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Matriarch of the Primordial Dragons

Mother to Valentyna BlackSoul Primordial.

Using animated pictures cause there aren't any white haired playby's out there for me to use. So don't like it?. Well fuck you!"
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Dumont dʿUrville - permanent station of France, Sector claimed by France
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Interests: I. Para to Multi-Para. That is the writing format that I go with. This means I write in detail. One-liners, rarely will do a thing for me. So please do put forth effort into your replies. ESPECIALLY if you say you write para or above.

II.I fully understand that if anything. You hate and despite me. Well all I will say is hate and despite me all you want. It's child's play before my own hatred I have. You couldn't fathom how I actually feel about things.

III.While I do claim that Amaranth is bisexual, she leans heavily to women far more. They can attain her interest more. However, it can also be difficult it your writing does not excite me in the least bit.

IV. In regards to the above, Amaranth can either be fully female, or she can grow a cock out of her pussy if her partner desires it.

V.Amaranth is 50/50, meaning she could be submissive or dominant at any given moment. Except when in heat. She'll be dominant or she'll end up killing you.

VI.I can write either erotic or not.

VII.Amaranth is very much still in mourning(As am I) Over losing her beloved wife.

VIII.While the two of them did have a child together. I have given up on anyone ever playing the child and for all intents and purposes. I killed off the child. Sick and tired of no one caring, but everyone else will be happy to play other kids. Favoritsm. Nothing pisses me off more than that bullshit.

IX.Don't expect Amaranth to ever have another child ever. If I can't get a writer for the one child that means A LOT to me. Why the fuck would I ever want to have another one?

X. Don't try to chastise me at all. You aren't able to understand me and I will tear your character apart if you even try to. Don't believe me? Then try it.

XI. I don't care what you all think of me anymore. I have been hurt, backstabbed, betrayed, abandoned and used one time to many to care what anyone thinks. To me, your the ones that need to wake up.


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The Legends spoke of an ancient dragoness. Betrayed by her lovers. Betrayed by her slaves. Betrayed by her children and put into a deep sleep. A sleep meant for all eternity. She swore revenge and thus she slept in that palace of hers since then. However, fate did not decree for her slumber to last for eternity. For the moment that the spell was to be undone, she was destined to take grasp of all she desired and take revenge upon her children and their descendants that betrayed her. Her name is Amaranth and she is the Primordial Dragon. The world shall be hers, or it shall burn under her fury.

Unworthy filth. You dare to defy me. My greatness and superiority. This cosmos is destined to belong to me. You may think you have destroyed me on this day, but this isn't the end of it. You have not stopped the Primordial Dragon God! I shall return!

In the year 0000, when the cosmos was first formed. Without warning or provocation, a war began immediately between the strongest of ancient beings that existed prior to the birth of the cosmos. Among them was a dragon of fantastical size that called himself the Primordial Dragon God. It was a war of supremacy, a war that where he viewed himself as the superior being. The Primordial Dragon God wanted to rule this cosmos as his own, to be it's one and only true god and while there were others that vied for the same thing. There were also those that wanted to stop him at all costs. Many lives were lost in this war, this single battle and while it looked like the Primordial Dragon God was going to be victorious. He wasn't fated to do so when he took a fatal blow that was to be the end of him. Before he passed away and his divine body dispersed into the cosmos. He swore that he was not defeated yet and that he couldn't be stopped and was going to return one day. They all feared that his words were going to be true, but at the same time. They all moved on without much worry. Believing that should he return, then they would simply bring him down once again, and so on the cosmos went on with it's normal living with no sign of his return. Even when they just appeared out of thin air. The Primordials.

We deserve to rule this world. Not you or them. We rule the skies. We rule the grounds. We rule the seas. You will all be defeated and we shall become the rulers of all dragon kind and then the world and beyond.

There are no records in history of when dragon kind became so arrogant, prideful and ambitious as to begin a war to determine who was to rule over them. All that is known is that at some point in earth's history, that the dragons of the lands. The skies. The seas and so on began to fight with each other. Intent on wiping out the others or making the others submit before them. They all wanted to rule over all other dragons and some wanted to extend that rule to the entire world. To all races and beyond the world even. Even as the other races looked on with no end being in sight and with the gods silent, but watching with amusement. That is when they appeared without warning.

