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"A safe haven for those who do not have a place to go... "
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       Kingdom of Erotic Desires (KOED)'s Interests
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Kingdom of Erotic Desires is dedicated to providing a place for all beings to find a place when they have none to go to. We will strive to implement a long term relationship with our members, based on providing for all their needs and their desires to strive farther in this kingdom and beyond.

To help fulfill this mission, we will treat all members fairly and involve them in the quality improvement process to insure responsiveness and have an equal say within the kingdom on issues.


Kingdom of Erotic Desires is dedicated to providing a place for all beings to find a place when they have none to go to. We will strive to implement a long term relationship with our members, based on providing for all their needs and their desires to strive farther in this kingdom and beyond. To help fulfill this mission, we will treat all members fairly and involve them in the quality improvement process to insure responsiveness and have an equal say within the kingdom on issues.

”The Blessed Isle”

Hy-Brasil is situated west of the Southern part of Ireland. In folklore it is also called “The Blessed Isle” and the Celtic tribes of the Galater have gone there to join their goddess. Tales and legend has it that the island can be found sailing west from the Ring of Kerry or Galway. Old maps depict the island as a small circular island that is parted by a big river. Shallow-water shells have been found at Porcupine Bank, somewhat northwest of the most likely location of Hy-Brasil. So, there is evidence of land mass changes in that part of the Atlantic Ocean. The most distinctive geographical feature of Hy-Brasil is that it appears on maps as a perfect circle, with a semi-circular channel through the center.

”The Lost Land”

Lemuria /lɨˈmjʊəriə/ is the name of a hypothetical "lost land" variously located in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The concept′s 19th century origins lie in attempts to account for discontinuities in biogeography; however, the concept of Lemuria has been rendered obsolete by modern theories of plate tectonics. Although sunken continents do exist – like Zealandia in the Pacific as well as Mauritius and the Kerguelen Plateau in the Indian Ocean – there is no known geological formation under the Indian or Pacific Oceans that corresponds to the hypothetical Lemuria - except Sunderland.

”Place of Fear”

Xibalba /ʃɨˈbɒlbə/, roughly translated as "place of fear", is the name of the underworld in K′iche′ Maya mythology, ruled by the Maya death gods and their helpers. In 16th-century Verapaz, the entrance to Xibalba was traditionally held to be a cave in the vicinity of Cobán, Guatemala. According to some of the K′iche′ Maya presently living in the vicinity, the area is still associated with death. Cave systems in nearby Belize have also been referred to as the entrance to Xibalba. Another physical incarnation of the road to Xibalba as viewed by the K′iche′ is the dark rift which is visible in the Milky Way.

”Burn Baby Burn”

The Realm of Sheoul has been called many things throughout time, including Hell and Hades, just to name a couple. However, this Sheoul is not the home of the torture of the deceased, much as the mainstream religions of today claim. Instead, Sheoul is the home to a great and powerful family of demons, reigned over by a man named Memnoch. It is from Sheoul that all demons come from, though they themselves may not realize it or remember their own origins. Sheoul itself seems to be an entity all its own, forever changing its layout and surroundings according to the moods of the most powerful creature there.

”Underworld General Hospital”

Underworld General Hosptial:Humans go to hospitals. Animals go to veterinarians. But where do injured, ill, and decapitated demons go? It isn′t as if every supernatural being possesses the ability to grow a new limb to replace one that′s been hacked off by a demon slayer scumbag. Fear not, fellow vamps, werewolves, and demons, for help has arrived. Three brothers, incubus demons by birth, human in appearance (mostly), have pulled together to make the most of the healing skills common to their species. Welcome to Underworld General Hospital, where sexy demons are doctors, HMOs are non-existent, and the blood bank sometimes doubles as the cafeteria. And you don′t even want to know what goes on in the supply closets.

”Heaven has no place for us.”

Spiritual Realm - The Order of the Fallen is an Order of Fallen Angels under the rule of Azrael the Angel of Death. The angels that rebelled and became demons did not lose their nature or their connatural gifts. They cast away, by their sin, the grace in which they were created. They did not cast away the beatific vision, for they never had it. Now, if we think of angelic orders as orders of angels in glory, then, of course, there are no orders of bad angels. But if we consider angelic orders as order of angelic nature simply, there are orders among the demons.

