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Age: 35
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Belgium
Signup Date: August 24, 2021

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The Raven Never More part 3 the death of a family
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The Raven Never More part 3 the death of a family

Valravn  had blood lust in his eyes this time " and planed on taken the life's of his mother and father for miss  treating him as a kid all the times they beat him all the times they left him alone in the woods and he had to hunt for all his own food val was not use to this new way of life and it only auger him " many times he would hunt and just to take his  time with the human he was going to kill that night " he use his knife and cut in to there bodies like butter " his fangs would only come out when he had cut there cheat open and slowly breaking there bones of there rib cage" so he could cut  there heart out and places his fangs in to the heart why it was still beating and just before it stop " he would take a big bite " " and close his eyes the rush it give him the  feel of having a heart still beating was like a dream to him" sent his mother and father would always call him a heartless son of a bitch as a kid " they held him down when he was a boy " and cut his heart free of his body " he could feel the pain the tears the anger grew in him " he died once and his mother and father give him ," his life back and " that was the same night they told him " that he was never welcome back ..
" he had enough this was going to be the night he would do it " everyone was getting ready " val set alone the wooded line " his sister was safe and not in the manner anymore and had got married so she was not there it was his mother and father  Ariana warwick and Mathis warwick" he walked through the woods at night " and slowly went up the hill side slowly moving not to let a branch break " once he made it to the top " he pulled his swords off his back and walked to the front door" his fangs flash " at the guards" before they even seen it " his hands moved to the side plunging his sword in to one of the guards cheat " pulling up and cutting the guard in half " he drop his swords down to the guard pulling his two daggers out of his side " placing " jumping in the air kicking" off the wall landing behind the other guard stabling him in the neck " and pulling the man to him with the first cut " Val" plunged the 
other dagger in to the mans chest " killing him right there " he was the last of all the guard " he kicked the door open " knowing last time his father had been left for dead by his hands this time " Valravn would take care of this for good " placed the blood cover daggers down on the ground " ripping his black coat " and pulled out two  dagger made of vampire bone with blood on the tip of it had a blue poison on each one witch would kill each one of them " he knew they were sleeping and walked down the hall" " and peek in the room seeing them sleeping " his mother who had been in a deep vampire sleep was not much of a fight " she was still weak from the first battle with him" val walked to her bed side" and placed his hands down over her nose and much" she tried everything to scream " he used other hand to stab her in the heart " he could see tears in her eyes as she battle the poison " his hand still over her mouth " he kisses her cheek and said" die momma die in paces its going to be ok now close your eyes " she died five minutes later " he removed his hands off her mouth " 
and  kisses her forehead once more " and placed the cover over her ' and walked out of the room ' walked in to the kitchen  and found the glasses " pouring two glass of blood wine and walked with them in his hands " he set them table on the table and set him self down ''the chair " val snapped his fingers and his men  rush through the gate and  in to the manner  and stood behind him " " he looked up to the maid he just came out of the guess bed room from her nape " she saw him and drop the glass in her hand" she knew who it was " she yelled my lord val here my lord he's here " this time Val had the upper hand " his father walked in to the living room " val held his dagger out and said  set down Mathis '" " so father its time we talk " maid came in rushing my lord she dead " mathis looked up at his own son " how dear you ungrateful son of a bitch ~ shhh father ~ drink your glass of wine ' val had taken his hand and 
placed his glass to his lips" taken a drink" he watched his father do the same " val stood up and walked over to the table and set down in front of his father" " its time we end this night shall we do it the right way father shall we call it as a test of love " he looked up and said Father remember this Corbul niciodată mai mult Să dormi în moarte~~  tanslate The Raven Never More May you sleep in death ~~Mathis laid back there was nothing he could do val had already killed the love of his life" val walked behind his father and said" fight you pace of sh*t fight " mathis would not move " val got anger and stab his father in the heart over and over again each time the dagger would swing it was how much he hated his father " he would not stop " the men who was with him pulled him " off his father " val whole body was cover in his own fathers blood " he looked up at the men" and said " take them to the pit and let there bodies' burn in paces ~ val placed the a vampire cross around his mother neck and his father neck" and said" with his sick twist voices sleep tight mother and father may you forever rest .
" months later val had been tough so much hell in his mind one half wanted him to pick fights at bars and kill other humans for just being in his site " he had turn in to his father something auger something he did not want to become but he did " he would randomly stab anyone for just looking at  him wrong or joking " with him  his dark twisted laugh would score many off when he got auger and they would run from him and leave the bars freaking out and val love the game of cat and muse he chances them down and stab them to death" as many times as he could each swing of his knifes it  was like each stab  was  like how he did  his father and the blood would cover his coat and pants and shirt " val had went crazy " he wanted to kill anyone and everyone " for the hell he went through as a child .." the gore the pain was about to break " he yelled "plâng pentru că te-am ucis am plâns pentru că m-ai lăsat să iau viața celor dragi cum trăiești dacă nu poți rupe plâng vin demonii să preia și îndepărtează durerea să mă elibereze de toată această ură să mă elibereze de tot acest melc te rog te rog rupe-mă de toate aceste păcate plâng te rog acum te rog oprește vânătoarea " ~~ tanslate " i cry because i killed you i cried because you let me take the life's of my loves ones how do you live if you can not break i cry come demons take over and remove the pain break me free of all this hate break me free of all this auger i ask you please break me from all these sins i cry i ask you now please stop the hunting "  ~~ he placed the dagger to his own chest and stabled himself deep and twisted it once so he could feel the pain releases from its self his mind had been clear for now ...

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