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The Mermaid in Disguise A wanderer of the land and seas

Deep within the dark blue sea, stretching along the lands where the water was blue as thousands of blue sapphire gems scattered along the ground. The young mermaid was raised by her grandmother along with her five older sisters, however the mermaid was more closer to her older sister Uainionn. They all travel with their pods led by a powerful and ancient leader Elaria, who took over the pod shortly after the mermaid′s father dies sacrificing himself for the pods and his family′s safety and the mother - presumably died of a broken heart afterwards, leaving the mermaid and her sisters orphaned.

All was well, each of the older sisters grew up into beautiful young sea maidens when they rise to the surface to see the outside of their underwater realm each year they mature, but the mermaid was the most lovely of them all as she rose to the surface gaining her own humanoid form for the first time; long curly sunkissed blonde hair, cornflower blue eyes and fair skin. However they did not remain on the surface for long as they are wary (reasonably) of humans, the mermaid′s grandmother told them tales of men capturing and harming their own kind out of sheer madness, that the humans were monsters.

Despite her grandmother′s harsh judgment the mermaid went up the surface out of naive curiosity about the humans and their world but there was a harsh storm wreaking chaos therefore she wasn′t strong enough to withstand the storm, the waves attacked her leaving her to see nothing but darkness for a time that was until the sun rises and she found herself on shore within her human form, rescued by a handsome young farmer who took her to his home and tended to her wounds, despite she was curious about the humans she didn′t know how to speak so she remained mute for a long period of time but also winded up falling in love with the human; however he was engaged to be married and she had confusion over her own feelings believing the farmer loved her. However she did wind up learning that he was happy in love with another woman thus this drove the mermaid further in her own obsessive jealousy over the farmer′s soon-to-be bride and her obsession confused for love for the farmer. The night the farmer and his bride happily got married in a beautiful ceremony the mermaid was enraged, betrayed and angry that she fled to the seas in hopes of returning to her pod but however her older and closest sister Uainionn rose to the surface stating their grandmother has died, Uainionn has been exiled and therefore Elaria did not wish for the mermaid to return as well.

The mermaid of course was utterly heartbroken by the news but it was far from the truth; Uainionn was permitted to be exiled to live among the humans due to her own hatred that led her to nearly killing Elaria for position among the pod but thankfully was caught and therefore ordered to either live outside of the seas forever or be killed. So Uainionn lies to her dearest and naive sister, telling her the only way she could make up for the betrayal was kill the bride and bring the farmer to the sea giving the mermaid a dagger telling her this was the only way she could free herself and Uainionn from the misery of humans, the mermaid agreed and later that night she stood hovering over the bride and the farmer with the blade in hand trembling with fear of what she was about to do when she saw how truly happy the farmer and his bride looked within their slumber. So she returned to meet with Uainionn and told her she could not have the heart to kill the man who deserved to be happy.

Uainionn then took the blade and stabbed her little sister into the heart before cutting off all of the mermaid′s long beautiful golden hair to bring back and declare what she has done leaving the mermaid to die slowly from the wound onto her side but before she would′ve descend to death she was saved by an ethereal pair of spirits who told her they admired her selflessness and redemption, thus they gave her an immortal soul and an ability to remain human however long she needed, giving her the chance to live happily, living between the land and sea as she desires. Now over the last course of centuries, Meara lived life as both a human and a mermaid, during these days people often believe she is just a normal sweet human and a music teacher named Muriel Murphy.

That is, until someone threatens to expose her secrets and endanger those around her.

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