”City of Lions”

Lyonesse is a country in Arthurian legend, said to border Cornwall. Located between the extreme point of Land′s end and Scilly Island, landmarked by the Seven Stones. It holds the great library of the kingdom, easily compaired with the Great Library of Alexandria. It completes the trinity of the Elder Isles: Avalon, Hy-Brasil and Lyonesse.

”The Norse Realm”

Muspelheim is the Norse Realm of KOED. Muspelheim (pronounced “MOO-spell-hame;” Old Norse Múspellsheimr, “The World of Múspell“) is one of the Nine Worlds and the home of the fire giants.

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▪ KOED ▪
Legal NAME: Kingdom of Erotic Desires RULER Type Input Info
DESDEMONA LUST Family & Relationships QUEEN: Desdemona Lust
KING: Randy Wells
DAUGHTERS: Pandora, Demetra, Morgana, Siri, Hadrea, Halina
SONS: Michael, Conan, Diabolos
GRANDCHILDREN: Elpis, Harmony, April, Nicolaes, Phoenix, Atalanta, Kimberly, Jahi, Storma, Logan, Myra
Greatgrandchildren: Serena, Mara, Candy, Kira Bijou, Benjamin, Matthew, Kimberly, Ricard
OTHER FAMILY: Aphrodite, Moloch, Sweet Cherrie Pie Matthrew Solidor, Amia Holden, Richard B. Riddick,
OTHER MEMBERS: Azrael: Angel of Death, Abel Blaze, De’Monica, Lumina Modovan, The Dark One, Cerise REALMS & RULERS/GOVERNORS LEMURIA (MU) Morgana Lust
XIBALBA (X) Demetria Lust
HY-BRASIL Michael & Galatea Lust
SHEOUL (GUL) Pandora Morningstar
LYONESSE: Elpis Riddick-Lust
FENGDU~City of Ghosts~: none yet
ZOMBIE LAND ~Chernobyl~: none yet
AOKIGAHARA (Japanese Suicide Realm): none yet
POVEGLIA (Italian Island of the Dead Realm): none yet
Rules of KOED

1. Respect of your fellow roleplayers within this kingdom, . This is the following things you should do to respect all who are here to write (don′t have to but I would like to see it among the members to form a stronger bond):

**Communicate from your heart; solve problems from your head a hello is worth a million times more than silence.

**Be kind to others. Treat people in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity out of char

**Every action brings about a reaction

**Learn to ask for help in rp if you feel overwhelmed or perhaps a little writers block on a reply

**Show people you care by listening to them and trying to understand a point of view that may not seem right to you.

**Give compliments freely. An encouraging word at the right moment brings out the best in people. so if the writing is good say it is, a pic is say so.

**Being right is different from acting righteous

**Balance your role play with your real life so you have a moment or so to yourself just to reflect.

**Laugh often

**Show patience with other peoples flaws.....not everyone is perfect. don′t expect it.

**Take time to evaluate your own attitude and actions....

**Make amends when you are wrong

**Learn to forgive yourself and others

**Be compassionate towards others, demonstrating your support in difficult times

**Build shared goals; be a team player with your fellow roleplayers saying thank you goes a long way.

**Remember that listening something that will take you far

2. Respect of the Queen of this kingdom. if you are in the kingdom she is the only one that you should have on your list.......the rest are in another rule. But always show respect for her, if you do not like something come to her, and speak, it will be fixed somehow

3. Others within the kingdom......if you are a member you have the right to add who you want in the kingdom you do not have to add everyone just the queen, and maybe the kingdom page. This is your char, it is your choice. We do not punish if you wish to not have some in our kingdom on your page.

