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Age: 117
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Austria
Signup Date: August 23, 2021

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Mikael arrival to earth.
Category: Adventure

It was 600 hours in the Secunda star system. Mikael and the crew were preparing to travel into another planet under the command of the overlord. He was sent with his crew to take care of a business there on the Moon name Capricorn 2 where supposedly the target was hiding. They prepare but not before checking the credit payment. All when through fine and everyone aboard the ship. Soon together with Gingersnaps, Snake yours truly was ready. The crew of 200 men and women came on board and got ready for the mission. The engine on the giant spaceship was getting warm up as the troops begin to sit down in their position designated to each of them. The intercom came up as it gives the latest on the mission. * Alright ladies and gentlemen, we heading out to the far reach of the Secunda star system. In 00400 hours. The plan is to rescue the mission and gets out as fast as possible, and no to bring any attention to us, this is a stealth mission. The captain will explain more on our way there, hold on to your helmets.*

The intercom was out and everyone looks at each other about this mission. Someone in the group was not feeling right, Snake was the only human in the crew and was transport to Secunda from the earth. * What is the wrong snake? * Mikael asked.* This mission feels wrong, something is not right, I feel we got into an ambush and feels like a setup.* Snake responded. The rest of the crew laughed at his word. He nodded and snakes look at them.* Funny how you all possess beast blood within you, and can even sense the danger of this mission. I know is a dangerous mission, for a rescue is always a perilous job. Notice we gain too much power, and this newfound fame is dangerous, especially when someone in the high up will want to take control of things. We are a force, last I look at the overlord, he looks deceiving, as a smirk on his lips.*

He continues on and on. Everyone continues to laugh and call him crazy. Until the general, gingersnaps scan snake brain waves.* Are you certain about this? Your encephalogram tells me you telling the truth. Why do you think this is going to happen, and yet we not sensing anything.* She told snake. The Mikael deep in thoughs spoke.* I remember there was a vaccine given to us before taking on this mission, they did not tell us anything, just that was a protective serum for where we going. I do feel off though.* Everyone was no longer laughing now. Hours past and 30 minutes before reaching the area the intercom came again. * Ok we here, a rescue mission is all. Back here in 00:00 hours.*

Soon Mikael pace up the mission briefing.* Here to rescue the overlord daughter, she is held captive 2 miles away from our drop zone, so we will be 5 miles away adding the two making 7 miles between here and there, rescue fast and quiet. Let do this and set your watches.* Soon the ship landed at the drop zone, everyone got out of the ship and ran to their destination while the ship took off. A map was brought up and look into the place where the girl is. * Sir, I found the place, 2 miles from here, three-story floor, and dont look like a stronghold, something is not right, I see no movement, and most inside are arms. I see... wait* He looks into the night-vision goggles in what is supposed to be a blue body signal, it was not there in the build, all red and hostile. * Sir, this is not going to be a stealth mission, if everyone is arm, one will make a noise. I starting to believe snake about this. Hold on, I can pick up a scent.* Everyone else notices that as well.

The snake looks at them saying.* The shot was to turn off your senses. I know this because the first day I join it, I was giving a 101 on how to neutralize a canine, the best way is to turn off their sense of smell. since is the primary weapon. But did not know this was going to be done to us. Im no wolves, or Lycan, so there is no reason for me to take it. I told you there was something wrong.* Everyone murmur about the comment until one of the men spoke.* There is a mission and we got paid for that. Let check the place, if happen to be the girl is there and we take off, there is a bounty on our head so big we will not be able to hide. let check and see, but instead of all of us going, we shall scout and feel hold perimeter here.*

Mikael signal with his hand giving them the go. * Snake, you stay here, you the best in finding a way out of this, this is turning to be worse, you make sure that ship makes it here, go there and make sure we were not set up. If this is the case some of the crew might be working with the enemy.* Snake saluted and left. Heading back to the build there was no sign of this girl nor can pick their sense. Mikael approaches slowly to one of the guards and kills him, then switching clothing to past as one of them. Entering the building using the card code. Walking by other guards as one of them calls another telling the rest there is infiltration.

On the third floor, there was the overlord waiting.* Mikael, you make it. * Mikael looks surprised at why he was here.* What is this? * The overlord bring his daughter over* You came to rescue her, but I did not give that order, her mother did. She will expose me to the council about that im doing here, and this little bitch was going to bring the info. Thank you for coming since you and snake and gingersnaps are not corrupted, I bought the rest of the crew to take each of you.* Overlord gave the order and fire began outside the room, Gingersnaps was outside while the snake was next to the ship, there was no intention of rescue them. Mikael wonks at the girl as she tries running and got shot in the head did not kill her but she was still breathing. Mikael took her and ran out turning into his Lycan form jumping the three-story building down into the forest. Gingersnaps took care of the 4 people with her. He turns back into his human form and called for the snake.* Snake.* He called.* I know Mikael, I took you was an ambush, I will be there meet me three at the drop point.* After a while, they took off making it back to Secunda.

Soon, landing at the roof of the hospital., the girl before getting into a coma, she handing Mikeal a chip with the information she saw and recorded there. He took it when the guard pointed guns at them, taking the girl and the mother angry as she saw a video of Mikael shooting her daughter, and she orders to be arrested, but the overlord came and put a bounty on them and killing a few of the crew that stays behind. He ran and jump into the ship and headed out of the planet. The switching into another vessel since this ship was tracked by the government, he blew it off, and got as he was planning a way to escape, gingersnaps was out of the system. Only Snake and Mikeal were left. * We been hunted down, we got the proof but no one will listen, we need to go.*

Getting into a powerful ship and getting few members that manage to survive the hunting. and escape the Secunda system into Orion's equator right above the earth equator at the celestial cluster. Mikael learns the language of the earth and learns the trade and business there, also knows there is lycan and other dark creatures there, nothing new to him. Searching for a way to be undetected, they found a spot in the Antarctica caves the radio waves do not work there, at least earth ones. Making their way inside by shooting plasma across the ice to open ways.

Setting there for a moment, Mikael set out construction bots to make the construction inside with living quarters and dining areas, a full set out camp. Mikael let the other know he was scouting around and be right back in three days. Then, he set his wristband and pull up a world map, seen Spain as an interesting place, so he set himself there, teleported, and soon was at the country of Basque. Getting info from the computer about the culture the style of dress and gastronomy. All info is learned through a chip in his brain that allows him to learn everything he wants in minutes. Speak now Spanish and French as well Basquet dialect. Also English just in case. He needed money, so he set his AI to hacked the bank and have an account under Mikael Angelo Shadowfrost. Within 10 minutes it was set internationally. Unlimited money at his disposal. A chip on his wrist, he can use as an earth version of a credit card. So heading to a clothing store and got himself jeans and boots and shirt, sunglasses, and some jewel-like rings looking from the gothic youngling on earth, so he wants to look the part but not to extravagance. Heading to a restaurant and a waitress came to him.* May I take an order? * Yes, Snail salad and Vino Blanc.* She took the order as he waited, first was coffee as he took a sip watching does around him, he sensed there are few powerful creatures and people nearby some curious of who he was. So he waited to see what happen next.

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