illusions about it.

~Abraham Maslow~

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If - Rudyard Kipling (by John Hurt) with lyrics


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The 5 Techniques For Dealing With Drama Queens and High Conflict People

Some people are addicted to conflict and drama.  They thrive on it.    These are not your ordinary Drama Queens ... these are Internet Trolls. 

Any little morsel of drama or attitude you give them, they will gobble it up and demand more in a most unpleasant way.    

So Please Do Not Feed the Trolls.  

The 5 Techniques For Dealing With Drama Queens and  
High Conflict People

Don't Feed the Trolls: How to Handle Jerks on Social Media | Emily Sutton | TEDxOU

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Roleplay Tips and Helpful Advice

Here is a website that offers Roleplay support.  



Roleplay isn’t easy, especially when you’re trying to connect with a community of writers from around the world. But when you RP, and you find those people who share the same interests and passions you do, there’s magic. A little place forms where you and your RP partners can become someone else for a while.

And here is where we meet. We’re giving a helping hand, sharing tips and tricks from the RP Community, and coming together as writers to do what we love. Having fun and Roleplaying!

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If the Shoe fits ... then wear it

It has been requested of us to make stricter rules to our censorship of posted blogs. The request has been denied.    Let me remind you all of the TOS rules that do apply to this particular situation and blog rant.

Status Posts    Each person is Responsible for what they Post in Status, and Likewise, each Person is Responsible for how they React to a Status post. Oftentimes a status is posted in a Generalized manner without Naming anyone, and there are always some who will think it is specifically about them. It happens, don't take it personal.

Sometimes we all Need to Rant about Something or Someone. If absolutely necessary, then do it Once and be Done with it.    We are not the Status Police and We are Not Status Nazi's, however persistent and Repeated Rants will Get our Attention and Not in a good way. If we have to Intervene to Keep the Peace, then a Verbal Warning may accompany it. Nobody wants to see that Noise. If anyone is offended by a Status Rant, they will be advised to remove the offender from their friends list.

If you Do name someone specifically in your status, or if you name someone in a Comment Response, then you Will be held Responsible for whatever Drama occurs. Everyone is Responsible for what they Post, and Everyone is Responsible for how they React. The simplest solution and our suggestion, is to ignore or else Delete each other off their Friends List.

Stalking your Enemy just to Spy on and Complain about what they Post is Not going to win you any favors with us. If you Deliberately Stalk an Enemy just so you can be Offended by Them, then that's Your Own Fault. We will Take in Consideration all Aspects of a Complaint, and if Stalking is Suspected to be a Factor, then the Complaint will be Null and Void. It is a Well-Known Fact that Our Enemies visit our Pages More Often Than Our Friends Do.

To Sum it all Up, we, at Fandomain, would rather not have to treat you all like kindergarten children pissing in each other's sandbox. 

With that said ...  a reminder ...  If there are No Names Mentioned in a posted status rant or a blog, then it could literally be about anyone.  Our TOS states quite clearly that if someone wants to feel offended by a status or a blog that has No Names Mentioned, then we say ... 

 If the Shoe Fits, then go ahead, Lace that Bitch up and Wear it.

Hey Cupcake, if that is what Makes your Day Special and give you a Higher Purpose in life, then whatever Floats your Little Boat.    

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Guidelines for Roleplay Etiquette

Use of out of character details.

1. Fandomain strongly suggests that you be careful to whom you give any Ooc information that you wish others not to know. Remember it is your private information and if others release it even our actions can not take it back once it is out there.

2. Under no circumstances should you use another writer′s real life name (or without permission other characters name), picture, address, phone number etc in any public post. This includes status be it yours or others, comments even if your comments are hidden on your profile or in bulletins. If you use them in messages and others release them you are still accountable for things you have said, therefore if that information was not yours to release and you do so privately in a way that can be deemed offensive the admin may act.

The use of a first name or second name etc that happens to be the same as another person is fine however if they request it we will monitor these pages to ensure they are not used to insult anyone. 

3. From this point on there will be a one strike and you′re outruled on any use of the above. FYI, if others do it to you and you respond in kind then you both will be treated the same. If you see it report it but don′t retaliate in kind.

(If you guys are not comfortable will this next one we could make it a specific period of time ban)

4. Those that are deleted for two strikes in this violation will not be allowed back into Fandomain as to do so would put our other writers at risk of the same abuse.

