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"I am the Anubis Osiris former Emperor of HOS originally of myspace. I am the ruler of Club Scarab fight club and proud father and grandfather of the Osiris family."
116 years old
Cairo, Kairo
Egypt - C1
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In the beginning there was darkness...

31,000 bc, Predynastic Egypt.

The blistering sun blistered down onto the back of Manetho as he ran with terror in his eyes. His people, all of his people gone. His world had been so different that sunrise. He had a home by the long water. He had family. But now it was all gone. Everything and everyone. Destroyed. He cursed his cowardly nature for fleeing, but what could he have done? The world itself had risen up to destroy his home! It had become enraged and devoured everything. And then, for those that had survived came the beast.

He stumbled and fell to the ground, tears streaming from is eyes as he tried to understand the loss. Tried to comprehend that which was beyond him. His muscles trembled. He could not run any longer, and there was little point. With the distance he had put behind him he had only condemned himself to death anyway without the long water. That alone brought life to the world, and now he stood in the barren. In a long forgotten tongue, he mouthed the words of prayer to the long water, the life giving stream that he and his people trusted in to give them life and to take there lives when it was needed.

But the prayer would not be completed, let alone granted. Instead his heart sank into his stomach as the ground trembled. The sands rose into a giant form that towered over Manetho, almost twice his size. Slowly it formed into a dark skinned human but with the head of a dessert dog. The beast had found him. He tried to stand, tried to run and begged to the long water to take his soul from this place. In an instant the beast reached out and took him by the neck lifting him. In Manetho′s own language he growled "your water will never take your soul. I devour your soul′s, I keep them. Your pathetic human breed scatter over the world like scarabs. Clinging to a life you never deserved!" He roared and with a snap shatters Manetho′s neck. Manetho faded and then fell to the ground. The final words of the beast now beyond him. "I am The dark god Anubis. Your god of death. Of the underworld. And all of man kind will fall at my feet".

Slowly he faded back into the sand leaving Manetho′s body to burn. However among the sand dunes stood another figure. One more survivor of the village. He mouthed quietly to himself, in awe and fear "God...Anubis....death".

The Dark God Anubis...

The cult of Anubis Formed, and for centuries the ancient civilisation worshiped the Dark God Anubis. His ferocity and power made him known and feared above all other gods. But deep below the Temples built in his honour out of fear transcending not just the land but into the underworld that could not be reached without his command, Anubis grew in his hatred for the humans, and yet they continued to spread across the world. The ancient and higher races such as Titans, Demons and gods, even hybrids like Vampires, and yet the humans thrived.

Anubis sought out help from others to hasten the humans journey to the underworld, most notably using the crossroads demon, Persa. With her assistance he tricked thousands of humans into giving up their souls, however one such soul brought with it knowledge of an ancient relic, one older than any God known to him. A stone that permitted travel through time. Anubis became obsessed with it traveling the world in Human form slowly finding himself intoxicated by it. Eventually remaining in human form and tasting for the first time, true battle.

Here is where the Dark God Anubis had died. And where Anubis Osiris was born. Anubis own desire to see humans tested by what he had once foolishly called the ′higher species′ had come to pass. Demons, vampires, Lycian and humans, not to mention assorted mongrel beasts all at war over land in the Middle East. History would remember it so differently, as a crusade. But here was were humanity earned there place. Anubis had joined the battle and testing the humans had took form as one of there two saviours. The other, a light skinned man had fought as one of the knights Templar and after being stabbed, cut and butchered time and again the humans had seen him as a god send. An immortal. Calling himself the son of Adam, he and Anubis who had used his godly nature to convince them he was a human immortal had gone into battle for the humans.

But it was not this son of Adam that had left a mark on Anubis, though he would meet him again. Instead during a battle with a horde of vampire elites, Anubis had become surrounded. He had fought them off but one thrust toward him driving a blade toward his chest. That moment a simple soldier in Anubis army had leapt forward and taken the blade for him. Anubis destroyed the vampire and asked the man "why? You know I am an immortal!" But the man, of equally dark skin had replied " I couldn′t help it. It was my nature".

The Osiris Legacy Reborn...

After the sacrifice made by the Human soldier, known as colossus, Anubis saw the true strength in humanity. Trying to honour him, the humans had suggested that Anubis was the son of the god Osiris, so in a return show of respect Anubis took that as his surname. Over the following years Anubis Osiris spent more time among humans, traveling through time studying there history. Over time Anubis became dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. Wisdom became his greatest strength.

For a brief period Anubis became Emperor in a kingdom, keen to further bring peace to the various races of humanity and human demon hybrids. During this time Anubis adopted numerous children but few were his own or were given the Osiris name including Kebchet and Kafelle. However two remained most attached to this day.

Ambrosia: First born Child of Anubis and first to be given his name, Ambrosia and her father have remained as close in her adult life as the day she said her first word to him. Ambrosia has long been his finest student in all arts including magical arts, combat and dragon law. Ambrosia completed several quests set by her father even traveling to the underworld itself, to prove she was ready to rule. As the ruler of Kingdom Dragonia, Anubis gifted her with a rare artefact giving her the ability to become the only golden Dragon. Ambrosia gave birth to Anubis granddaughter, Isis who also took her Grandfathers name.

Seraphine: The early years of Sera are shrouded in mystery. Traveling away and returning years later Sera was mother to two children with Seven, the one formerly known as ′son of Adam′. She took both the Osiris and Temp′elar names and went to live in blackthorn where she continues her fathers legacy of passing on knowledge by teaching at the academy to her fathers pride.

Club Scarab...

Anubis full of guilt still for the sacrifice made by Collosus traveled back in time, saving his life. Returning to the present Anubis discovered his son Kafelle had started a fight club, ′club scarab′ however he later passed the club on to his father Anubis. Anubis brought Collosus in to fight in the club, and it quickly became hugely successful reaching heights never expected. While Anubis rarely fought he did on occasion. Meanwhile his daughter Ambrosia fought regularly. He also saw the return of Persa who joined the club becoming its first champion.

In what became known as the ′Dark Reign′ a temporal schism in Anubis mind, brought about by several key individuals (Persa, Randolf Blackthorn, Grinhilda and Zero) resurrected temporarily the Dark God Anubis. In this form he murdered Collosus and corrupted Club Scarab. However with help from Seven Temp′elar and the other fighters, Ambrosia split Anubis into his two halves, the two fighting in combat. Anubis Osiris won, ripping the Jackel Gods spine from out of his throat.

Anubis remains the Lord of Club Scarab, his focus now clear. To see the club grow. To give the people of all worlds a place to compete as equals regardless of species or gender. Along side his daughters, this is the Osiris Legacy.

Allies and Ties...

Aside from his family Anubis has made friends and allies throughout his life. Anubis remained strong allies with Seven Temp′elar, the ′son of Adam′ that fought along side him in battle, though Seven has no memory of this. Through Seven Anubis met the young Neko, Luna whom he see′s as a niece of sorts. Anubis has even taken her with him on several adventures through time and helped her develop her abilities.

Anubis has maintained good relationships with Misos and Nyghtwolf of Atlantis, as well as Queen Morgan, of the Kingdom of Camelot, the later link being aided by the kingdom being strong allies with Kingdom Dragonia, the kingdom his daughter rules.


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