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Age: 35
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Belgium
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The Raven Nevermore Fragile Minds
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The Raven Nevermore fragile minds.Val had been alone sent to kill his mother and father. he was lost and alone he left his family mother after killing his mother and father. his mind was not there the love for any human or soul was gone. the death of his sister took more out of him .. his mind has been playing games on him . the first time he had voices they were calming and they would lead him to the heavens and back. that was before. he set there months ago watching his sister die and did not do a thing ." Val knew if he tried to stop it. he himself would die from the blast.  he loved and adore his baby sister but when it was all over her body was laying on the ground in front of him . he laid by her body and cried. that was the first sign he was having voices in his head.
Voices act 1 he closed his eyes when the tears drops ran down his cheeks ." and the voices came in his he could not open his eyes .. Voices yelled Valravn you are nothing you seek nothing but the death of your loved ones may have not abused you good enough for you maybe by killing your mother and father were not good enough so let's make you feel pain. I want you to die Valravn your whole family wants to see you bleed and let your life be taken from you. so with that said Valravn, we will be locking you into a forever mind game called fragile minds you will feel everything your family did to you when it's over you will go through it again. maybe it's best you start getting used to this minded fuck our voices will be the reason you deal with us for as long as you shall live. you will never be able to break free from us we want you to hurt each stab poke bone break each time you get close to a soul or vampire-like yourself you will bleed. you may break the spell to love someone but the voices will only get harder. Valravn was able to open his eyes cold sweats moved along his body. 
Valravn he sat there on his bed in his little hut.  and lit some candles .. and placed his hands down under the bed and pulled up his spellbook to find out what spell was put on him .. and that's when he saw half his spells had been cut out of his book .. he got to wondering through the hut. and looked for the lost pages. his hands over his head freaking out a little .." the spells had been locked in a box for over 200 years. how could someone get into his box? his plans were never to return to Warwick manner because he knew the last time he had come to the manner he killed his mother and father. but the lost spells were more important than his life. he took his black clock putting his clock over his arms. and walked to the door. he knew he may never return. the rain came down hard . as he walked outside in the middle of the rainstorm.. he walked down a path each step was driving him to return to Warwick.  and he stops and took a break to breathe. Voices act 2He took a deep breath and closed his eyes and the voices ran through his head locking him inside a deep mind state ." the sounds of a little girl giggle in a room  . she stops and looked at him and said" Valravn you watch me die you watch me suffer from all the pain our father did to me you watch me being beat every day never stop him from hurting me now till me brother how does it feel to here me bag you to let me die how does it feel to knowing you could have stopped it. he went down to his knees this is all a lie this was untrue he said. yes, such an untrue story. said the women playing the same through his broken mind. but yet you did watch your sister die in front of you and did nothing about it," so tell me why are we playing this game on you well it's easy ." you are going to fall for your family death you will pay for killing my son and my only granddaughter you see my grandson if I was close to you I have your little neck snapped and your body set fire just like your father used to do to you. because it's easy you have not suffered enough yet and your spells well they won't be any wear for you to find only your sister knows and guess what she died because of you Valravn sleep tight and enjoy the gift I sent may the wolfs enjoy your body. left his ears .. and cold sweat ran down his face,that's when the wolves started howling. Val stood up and ran down the wooded path and slip dropping his bag to the ground ." the sound of the howling got louder and close to him.. he got back up off his knees . and just then he was tackled by the first of 3 wolves ripping a big wound in his arm." he tried standing up and was instantly tackled again to the ground by the other 2 wolfs who show up." he could feel them biting at his arms and lags ripping his skin open." each bite was excruciating ." he cried out for help. but there was no one there to hear his cries for help.. he uses his one free hand to fight off one of the wolves from biting at him.. his fingertips reach his backpack..just then one jumped at the back of his neck. he did the only he could do" his eyes lit up red and swing his whole body other even with the other to biting at him.. he held the one wolf down sinking his long fangs along the wolf neck. biting down as hard as he could to drain the wolf of his life.' the other wolf's jumped at him again this gives him enough time ." to pull his dagger out of his bag ." swing his hand at the first wolf missing him." the other wolf jumped and got a hold of him by the neck.' biting down tugging slowly with as much as he had left in his body he stabbed the wolf into his neck killing it on the shot.. he laid there going in and out of consciousness. blood covers his body his hands and the feel of his blood flowing out of his body. he tried to pull himself up and the wolf jumped down on his arm again cutting him deeper than before. breaking his arm down to his bone. the adrenaline kicked in and Val stabbed the wolf on the head with the dagger breaking his dagger. stunning The Wolf long enough. to leep on the wolf body." putting his arms around the wolf's neck-breaking it. the loud sound of the wolf's neck being broke echoes off the wooded area.voices act 3.he laid on the ground teardrop move down his face.' Val closed his eyes. some passer-by found him hardly alive he looked up and took a deep breath what' are you doing." they said we are going to get you some help." he cried don't they are coming for me ' he yelled but he was too