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Age: 115
Sign: Aquarius

Country: Romania
Signup Date: August 08, 2021

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~The Devil was an Angel first~
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Contains Sexual Intercourse, if you aren't comfortable, don't read.

'Red lipstick, hot on my kiss

Thinking that you got this

Honey, you don't know what's comin' for ya

There's a fire in my ribs

You feel it when we kiss

It's something dangerous

Now I'm thinking maybe we should ditch this

I know with me, you'll get a little bit addicted

Sugar's pulling up her skirt

The Devil was an angel first...' 

The music blasted through the speakers in the background. The room was foggy, the lingering smoke and clouds from cigarettes, blunts, and bongs filled the air. Sweat, blood, and the smell of ecstasy filled the air. It was so, sweet. 

Hands and fingertips reached out to touch, and graze against the smooth flesh that seduced their eyes. A beautiful pale body swayed and swirled, her fingertips explored her own body as she locked eyes on every man, women, and beast watching her, drawing them in on the trance.

Slowly she made her way around, crawling slowly, like a cat in sight of her prey. Her eyes caught sight of a devilishly handsome man. His thick brown hair fell onto his forehead, which was covered in sweat from the heat of the room. His suit jacket was splayed across the armrest, and his tie was slightly undone, the first four buttons of his shirt undone, letting his smooth chest shine through. 

Continuing to crawl over, her tongue travel over her lips in a taunting manner, until she finally made it between his knees. Her hands splayed on his thighs, feeling them up. Feeling up the obvious bulge he had packing in the trousers. It wasn't a surprise, most of the men in here did. Her fingertips danced a wicked dance along his suffocation length, and her lips followed, placing soft little kisses along it. His small jumps and hitches of his breath, told her everything she needed to know. It wasn’t unusual for people to end up having sexual relations at this club, it happened all of the time. 

Her hands made quick work of his pleather belt. She snapped it off and reached within his trousers, freeing his throbbing member from their tight jail. She gave a small purr of delight at the sight of his length and girth. She let a healthy amount of spit leave her mouth, and using it to coat his cock. She spared any type of foreplay, and immediately ripped the lace cloth between her legs and mounted him. The warmth of her met him quickly, causing a groan to rumble out of his chest. It took a few minutes for him to fit fully inside of her, but once he did, she quickly worked her body. Taking advantage of the man’s rod before it would be no use to her. Their mixed moans echoed within the room, mixing with the others. 

“D-Do I at least get to know your name?...” The man let out between heavy pants. 

She gave a wicked smirk, as her bouncing body slowed, and she leaned forward, and whispered into his ear. “Gianna…” Her teeth nipped at the lobe of his ear, before slowly travelling down, leaving small kisses and nips until she found that thick pulsing vein in his neck. “...but since I had to tell you… I have to kill you now… such a same, that cock of yours was amazing too…” She purred in delight as he gave a shocked grunt.

Her fangs immediately dug into his vein, blood squirted out in and around her mouth. Her nails caught his throat and she ripped it out immediately letting his blood soak and stain her pale flesh. The room had erupted in screams around her, mostly the humans shocked at what she had done. Murmurs of disappointment circled as in a flash, Gianna had move on from the man to each and every human draining them dry, ripping their heads off, and ripping out their throats until finally two other vampires had pulled her off of the last one, and restrained her on the floor. She hissed and snapped at them, baring her fangs. She’d feast on them too, if only she could get out of their grasps. 

“You’re as bad for business as you are good, Gigi.” One of them growled.

“Wanna come closer, I can show you how bad for business I can be!” She growled and threw her body around, trying to get free of their grasp. Bloodlust had taken over her. 

“Enough! Let her up.” A deep voice rang out, commanding all to be silent and listen to them. Gianna, rolled onto her hands and knees, and shot her head up, staring eye to eye to her maker. 


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