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"Rise of the Demoness Magi"
26 years old
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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Many people have unfortunate encounters. Some lead to death yet some change the lives of people forever. I was once a human making it through life in a set of villages hidden in mountains. We weren't the most moral people getting by on hard work, magic and raids on other villages hit and run style we manage to stay afloat.

Because of the terrain we lived in we rarely saw retaliation. The higher one goes the colder it got. It was a problem getting to us normally and we were well prepared to defend ourselves if things got to bad. We never encountered or dare mess with someone that could teleport.

With that we thrived for hundreds of years with the use of dark arts that were considered inhumane, yet this sought the interest of a demon and with it brought upon a calamity. We were to be used as sacrifices to increase that demon's magic prowess. We were attacked and swiftly captured by a group of demons. No one would help us because of our bandit life style.

During captivity all of us were tortured daily. We watch our family and friends slaughtered one by one. Demonic magic was poured into us for the rituals they carried out. We were live stock as ironic as it was.

Yet a group took interest in me. They wanted me to be kept alive in order to become their "torture toy" per say. When mana was fed my body fiercely rejected it at first. They enjoyed hearing me scream at their methods yet they didn't know the mistake they made.

My body not only began to adapt to the mana, but it craved it. They wanted to break me completely but my psyche was changing. They wanted to pour their mana in me not realizing they were turning me into one of them. So why should I be the one to break? Why can't I fight back?

I began to rapidly drain them their mana, their essence, their very souls. The rate of consumption wasn't something even I could control. It was an ability I obtained but not mastered. Demonization occurred and my body took the form of a demon.

News of what occurred ended up in the netherworlds and demons weren't too pleased. I was an abnormality they wanted to eliminate. Yet as a magi demonization greatly enhanced my abilities as a magi. Thus until now I've evaded pursuit or killed my enemies while gaining absolute freedom.

Chapter 2: The Price Of Freedom

Constantly I was on the run or slaughtering demons and humans alike. It wasn't originally my choice to kill humans, but with the aggression of demons increasing they took to me as an enemy as well. I detested it at first because I didn't want to be lump in with demons. It wasn't as if I wasn't use to taking out humans due to the nature of how we survived, but as time went on acceptance set in.

I accepted that I truly had no place in the world. Hated by both humans and demons I continued a path of blood shed using this to get more acquainted with my abilities. Yet I know I couldn't depend on myself to always be at one hundred percent. So I found a work around for everything. I learn how to morph my body to hide my demonic nature.

Mean while innocent villages and cities suffered because of my existence. The demons took interest in my world and there were many battles. Most humans were caught off guard by the initial conflict but something unexpected happen. Humans were entering their strongest age forged by fires and war. The ones who survive strikes were learning how to utilize their magic better. Skirmishes between humans and demons soon turn to an all our war on a level this planet never had seen before.

I was devising a plan to get rid of the demons. I began to incorporate time in my dimension magic forming my first pocket dimension. The flow of time was much different in it than the outside world. After forming the pocket dimension I decided to collect species and breed them to create other species adjusting the laws of it fit my desires. But this wasn't something I could live in forever. The pocket dimension traveled with me and losing one could cause serious back lash. But it provided just what I need. An area to study time loosely.

My end goal was to jump through time and space into the future. With no trace of me for years the demons would give up their search and look other places right? Pull the wool over their eyes to come up with a better plan in a more peaceful setting. Little did I know the horrors of what was to come. I rip open a point in space and time jumping into the future several times. The laws of time was still new to me and I couldn't control how far I jump, however I kept going until I got to one hundred and fifty years in the future and saw my world with my own eyes.

Chapter 3: A Broken World

The last jump into the future was horrible see. Dimensional fissures every where, many places desolate and the war raging on. History distorted the truth of why the massive war started. Many thought they were sacrificing them to a dark god to increase its strength and cause a second hell. The average life span was 19 years old and the world fell to sin.

The sins manifested in humans and were much open. Filters had gone out the window. To ensure the survival of the human race at the age of eighteen many gave into their lust producing as many people as possible. Anyone who lived to be over 20 was considered a high magi and was responsible for the new child soldier unit. The high magi saw all types of problems and made sure each generation were stronger then the prior. Humans had became depraved fucks trying to survive. Wrath and greed filled the desires of humans wanting to leave their mark on the world.

Yet the world couldn't handle a battle of this magnitude. After exploring around I found out more about the world's laws. Humans were never suppose to obtain the level of strength they had all across the world. Most twelve year olds kids had half the strength I had before demonization! The world was breaking down on itself.

Demons lost their lives even accidently entering dimensional fissures. Sometimes never returning or instantly being rip apart. By the day more cracks were appearing in the world and these dimensional rifts were spreading. Many humans look for a way out including High Magi. The destruction of the world didn't concern demons and they welcomed it. High Magi were getting fewer and fewer with some dying in battle and others from over work. With the world degrading so rapidly it was only a matter of time before it was destroyed. I couldn't live in this place anymore for sure.

My mountain was destroyed and the graves no longer existed. I had grown immune to killing humans, but my feelings for my kin still linger in my heart. This was something I couldn't accept. I went into my pocket dimension once more and this time it was much safer. Time passed slowly and through experimenting with dimension magic I found other realms and worlds. My plan was to try and go back and try to assassinate the demon squad that wiped my kin out back then. I was confident in my abilities now unlike before. If news of my demonization didn't spread then everything can go back to normal. I would disappear and my human life will continue as normal I was ready to kill a target that I would never get to!

Chapter 4: Change The Future! By A Solution I Didn't Want!

I began making my way back in time and exit ready to kill my target only to find out that I didn't go far back enough. Another jump only kept me in the same time. I was shocked that I couldn't go further back to the era where my kin was still alive as if something was blocking me. Days went by and I continue to experiment only to find out that I was continuously blocked limited to a certain date that kept going forward as time went on.

Eventually I theorized the law of the time had a restriction that couldn't be broken to prevent a major collapsed in the space time continuum rewriting the past too much to break and completely destroy the future. Had I gone back in the past before going to the future I might have been able to save my kin, but I most likely would have died due to some strong demons being there during the initial take over.

Dishearten I decided to do something to let my kin rest in peace. I tore open a rift in going to another world and allowing myself to be discovered. This caused the demon horde to follow me mostly leaving my world. Although humans won't achieve the same level of power it did save my planet due to going from world to world and having them chase me down. I turned a blind eye to human villages slaughtered trying to find me which caused the demons to give up using my original world as a hostage.

(To be continued)

Abilities all scale from 1-10. 1 being beginner and 10 being unrivaled in said field As things happen icly this will change.
Ice Magic: 7
Dimension magic: 7
Gravity Magic: 4
Dark magic: 3.5
Lightning Magic 3.5
Other element magic: 3
Time Magic: 1.3
Close range combat: 3
Physical Strength 3
Reflex and speed 7
Durability: 2.8
(Anything besides the text are not owned by me)

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