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Age: 117
Sign: Aquarius

Country: Australia
Signup Date: December 18, 2015

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1.) No God Modding my character, if you try the RP will be ended and you may be removed.

2.) I am not the person in the pictures I use.

3.) RL before RP and do not confuse RL with RP

4.) Not here for sex, taboo, or any other form of erotica, find that someplace else

5.) I have a zero tolerance for Drama. Bring it to me and you will be blocked, no discussion.

6.) Selective adds. With this if I see you are friends with anyone I am not comfortable with I may not add or I may delete for my own safety. If this upsets you than I am sorry.

7.) Do not auto play my character unless I give permission. Doing so will end the RP and will be cause for deletion.

8.) I am a para to multi-para writer, I tend to do Novella starters but that does not mean I expect that length of writing in response.

9.) I have a life outside of here so please do not nag me for replies. I also have other profiles so it may take me time to get back to you.

10.) I am a pretty laid back person, if you have an idea for a story feel free to throw it at me and we can discuss it in more detail.

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