So naive to think your all so mighty and deserve to rule. How about we show you the error of your ways? Isn't that right family?

It was actually amaranth that spoke those words where a pillar of Primordial Energy came thundering down upon them. Unfortunately, very few in existence were capable of seeing it aside from Primordial Dragons themselves and perhaps the ancient ones that fought against the Primordial Dragon God. that was all it took to weaken them and shake their resolve before the might of the Primordials. In fact, there were only a few races that dared to stand up against them after that initial attack and they were quickly dealt with by the Primordials. It was then that the other races of the world cheered them while dragon kind cowered in fear and the gods looked upon them with distrust and suspicions. For a time after this war ended, there was peace from dragon kind as the Primordial Dragons took command of the throne of dragon kind and it was Amaranth's lovely parents that held the throne for many years.

During those years, Amaranth grew into quite the woman. Beautiful, ravishing. Seductive and deadly. It was clear that she was going to be the next head of the family and wile she told no one. Each night she had dreams or nightmares of her being a dragon whose size could dwarf small planets. The Primordials had no idea of who the Primordial Dragon God was, or the fact that Amaranth's parents, her aunts and uncles were all created from the remnants of the Primordial Dragon God and that she alone was actually this dragon god reincarnated. She knew these dreams of hers were something, for each day she felt something pulling at her strings, to drive her particular actions forward and never could quite understand it. In fact, these strings that were being pulled by the influence of the Primordial Dragon God were pushing Amaranth forward to overthrow her own parents and while she had a great deal of lovers and slaves and children with them. They were nothing but stepping stones for her and it was days before she was to overthrow her own parents that she was able to finally confront the influence.

I know your there, within me. Who are you? Oh? So you finally noticed my little pawn? Pawn? Quite the nerve you got there. Heh. I am you and you are me. I predate this cosmos. I am your creator and master. The Primordial Dragon God who the ancient ones thought they slew. I see now, I am you reincarnated, but you can't control me. Only influence me huh? Very correct girl. You will exact my revenge for me and have me be rebo. . . In your dreams. Begone. No one controls me! What!? Impossible! I choose my own fate.

It was a brief encounter within herself, but the Primordial Dragoness wasn't one to be controlled by others. Especially when she didn't want to and while the Primordial Dragon God was powerful, he underestimated Amaranth greatly and she was able to literally banish him from her. In that brief moment. The Legend of the Primordial Dragon God came to an end and Amaranth's legend began in full. Days went on afterwards and she no longer felt the presence. She felt free and that is when the now free and ambitious Amaranth began her revolt. The peace was torn asunder as Primordial fought against Primordial. Her lovers. Her slaves and even her own children fought against the rest of her family. this revolt was to be expected. They desired power and the right to rule over all others and in the span of a few days. Amaranth sat upon the throne and became the Queen of Dragon Kind at that very moment. Unfortunately for her though, her rule was not going to be long. Especially when her parents realized what was going to happen and knew exactly how Amaranth was going to end up feeling.

Amaranth's rule was indeed short lived when her own lovers, slaves and children rose up against her. An act that honestly surprised the young dragonesses. They took the surprise that came to her to their advantage and while she was the victor of many battles in recent years. She was quickly overthrown, but her own children could not kill her, not their own mother. They deeply loved her and in fact did this to stop her before she was to lead the world to destruction. As if they knew she had the power to crush and destroy everything in her path and out of their love for their mother. They ended up putting a spell on her, to put the Primordial Dragoness into a deep sleep, but before the sleep was to consume, she spoke to them all.

Ugh. To think that my own children would rise up against your own mother. I am proud of you my children, but I swear this to you. I will return one day and if you still live. I will find you exact my revenge upon you and I shall find your descendants!

She swore revenge upon them before the spell of eternal slumber consumed the dragoness. Not much is known what happened to the Primordial dragons after that fateful day, or if any of them survived the coming ages as Amaranth slumbered for eons within her palace. A palace that soon faded from the face of the planet and became hidden within a mountain range, but the Primordial Dragoness was fated to awaken. The spell was childsplay before her overwhelming power.

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