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Age: 34
Sign: Scorpio

Country: United States
Signup Date: September 13, 2015

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House of Solomon: http://www.fandomain.org/view_profile.php?member_id=12620

Application Blog:http://www.fandomain.org/view_blog.php?id=0000003636

The HOS is a Demonology Kingdom basically with a few twists along the way, we are based off �the lessor key of solomon�, a 16/17 Grimoire about invoking and exorcising demons/angels. It was supposedly written by King Solomon. We are an empire with a lot of sub-kingdoms too, which involves Mythology Realms, Clubs, Schools, Hospitals etc as well. Anyone is welcome to join, and if you wish to rule a realm here that is possible too, you can also have your own realm within HOS if you have an idea for one. The Family name here is: La Mara, & if you wish to be part of the family, please just message Empress Vandella La Mara about this.  Our sister kingdom is 'Serpent Blood Rose Empire', the Family name there is La Kota, if you wish to be a member there too, you are very welcome to be :

There are many taboo themes in this family/kingdom as well, one being Incest as a lot of members are different demons/species etc. We however do not condone child peodphilia in any way, members found guilty of this will be asked to leave and banned from this kingdom. There are also pre-made Profiles for anyone wishing to have a character in HOS, but if you do not wish to remain role-playing that character, then the profile MUST be given back to HOS, for it is HOS Property, same goes for Realm Pages, if you bring a Realm page to HOS then it becomes HOS Property and belongs to this Empire.

Once you have filled in these Two Blogs then we can approve you for HOS, any questions on playby etc are welcome too as we do like having different playbys, which is good as too many of the one playby will cause confusion amongst members


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