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Age: 116
Sign: Scorpio

Country: Slovakia
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Necromancy in New Orleans Pt.1
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The wind that whipped Trixie's hair was warm, but that was to be expected when cutting through the dark murky swamps of Louisiana. The closer she got to the Gulf the more thick the air felt. So yes when she had stolen a car, it had a top she could drop and really feel the air move as she drove. The phone that sat between her thighs had told it was a little past two the last time she had checked and even going 20 over the limit she was well over an hour out of New Orleans. Ida was expecting her, the Priestess having called her in the first place. The priestess and a few other witches and vamps were the exception to Trixies rule of not messing with people on the earthly plane. They tended toward drama, moral dilemmas, and all other notions she had tried to unprogram herself from over the last century. Too long out around humans then that pesky humanity started to creep in on her again, resulting in her struggling with her job. Trixie had seen the 57 Chevy she was currently manning in the parking lot of Shreveport Regional when her flight had landed. She didn't even need to hotwire it to get the engine to turn over, her powers forcing the machine to start to churn without the usual mechanics. Her ringed fingers tapped the wheel as she sung along with the Blue Oster Cult, smirking at the thought of a song urging others not to fear reapers.

Her voice carried along with the melody as one song changed into the next. Rhiannon gave way to Dream On, and she hugged the curve's of the back wood lanes she took on her way into the city. Biting her lip as she leaned over for her bag she rooted through it till she found the tube she was looking for. She used it without the merit of the mirror, knowing the ruby color coated her lips perfectly. Centuries had their perks. She tucked the tube back into her bag and then pulled her phone from between her thighs. She unlocked it with her fingerprint and then dictated a text, "I'm maybe twenty from the city. Going right to the cemetery. Ill see you there." She put the phone in the bag next and turned up the radio as the Mammas and the Pappas wished for California. "Not as fucking humid there," Trixie mumbled to herself before she started to sing along about those colorful leaves. It was too hot right now for leaves turning brown and that made her think about Ida's call which had come to her while she was in the southern hemisphere and winter had taken over. The priestess hadn't stayed on the phone long. It had started with a text that simply read, "There's a problem in the city," And then a follow up call that had opened with "Zombies."

"You have got to be shitting me, you know Zombies aren't a thing right?" Trix had told the other woman with a laugh, phone pinched between her cheek and her shoulders as she navigated a crowed in a sports bar. She was there to reap a soul and the guy was not waiting at home for her or on the run like most, he was blatantly ignoring his bargain. Trixie liked to reap her own souls when they were especially assholeish when making their deal with her.

"Not in the way you are thinking. Not Romero zombies, vodou zombies," Ida explained with exasperation clear in her voice.

"You're the priestess. And if you cant get a lock on it try Marie, or Thad," she said offering the Laveau siblings without remorse.

Ida breathed heavily down the line before she told Trixie, "They are already on it. But considering we have to work solely on this plain of exitance and its stumped us, we need your help."

"There's my guy. I gotta go, but I will see Tillman when I'm done here. I'll see if he knows why some bodies aren't staying down. Call you soon." Trixie had slid her phone into her back pocket just as she called out in a sing song voice, "James, James, James, you have been a very bad boy."

The city whipped by and she slowed enough not to call the attention of any police trolling for people to harass. Her hair didn't blow the same way at these speeds and she was all the more anxious to get there. Now she turned down the street that would take her through the Fourteenth ward and right to the front of Lafayette Cemetery. When the cemetery came into sight she cut Mick Jagger singing about painting the world black short and then cut the engine too. It was stilly and so the only sound was the click of her boots on the damp pavement as she climbed out of the car over the door instead of opening it. She pulled down her top some though it didn't cover her midriff at all and started her walk between the mausoleums once through the front gate. She was still humming The Stones as she followed the gentle glow of candle light that started to shine through the slim dark pathways. Finger brushing her waves, which were tangled from the drive, her hair was laying perfectly again when she finally broken through the last row of the dead to find her companions. Resting her hands on denim covered hips she grinned at the trio, "What's up witches?"

Ida rolled her eyes and Marie stood beside her watching Trixie closely. Thaddeus turned a vibrant smile on her which Trixie returned. "That's the welcome I expected. Come and deal with all this humidity, take the effort to steal a sick car and not even a proper hello in return," she said taking a few steps around the circle of candles that the witches had been around. "What model?" Thad asked her as she knelt near an open flame, holding her finger over the fire. "Chevy, 57, mint, its so beautiful I might actually keep it," she told him with a grin. Then she lifted her eyes to Ida. "I asked my people and they don't know. No souls are being pulled from hell so they cant get a lock for you on who or how. Now if the person making these undead bitches does try and pull the soul back to the body as well they will be able to tell ya more. But baring that they are kinds useless. Quinlen did say that your idea should work though," she said with a nod towards Ida. "Since so far the bodies are coming from four cemeteries we anchor the dead through our powers. Well you do your voodoo and use my for the fourth one so none of you are spread too thin. At best it ends the persons supply. At worse its only a tourniquet while he works out a new place to snatch bodies from. Quin said he will be sniffing around to see why someone needs an army of bodies. You three then just have to make sure you rest up so we can end his little horde when we find it." She couldn't help but think they would spend a lot of time in the swamps.

The Laveau's looked at her like she had three heads and Marie finally asked, "And you are going to help us, free and clear?" Trix winked at the woman's brother before she nodded, shifting to stand again. "Free and Clear on your ends and my own. Quin owes me big but apparently Miss Ida left one hell of an impression on him so now we help when she asks. This is the biggest cemetery in question so you use me to anchor that. Since you are the witches and likely best suited to end this when the time comes, I play lock for this one and then you three sort out the other smaller ones." She looked around herself knowing this was hers and probably not going to feel pleasant for a bit after their little ritual. She then looked over at the siblings again and asked, "If i swoon you'll catch me wont you?" She batted heavy lashes at Thad, painted much darker then her golden hair afforded her naturally. "Of course," He returned with a smirk and his sister slapped his arm while Trixie laughed. Off to the side Ida clapped her hands together and called their attention to her. "Alright then, we have a plan. Lets get this done. We need to lock all four down before the sun comes up. We have a little under two hours."

To Be Continued.... (Written with the permission/approval of Ida, Thaddius, Marie, Tillman & Quinlins writers) 

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