Hel (Doll of Eternal Damnation)(Daughter of Karasu Mei)(TDG)

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Status: Single
Age: 17
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Trinidad and Tobago
Signup Date: January 09, 2021

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Hel finds the Master
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Green hues flashed in the darkness as the doll lay in wait, sensing that her quarry was finally close at hand. It ha, d taken years of patient hunting, and no small amount of dark magic to find the man. He would finally pay for everything he had done to her creator and she would make sure he suffered for a long time before she granted him the sweet release of death, and eternal damnation.

Wooden lips curved into a sinister smile as a light breeze teased her blonde hair, playing with the skirt of the black dress the doll was clothed in. At last she heard all too familiar footsteps as the man in question approached his home and her grin widened as she fluidly rose to her feet. The heels on her shoes clicked as she stalked towards him and he turned to look just as she pounced on him, dragging the stunned man into his own home. The doll dragged him down to the basement of his cabin, her grip supernaturally strong as she continued to overwhelm him. 

No words were spoken by her as she dragged him down the stairs, his body hitting each step as they went down. Her grin widened as she used her magic to produce a sharp meat hook on the rafters above them. Hel's eyes turned black as she picked the man up and slammed him into the hook by his throat. She watched in fascination as he struggled, blood beginning from his lips. It was then that he fully focused on her and she saw the recognition in his dark eyes, watched as hate filled his gaze as he swore at her and threatened the doll.

Hel grinned a devilish grin, still not saying a word, as she waggled a slender finger. A blade appearing in her moving hand. The blade of the knife danced over his chest as she moved closer before she cut of his shirt in one quick motion, revealing his chest. Disgust filled her eyes as she dragged the blade over his skin, watching as blood began to well. Hel leaned forward and licked the blood of his skin before she growled and plunged the blade into his side, reveling his scream of agony.

Pulling the blade free, she moved behind him and examined his back.  Tapping the bloody blade against her pursed lips, she grinned again. Running the knife along his spine, watching as blood began to flow. His moans filled the stale air as she cut, slowly revealing his spine. In truth the doll didn't need to use such methods, but she wanted... needed the bastard to suffer as her creator had for so long.

Hel admired her work as she finally saw his spine and her grin turned evil as she plunged a hand into his exposed back, pulling out his spine. He let out a strangled, wet gurgle and flopped around like a fish out of water. Hel wrapped his spine around his neck like a grotesque necklace, slapping his face as she moved to his front. She needed him to stay alive until the last possible moment of suffering. His lips moved silently, blood trickling from his lips, pure hate fogging his eyes.

Deciding she didn't like his gaze, Hel swooped forward and dug her nails into his face. Pulling out both of his eyes, she grabbed him by the hair and forced his mouth open. Shoving the still warm globes into his mouth, she smirked as she watched a wet spot begin to form on the front of his pants.

Heels clicked as she moved back behind him and shoved her hands into the bloody gap of his back, using her hands to crack his ribs open and reveal his bloody organs. Hel reached in further, feeling the wet squelching as she gripped his lungs and tugged them out of his body. She listened to him choke and moan as his struggles grew weaker, and she arranged his lungs like one would imagine a pair of wings to look.

Hel gracefully moved back to face him and admire her bloody handiwork, pleased with what she saw. Pain filled his features and she gripped his face with long fingers, nails digging into his soft flesh. Her jaw dislocated as she pulled his black soul free from his weak body, devouring his soul greedily. Sending him to an eternity of damnation.

His soul would go directly to hell where she would torture him endlessly, having honed her skills in the fiery pits herself. Her face returned to normal and she licked her lips, turning to walk away from the motionless corpse. But not before grabbing a small trinket on the way out....

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