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Age: 29
Sign: Cancer

Country: Russia
Signup Date: March 25, 2020

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Walk in the Woods (Open Starter)
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The sun was setting you could tell the weather was changing there was a cool breeze coming into Grecia's bedroom that blew her bedroom curtain almost to the roof on the room. Everything seemed calm and quiet which Grecia liked. Her eyes flashed quickly to the window she gazed at for a few minutes before deciding to get up from her bed and close the window. Dropping her pen onto her spell book she jumped up and walked to the window pulling the curtain open to look outside see the sun set on yet another day. The colors were like from a painting all types of oranges and yellows with a hint of light purple. Some days she never had a chance to gaze outside she had been buried into her spell books that her parents insisted she learned. It was always good to have knowledge of others special gifts her father would always say to her. Grecia actually enjoyed learning she was quick to pick up any new craft either it be magical or combat that she was taught at an early age with her sister Angelina. Returning to her thoughts Grecia closed the window but instead of going back to her studies she decided she wanted to catch some of that cool air for herself. She threw on her favorite leather jacket and sped out the front door. It was already darker now outside she headed down the old walkway behind her home he went straight down to the woods which she was told was haunted but like always she was probably the only scary thing lurking in the woods. A nice night walk is what she needed clear her head a little before losing herself in her studies again. Grecia had reached the woods it was now dark and the air had a slight chill then before she gave a smile to herself before stepping into the woods maybe today would be the day something scary would finally appear ...

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