4. drama (ooc/rp/rl drama and issues with IM′s/cybering)......this here we are talking about RL drama not RP drama as long as the rp drama is done in a story line that can be followed.....if you can not do that do not bring the drama to the kingdom.....this rule is: if you can′t fix this problem between yourselves in a respectable manner (aka not bring this drama into statuses, or bullies or worse other people′s status) then you may call upon the queen......the queen will ask proof be presented to her, if this is an ooc matter, messages, im′s or even comments will be requested to be sent to the queen for reading from both parties......if you can not present this proof and give the "oh I deleted it" response then it shall be dismissed as untrue claim and not heard of again....

5. any issues are brought to the queen first before any words are exchanged between people... This is to ensure all the facts are in place and there is no mistake on the issue this includes issues in side the kingdom and outside.

6. many have multiple chars, so if you know that person has many different chars treat each and everyone of them like they are a different person. so, if one char said something against another... if that char is NOT in the kingdom that is not a kingdom issue. Keep it with that char. Yes you can stick up for your friends...but remember that char you are talking to at that moment is NOT a kingdom char. This alone will cut down unneeded drama down. and in some cases you can turn it into an sl that can give you some writing.

7. Membership.......Right now due to how the new home is, those who wish to join the kingdom may come and speak to the queen. If we get a bit bigger then a new application will be posted.

8. relationships......respect the relationships within the kingdom no matter if they are open, closed, half and half sideways or upside down what ever the parties involved choose for their relationships is their choice and you do not have a right to put it down or even try to brake it up (unless it has been talked to all the parties involved) so respect

9. Fighting........if you wish to do an rp fight please ooc the other person to set up the fighting (even wars should be set up like this to do it within rp rules please) set up rules and do so within an area of agreement.....(if just two people comments or messages will work if a group blog is needed but needs to be agreed upon on who′s page.) these rules are set for time more might be added or even changed when needed thank you

Queen Desdemona Lust′s writer


Aokigahara (Japanese Suicide Realm)

Aokigahara (青木ヶ原?), also known as the Sea of Trees (樹海 Jukai), is a 35-square-kilometre (14 sq mi) forest that lies at the northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan. The forest contains a number of rocky, icy caverns, a few of which are popular tourist destinations. Due to the wind-blocking density of the trees and an absence of wildlife, the forest is known for being exceptionally quiet.

The forest has a historic association with demons in Japanese mythology and is a popular place for suicides (54 in 2010) despite numerous signs, in Japanese and English, urging people to reconsider their actions

The forest is a popular place for suicides, reportedly the most popular in Japan. Statistics vary, but what is documented is that during the period leading up to 1988, about 100 suicides occurred there every year.

In 2002, 78 bodies were found in the forest, exceeding the previous record of 74 in 1998. In 2003, the rate climbed to 100, and in recent years, the local government has stopped publicizing the numbers in an attempt to downplay Aokigahara′s association with suicide. In 2004, 108 people killed themselves in the forest. In 2010, 247 people attempted suicide in the forest, 54 of whom completed the act. Suicides are said to increase during March, the end of the fiscal year in Japan. As of 2011, the most popular means of suicide in the forest were hanging and drug overdoses.

The high rate of suicide has led officials to place signs in the forest, in Japanese and English, urging suicidal visitors to seek help and not kill themselves. Annual body searches have been conducted by police, volunteers, and attendant journalists since 1970.

The site′s popularity has been attributed to the 1960 novel lit., "Tower of Waves" (波の塔?) by Seichō Matsumoto. However, the history of suicide in Aokigahara predates the novel′s publication, and the place has long been associated with death: ubasute may have been practiced there into the nineteenth century, and the forest is reputedly haunted by the Yūrei (angry spirits) of those left to die.

Poveglia (Italian Island of the Dead Realm)

Poveglia is a small island located between Venice and Lido in the Venetian Lagoon, northern Italy. A small canal divides the island into two parts. It is off-limits to visitors. Poveglia should not be confused with Ex Poveglia, another small island of the lagoon three kilometers west of Poveglia.

