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Age: 29
Sign: Capricorn

Country: United States
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The Revenge pt1 {Kisa has a plan}
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Kisa was in the middle of all the family festivities when her phone rang. She picked it up quickly answering it “what it is pendejo ,I’m with my família..” she went silent listening to the voice on the other end. Her face grew angry her eyes scanned the room making sure no one was watching her she took a few steps back finally going outside to take the call. Kisa ended the call . She walked around for a while before she noticed her niece Rozalia was outside staring at her. She gave a smile “hey there Roz what’s up” she walked towards her  “I should be asking that tía Kisa something is wrong I can see it in your face and your vibe” Rozalia said to her. Kisa just shrugged her shoulders with a grin. She didn’t want to anyone to know yet about her having trouble with some intruders on her land. 


It was months ago when she noticed some of her guards being killed and found outside of her nightclub. She was losing her best men left and right. She had all the cameras checked outside whatever was doing the killing was quick and smart. From the marks on the dead men It was some kind of animal the men had been bled out and left dead. Kisa right away knew from the smell it was werewolves. It must have been the pack she had dealings with prior because of some supplies she got. She had already warned them she wasn’t paying for them they didn’t take it well. It had been much blood spilled but it had been nothing for months they must have been playing the attack this whole time.


The call Kisa received was from her loyal guard Richard Gecko his brother Seth had been shot and hurt bad. She would be the one to save him with her own blood. They had been her right hands when she took over the club she had a soft spot for them both. Kisa had to go back and help this was the last straw to hurt what she considered family. Kisa was already planning her next move she knew what had to be done to finally stop them. If she asked for help it would be to her sister her brothers would take it to the extreme she couldn’t have bad press for her club. 


Kisa went in giving a hug to Rozalia at the door before going back inside saying goodbye to her family she hated that she had to leave but it had to be done she had to save her friend. Before walking out she gave a look to her sister Luluwa with the connection they had she knew that her sister would try to contact her to find out what was going on. Luluwa would be a piece of the trap she needed to revenge herself from the werewolves who had been attacking her club. They had always had the same taste in darker side of dealing with ones that needed to be taught a lesson. When growing they had always got in trouble together for causing some kind of disaster or another.


She took flight with her dark black wings it didn’t take her long to reach the club. Kisa stormed in seeing everyone around Seth she focused only on him as she lunged forward she tore a piece of her wrist letting him drink some of her blood. He was barely awake but she was able to get him to drink some “come on Seth drink it, you’ll be fine after I promise” she yelled at him to keep him conscious. He started to open his eyes the scars on his face healed up quickly his body would need more time “get him in my office and lay him down he needs rest” she gave her orders. The men around her picked him up she motioned to Rich to go with them she would talk to him later to find out what happened.


Just as she predicted her sister Luluwa was calling her. She took the call in her private room under the club “ LuLu I need your help but don’t tell the others  both of us can handle it” she went on to tell her the plan but she wasn’t going to have anybody else included she didn’t want to risk more lives over some measly dogs. The plan would be prepared in a few days Kisa would have to gather what she needed and with her sister helping they would finish it once and for all. She sat at her desk going over everything in her head  “lobos pendejos will all die” her face was full of rage. 

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