weak to fight them off." and they lifted him and that's all he remembered." he closed and he lost consciousness fully. the voices play again but this time it was a voice of a soft lady. Valravn it's me I am here brother, fallow me to be with the angels. he follows her and walked with her . she touches his cheek and said." you can fight your demons with help from me take this little drop ." he drops it down in his mouth. and his mind was free .for once " now brother this drop will last as long as your still breathing it will help you battle your fragile mind it will aloud you to talk with me when your calm or need help." ill help break in to head so my voices can help you whenever an evil won't break-in ." the people who have you are taken care of your wound now rest brother I love you and it was not your fault I took my life to blame our mother and father they beat you so bad I could do nothing but here your eyes because I was not strong enough to fight for you. I love you brother now rest. she kisses his forehead and was gone.Voices Act 4Val was sleeping ." his sister came back to his head I can't stop her she coming for you Val get up run wake up god damn it Val get up brother she coming ..Val had already been mind locked, he stood in the area." his daggers on his back Hyperia appeared." standing there clapping her hands," said"  little boy in the woods has no chances to fight back on this grand it's my area you beat me here ill give you a chance in life your losses you will losses your life." to make this fair Valravn. we are going to play a little game, I am not going to fight you here you win this fight give you one year to get ready for battle and we will fight at any place any time one year from now. Valravn one last thing may the game of fragile  Minds start once it's over you will do battle .. she laughed and left the area and his mind still locked from fighting back ." 'he was locked in a woman a women voices stated up he could not movie tugging at the straps on his arms. she scream help me but no soul was listening to him ." he looked up and saw his father and mother clear as the day his sister balled up crying stop!!! ." they turned to her, no we will not he does not deserve to feel loved. he deserves to feel all the pain he's getting his mother reply.his father looked down and used  a scalpel cutting an X in the middle of Val's chest. Val tried to break free but could not .' he yelled in tears please mom and dad I love you don't do this to me.' his mother walked over and slap him in the face." Valravn my dear child you deserve to be punished now shut up and learn from your mother. You're lucky to be breathing anyway it's not like we are killing you we are just taken away the one thing you need to find true love . she smiled. the goddess and vampire queen Hyperia placed her hands down on his chest. breaking his rib cage open..casing him excruciating pain ."he yelled please save me someone save me his tears ran down his faces. the whole time he could feel them tugging through his chest.. Hyperia found what she was looking for val body was at her Mercy ."his body surrender it self ." feeling his heart being pulled out of his body.. he closed his eyes." valravn should of died  that night but for some reason eatting the raven heart lilly all the years he did as a kid made his body stonger and Hyperia had heal him for some reason ." was it so one day she would do battle with him.. tears ran down his faces he woke up locked up in a dungeon . his sister by the door and said" brother i am here they wont hurt you know more i give you my word this this vlie it will help you heal fully shhh someone coming i got to do love you..he looked at the vile and drink it down ,, placing the glasses vile to his mouth biting down breaking the glass in his teeth crewing it up cutting his insides deap but marks heal up,,.He woke up and the area was gone and there was no site of any soul near him". he calms down her voice came to his head. for a short minute, you made it through this test one year you belong to me, and I will do battle with you and we shall in this .. she left. Val saw everything he went through each mark on his body was a mark of pain.. he took a deep breath for once he could relax and it was not as bad as it could be .. he stood up and walked to the bedroom door and saw ." wear his grandfather took him " he walked along the walks touching each mark even looked into the room. he lowers his head and said, rest mother. he was seeing everything like it just had happened in his own eyes. his father dead body standing in front of him .." he shakes his head a little and there was nothing there but a maid ." my lord you want a glass of wine sir . he looked up and said" yes please she handed him a glasses ." he walked down to the halls to his little sister room, and looked up at the photo of him and her together .val lit a candle by the photo and looked down ." closing his eyes and said" thank you for helping me through all this I am lost without you but I know life has its ways of bringing us closer than before I thank you for all the help and you saving my life as kids. he raises his head.. and kisses his two fingers placing them on top of the photo. and let the room. he drinks his glasses of wine and left the manner. and headed out the door  . and left leaving the manner and returning. to his hut. and for once it was peaceful.. he drinks himself to death on blood wine and ravens heart Lilly the whole time. Voices Act 5he closed his eyes . and Arcadian locked Val mind to talk to him .. Valravn you said ' you were going to hunt her down why not kill her when you had the chances but I understand why because if she battles you in the area it would have been easy to sen the dogs after you .. well my grandson I am leading someone wears now .. Val stood up and walked.. with him out the door with only a bag over his back. you will see there a train crash you will find what your, looking for Val." also don't forget the spells were on your table sent you left them I had them handed over to be sent to your sister room someday you will need them to use them when the time is right my grandson. I will be watching you do battle this will be the last time I ever see you until she died once she dies you will find your paces. I have taken you to a place once you wake up I want you to see and hear the sound clear as day open your mind take a deep breath Val to open his mind deep and open his eyes and it was a women eyes looking at him before she died.

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