The island first came to be referenced in chronicles in 421 AD, when people from Padua and Este fled there to escape the barbaric invasions. In the 9th century the island started to be intensely populated, and in the following centuries its importance grew steadily, until it was governed by a dedicated Podestà. There were many wars on Poveglia, as many barbarians still wanted the people who fled there. In many cases the Poveglians won these wars, but in 1379 Venice came under attack from the Genoan fleet; the people of Poveglia were moved to the Giudecca, and the Venetian government built on the island a permanent fortification, called "the Octagon," still visible today. The island remained uninhabited in the following centuries; in 1527 the doge offered the island to the Camaldolese monks, but they refused the offer. In 1661 the descendants of the original inhabitants were offered to reconstruct their village on the island, but they refused to do so.

In 1777 the island came under the jurisdiction of the Magistrato alla Sanità (Public Health Office), and became a check point for all goods and people coming to and going from Venice by ship. In 1793, there were several cases of the plague on two ships, and consequently the island was transformed into a temporary confinement station for the ill (Lazzaretto); this role became permanent in 1805, under the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte, who also had the old church of San Vitale destroyed; the old bell tower was converted into a lighthouse. The lazzaretto was closed in 1814.

In the 20th century the island was again used as a quarantine station, but in 1922, the existing buildings were converted into a hospital for mentally ill and long-term care. This went on until 1968, when the hospital was closed, and the island, after being shortly used for agriculture, was completely abandoned. Presently, the island is closed to locals and tourists and remains under Italian government.

In recent times, some legends have arisen about the island. According to legend, during Roman times it was used to isolate thousands of plague victims, and during the three occasions when the Black Death spread through Europe, the island was effectively used as a lazaretto and plague pit – it was considered an efficient way of keeping the infected people separated from the healthy. According to this version, over 160,000 people died on the island throughout its history. The island used in 1576 to accommodate those hit by the plague was not Poveglia, but Lazzaretto Nuovo.

Another legend surrounds a building erected in 1922 on the island, which was used for various purposes, including usage as a mental hospital. The legend states that a particular mental health doctor tortured and butchered many of the patients, before going "mad" and jumping to his death from the bell tower. According to that same legend, he survived the fall, but was ′strangled by a mist that came up from the ground′. Its ruins remain to this day. The institution in question has been described as a retirement home, but evidence on the island shows that despite the controversy, at least part of the building housed mental patients.

The island has been featured on the paranormal reality shows Death in Venice: Demon Doctor, Ghost Adventures and Scariest Places on Earth.

Zombie Land ~Chernobyl~ (Ukrainian undead Realm)

Chernobyl history:

The Chernobyl disaster (Ukrainian: Чорнобильська катастрофа, Chornobylska Katastrofa – Chornobyl Catastrophe) was a catastrophic nuclear accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine (then officially the Ukrainian SSR), which was under the direct jurisdiction of the central authorities of the Soviet Union. An explosion and fire released large quantities of radioactive particles into the atmosphere, which spread over much of the western USSR and Europe.

The Chernobyl disaster is widely considered to have been the worst nuclear power plant accident in history, and is one of only two classified as a level 7 event on the International Nuclear Event Scale (the other being the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011).The battle to contain the contamination and avert a greater catastrophe ultimately involved over 500,000 workers and cost an estimated 18 billion rubles. The official Soviet casualty count of 31 deaths has been disputed, and long-term effects such as cancers and deformities are still being accounted for.


Chernobyl’s victims have become deformed flesh-eating zombies who haunt the abandoned city of Prypiat, which lies near the destroyed reactor in north Ukraine. They skulk in the darkness,

Feng du ~City of Ghost~ (China Ghost Realm)

The Feng du Ghost City (simplified Chinese: 丰都鬼城; traditional Chinese: 豐都鬼城; pinyin: Fēngdū Guǐ Chéng) is a tourist attraction in Fengdu County, Chongqing municipality, China. It is situated about 170 kilometers (110 mi) downstream from Chongqing on the north bank of the Yangtze River. It is an attraction of a cruise tour along the Yangtze River.

The city has numerous buildings, structures, dioramas, and statues related to Diyu, the concept of the underworld and hell (or Naraka) in Chinese mythology and Buddhism. It is modelled to resemble Youdu, the capital of Diyu.′

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