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Age: 119
Sign: Aries

Country: Romania
Signup Date: January 12, 2015

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Adonis felt he had made a narrow escape from the Wastelands but he had felt the call home so urgently in his very soul.  As he jumped through the portal he and Roach landed back in Atlantis.  It was on the beach where his mother had come ashore.  He stopped Roach and looked down at the prints in the sand.  One he smells his father’s presence and two the shape of a mermaid.  “Mother” he gasped out loud.  Looking down at the tracks as he moved slowly, he only saw his father’s foot prints but they were heavier than the ones before.  He was carrying something, someone, Adonis’ Mother! Esmeralda must have come from the sea! 

He knew the direction they were leading and he kicked Roach into a gallop now to head to the forest.  Once in the forest he looked down to follow the foot prints until he was sure and, in that moment, he knew that his father had taken Esmeralda … Home!  So not wanting to waste any time he opened a portal to take him just outside of his childhood home. 

Once through he leaped off Roach and just dropped the reins ground tying Roach.  Adonis stood there just looking at the cottage so white and with a beautiful flower garden his mother had planted and Adonis tended regularly for when Esmeralda could return.  Approaching the front door he slowly opened it without knocking.  This was his and Brailey’s home too.  Yet Adonis knew not what he would find inside. 

Walking in there was no one in the living room.  He then checked the kitchen and smell what had been fixed in there.  He now walked down the hallway calling out “Mother! Father!” but no answer immediately came but by his instincts he followed his parent’s scents.  They were both here.  He was walking past Brailey’s room but he could not pick up her scent in the house.  Passing his room now he went to the end where his parents’ room was and there was the open door.  Silently walking inside, he saw his poor mother just laying in the bed and his father sitting in a chair holding her hand and gently stroking her hair and talking to her.  He whispered Father, I’m home, what happened, why is Mom like this.  Has anyone told Brailey?” so many questions but she was alive and that was enough to be thankful for, for now.  Looking at Apollo sitting there he realised just how much older his parents seemed.  Not ancient but older. His mother did look frail laying there, by the Gods of Atlantis she had to live…

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