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Role-play consists of two pillars:: Muse and Desire. (Advice from a HOS Member)
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Role-play consists of two pillars:: Muse and Desire. Muse means the passion and creative fire for a project or character. It's the muse that built the House of Solomon, it's Muse that brought you all Lord Satan. Muse is very important because it's the energy that builds and brings out ideas of you. It's your idea engine and your machine that makes you want to write and create.

Muse is a passion for creative thinking.

Desire is the will and wanting need to be here. It's a desire to keep coming back and write for the character your muse created. Without desire, there is no passion. Without muse, there's no desire. Both are needed and both cannot survive without the other. If you don't like how your role-play is going, then change it up. Don't sit there and cry about nobody wanting you or nobody wanting to play with you.

That's just there to get attention and it's only a quick fix and not the problem to the solution. Change your page. Even pre-made characters can be changed a little. Keep the name, obviously, it's the name that's important. People could care less about your look or backstory on a pre-made page. If you aren't passionate about it, then you shouldn't be playing that character.

You won't know how many times I've had a dead page that I've changed around and bam, it's insanely popular and people want to write on it. All it takes is a look change, background change, we don't all have to be demons, you could be an alien and still be Vandella's daughter, or human, a fallen Angel, whatever you can come up creatively, you can change it on your page. It doesn't take a lot to do so.

If you are tired of always having sex, make a status about the fact that you will become more selective on your partners, or if you need an Erotic Story, then make a post about that. People can only accept your changes or hear you about your wants and needs if you don't make any attempts to call them out on it. If you make no posts stating what you want out of role-play, people aren't going to know what you want.

Never wait for people to message you, if you are the type of person that needs to see them on-line their light on, to message and reply, you'll never get anything done. Always, always, always, send your replies regardless if they are active or not. In most cases, the first thing people do when they sign on is answer everyone right away. That means, getting to your message.

Don't send retarded, lame greetings. It doesn't matter how you jazz it up, people don't care. Greetings are greetings and they get ignored. If it's not a legit starter, people won't answer. If you noticed, how I talk to and interact with people on is a mini-starter/greeting. People can claim they hate that hey how are you b.s. but I've gotten a lot of mileage out of that and off pages who claim they hate that type of stuff.

Take the time to message people, it's a two-way street, but you can't rely on that. You have to take the initiative to send stuff people can reply too, otherwise, you'll just sit there making whiny stats about wanting attention from people.

Add people yourself. Chances of people adding you, unless it's the same group of men are slim to none, I physically go and hunt and request everyone I can. You'll be surprised at how many people accept you, and again, you can't expect people to message you. No one really has an idea for role-play here, people go literacy is sexy, but you don't know how many times I come across those idiots and they are like, I got nothing.. it's a muse and a process. You can't expect everyone to talk all the time to you. I frankly talk to half the people on my friend's list.

  Put your light on as active, believe it or not, some people need to see that light on in order to reply. I think it's stupid, especially when they can just check the date you logged in off your page and know you were around that day, but again, some people just need that self-assurance that you are active and around.

Mobile doesn't matter. It doesn't matter the length of replies you give because half the guys here don't care and only want sex anyways. Don't care about standards, or be snobby or picky about it and you'll get a lot more replies. I don't care about my standards and I have millions of messages.

Be active and responsive. If you are just going to reply to 1 or 2 people, then don't add a bunch of people. Make sure you let them know that hey, I am only interested in writing with so and so because it pisses people off if they feel like they're being ignored and word of mouth spreads. If you aren't going to reply to them, there's no reason to keep them on your page. I like a big friend's list, so it doesn't bother me as much as it bothers others, but again if you put out those types of vibes, then you'll never get anything.

Write your own stuff. People gravitate to people who can write. If they see you making posts, even small paragraphs of posts, people generally come to you with ideas. We're adults and have adult brains, surely you can think of something to post about you or your character? It shouldn't be that hard.

Patience. This game is like fishing. You can't just jump in and hope to catch a lot of fish. You have to find something that works and works for you and then toss out the bait and wait. Sometimes, you'll be waiting a long time before you get that prize fish to post on your wall. I practice patience, but I am a man and I am not perfect, and sometimes my patience doesn't last and this game is an irksome game. I try not to play favorites and respond to everyone because I know the feeling it brings being on both ends of the spectrum. But, I say again. patience.

People sometimes come on just to talk or hang out and see what's going on. Or they sign on automatically whenever their browser turns on and aren't even aware they are on-line when all they want to do is watch Netflix. You can't be all delete happy if there are no friends to talk and write with, you're going to be alone a lot. Change the way you think, keep it positive, people don't want to play with a negative person.

They like escaping into this fantasy world and removing themselves from the problems of their life and when they come across negative thinking or emotions, they tend to stay away from that. Try not to be so emo about things, even if you don't make stats, people pick up on those vibes.

Remember, if things don't work out the way you want them to, change the way you think, change the way you play the game, and just change the way you have your page and character. Role-play is about being proactive and not reactive. If all you're going to do is sit there and wait for individuals to come to you, you'll be waiting a long time. Be active, be responsive and be prepared to evolve and change your character and page.

And remember this, role-play is a process of change. If you want better results of your pages, change it up every now and then. Sometimes, change is a good thing, and you'll never know the result unless you try.

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