Note: We will only act on specific incidents that we see. We can not act on word of mouth, past incidents or generalisation.

Status Issues.

1. There are many reasons why a person may not like seeing what a person posts in status. This can be from something as innocent as posting too many YouTube videos or images for your liking, to people posting stats that you consider low level drama (such as "sigh", "done" etc) all the way up to full on abusive or aggressive stats be they direct or ′subtle′. 

2. If you do not like what you see in status you can click the ′X′ next to it to delete that status. However if it is a repetitive issue and you do not like the types of comments or content posted by another user the only way of addressing this is by deleting them. 

3. You are welcome to discuss your issues with the admin however the only issues that admin are likely to consider stepping in over with regards to status posts are issues that breach the rules on out of character details, or stats that insult or mock other users without their permission. (Doing so behind the guise of being ′in character′ is only acceptable if the person being discussed or attacked is in on it making it a story line). Note, generic comments such as "pissed off" or "fed up of that" will not be dealt with by admin. Only those that identify a targeted individual or group by name or by description. 

4. Please respect the rights of a person to choose to not have you on their friends list. People should never be subjected to any negative response for that, however if the person you are deleting is a person you have a storyline with it is good manners to message them and inform them of your choice, not to explain yourself, but simply so they do not do additional work that is not going to be read.

Again, the admin will only respond to what they see or is reported to them and they are able to see. For individual situations were status rules are breached we will advise only that you delete and block them, however if a person continuously is abusive to people in their stats the admin will discuss how to address this.

General issues

-the admin will not address any issue that takes place off Fandomain.
-the admin will be happy to help with general queries but please be patient.
-contacting the admin on there own pages is okay if the admins say, however bare in mind that they are under no obligation to respond from those pages when they are trying to enjoy there own RP.
-at no point is it acceptable to be rude, threatening or insulting to the admin. By definition when talking to us administrators of a site you are talking to us Ooc and therefore such language is subject to the rules on Ooc conduct. The admin are giving up free time and for some there own money to allow you to have this site. Please appreciate that.
-any issues regarding site errors, pages being deleted etc can all take longer.  Please be patient.

Page copying/Rights to pages.

-nobody owns the rights to any mythological, historical or established fictional character. You can however tag yours with an original name/tag which others can′t use. Eg anybody can make Spider-Man, but if your page is called Spider-Man -web master- we will support in nobody else using that. 
-established places from history, myth or fiction are open to be used, however an original place can not be copied. If you do make a group based in a place eg Roman Empire and one already exists your group′s initials should avoid being too similar.
-if you copy your bio offline and others use them admin will not step in as it is available for all.we will only step in if the bio is original and your work. 
-pages that seem very similar or appear to be made to mock others will be looked into and dealt with at the admin′s discretion. Pages designed to insult others will not be tolerated.


The admin do not promote or encourage blacklisting, however what groups and individuals do with regards to this is their own affair. Blacklisting may not be liked but it is not an issue the admin are here to address.

Lastly with many of the issues mentioned such as issues between writers etc please consider, are they issues for people running a site or people running a group. Remember MySpace would never have stepped in on these issues, many of them are for individual kingdoms or groups to sort out, not for the admin.

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Hide Codes for 1.0

Hide Friends Section

td.text td.text table table table, td.text td.text table br, td.text td.text table .orangetext15, td.text td.text .redlink, td.text td.text span.btext {display:none;}
td.text td.text table {background-color:transparent;}
td.text td.text table td, td.text td.text table {height:0;padding:0;border:0;}
td.text td.text table table td {padding:3;}
td.text td.text table table br {display:inline;}
table table table {visibility:hidden;}
td.text table {visibility:visible;}

More codes

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1.0 Layout Sites

1.0 Layout Sites

Old Hide codes for Vicarious layouts

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YouTube embedded code generator.

YouTube embedded code generator.


You tube has removed its old embedding code options for video to insert it to PowerPoint. please follow this step to insert the video in PowerPoint.

Here is a workaround to embed the youtube videos in PowerPoint.



<object width="560" height="315"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=";hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="560" height="315" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>


The bits highlighted in italics are the width and height which you can adjust as you wish. The bits in bold are the 11-character video ID: simply replace that part with the video ID of the video you want to embed.


The video ID can be found in the URL, which you can get from your browser's address bar when you're looking at the video on its own page

To make it Autoplay,  add after the ?   autoplay=1;
in both places after the URL

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