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"Club Scarab is the Original combat/fight club from myspace and elite with over 200 hundred fights of history. Open to writers from all groups and kingdoms. Run by Anubis Osiris. NO DRAMA TOLERATED"
39 years old
El Saf, Giseh
Egypt - E1
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Ra: Sun God (EPK)- Win:0 Loss 1
Adriana Orcus (TAK)- Win:1 Loss:0
Yoda (independent)- Win 1 Loss 0
King Sammael (HOS/ Angel Realm)- Win:1 Loss 0
Nariko Troian (SOS)- Win:3 Loss:2 (Honors:2012 Rookie of the Year, 2012 joint Women of the Year)
Sebastian (HOS/Forum of Rome)- Win:2 Loss: 0
Kafele Osiris (HOS/Club Scarab)- Win:0 Loss:1 (Honours:Wall of Scarab member)
King Agnar the Dead (VN)- Win:6 Loss 4 (Honors: Doubles Championship Finalist, took part in the clubs hundreth fight, Wall of Scarabs member)
Silvio Lavara (HOS/Club Scarab)- Win:1 Loss:0
Buffy Summers (Independent)- Win: 1 Loss: 1
Luc Morningstar (ROTF)- Win:3 Losses2
Darkness (HOS/Club Scarab)(RIP)-Win:3 Loss:8
Keyso (HOS/Club Scarab)- Win: 2 Loss: 7
Kraven (HOS/Camelot Realm)-Win:9 Loss:7 :Kills: 1 (First ever kill win, 2012 fight of the year,Wall of Scarab member)
Randolf Blackthorn (BT)-Win:6 Loss:7 (2012 Bad Guy of the Year)
Queen Morgan (Kingdom of Camelot)- Win:1 Loss: 2
darth raptor - win: 0 loss: 1
Lancelot (koc)- win 1 loss: 1
fight by tony maguire on Grooveshark

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 photo 2295e4d4-7779-43ad-adb7-567d516a54ac_zps13e1f49d.jpg For many years Club Scarab had resided in the heart of the kingdom known to all as the House of Solomon. The large and impossing building, an exclusive bar and night club were people gathered from all realms to watch in comfort from leather sofa's drinking while fighters battled, at times to the death. After many years the club came into the ownership of Prince Kafele, son of Emperor Anubis and Empress Vandella LaMara. While his ownership over the club may have been breif it raised the level of combat, with Kafele himself having one of the most famous fights in the clubs history against his Silva. However for personal reasons the Prince needed to step away and for a time the club fell into decay. It was into this environment that Kafele's father Anubis stepped seazing control of club. However with his own ideas Anubis decided to destroy the exclusive club and bar and instead at the sight built an Arena that would house the fights. Anubis contacted the various realms asking them to seek out fighters from there realms to represent them. Going a step further he even opened up this invitation to various other kingdoms. The 'club' now represented the exclusive group of fighters from all over the world fighting for the pride of there kingdoms or there own individual glory, with Anubis ready to step in to combat when needed. photo lunapic_135786762951930_2blend_zpsa9126816.gifThe club set about crowing a champion, with Persa Demon winning the title against Seven Temp'elar. After a full year of club scarab the club held its first super event, a full day of fighting. The day was an amazing success and teh club only grew stronger. Looking for ways to expand Anubis Osiris asked Queen Morgan of Camelot to assisst in running which she accepted and soon a title was held to crown Doubles champions. Max Cage and Alpha Hunter won this by defeating Agnar and Nika. Following the House of Sollomons relocation Club Scarab became its own entity standing alone as an option for all kingdoms and role play groupswilling to follow the rules and commit to drama free combat. With its success expanding its reputation it is now the most domminant and successful combat group in role play.

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 Angelico (Club Scarab Admin) 
 Lord Anubis Osiris (Club Scarab)(FW:ROE)  
 Kay Falls (Club Scarab) 
 Club Scarab Multi-Fighters Page 
 Angelic Scarab -Night Club- 
 Cal Temp'elar (FW-BT-KOC) 
 Darth Ayame (FW)(DMN) 
 Dagger Firelight (FW:KD) 
 Kara Nightscale [FW:::KD] 
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Club Scarab : 1st Anniversary    (8 photos)
The one year anniversary event saw the clubs 50th fight which resulted in a marriage preposal, the first ever fight to the death, A successful title defence from Persa Demon and Kafelle Osiris inducted into the Wall of Scarabs. (Held 12th September 2012)

Club Scarab: Centurion    (6 photos)
The event held to celebrate the club reaching 100 fights. The 100th fight itself featured Mizzy v Agnar, a huge title match between Anubis and Calcifer and a ′looser leaves the club′ match between randolf blackthorn and Ambrosia Osiris. The wall of scarab had its second inductee in Iraven. (Held February 2013)

Club Scarab: Champion 2013    (7 photos)
the first Anniversary of Persa′s crowning of the first official champion. The event saw Agnar the Dead inducted into the wall of scarabs, a return to action for Persa Demon, a major grudge match between Seven and Grinhilda and a huge title match between Calcifer and the challenger Carmen. (Held 20th July 2013).

Club Scarab: 2nd Anniversary    (5 photos)
Celebrating the second anniversary of the club, Nika Yamada was inducted into the wall of scarabs, seven and grinhilda competed in the most gruesome fight of the clubs history inside a cage, MIsos faced carmen over the armed title and brothers, Demonico and Angelico fought in a ′go to hell match′. This event also saw Calcifer defend his club title against Alpha Hunter.

Club Scarab: Centurion 2    (9 photos)
Centurion 2 was one of the largest events the club has held with eight fights in total including all three titles on the line, a zombie themed street fight and the climax to the long running Dark reign storyline.

Club Scarab: Champion 2    (4 photos)
The last ′Champion′ event to be numbered before the move was made to year them instead. Following a huge Centurion event time restrictions pushed this back close to the Anniversary show so this was made to be a smaller event though no less exciting with a champion v Champions match and a guest appearance from Sir Lancelot. Cal faced Hunter also to crown a number one contender.

Club Scarab: Anniversary 3    (7 photos)
One of the most exciting cards of the clubs history saw Ambrosia Osiris defeat Agnar to return full control of the club to her father, a rare loss in a big event for Misos to Angelico, a return to the club for legend Persa Demon, and a Lightsaber fight between Seven and Darth Ayame. We also saw Grinhilda defend the title against two former champions.

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