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Original Character Guidelines
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Please read, sign, and be sure you understand these guidelines before sending an audition for an original character. This blog may be updated as we realize the need to further layout stuff we will or will not allow. We try to understand the character is your own creation, but we do not want a million infected/bonded types running around. For now, only infected/bonded/hybrid type characters are canon ones approved by the staff or staff created ones. 

1) No infection or powers of any kind will be allowed in non-staff original characters.

2) We need scavengers who can fight, medics, farmers, mechanics, architects, tech experts, fight trainers, weapons masters, etc. Not everyone needs to be able to go out and fight or only be a fighter.

3) All staff created original characters belong to the writer behind Jill Valentine. Originals created by a writer that get approved to join will still belong to that writer.

4) All original characters must have a bio detailing who they were and are. The bio does not have to be fully done at the time of applying but we need the basics so we can decide if the character is okay or not. 

5) Your bio and pages need to be done within 48 hours of being accepted. If you need a little more time to finish the bio just let us know. We are understanding and will work with you as long as you talk to us. 

6) If you change your story or character it needs to be within the rules. If you make changes and it goes against the guidelines you will be given 1 warning and 24 hours to fix the change. If you do not fix it then at that point you will be removed from the group until you can follow the rules.

7) This should go without saying but just in case… You must also read, sign, and adhere to the standard group rules as well.

8) We are NOT allowing crossovers of any kind at this time. The character MUST be part of the RE verse

9) AGAIN, keep in mind these may be updated, tweaked, and added to as we see fit. 

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