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Age: 117
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Greece
Signup Date: October 07, 2020

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The Pot Calling The Kettle Black!
Category: Blogging

"You are once again discussed my lady. It seems this one is truly dense."

Lifting her hand to take the parchment. Her emerald hues moving across the paper as her lips filled into a smile. 

"I am not surprised. I think she's got a hard on for me to be honest. However, jealousy does make you nasty!"

(Savahnne is a cyber bully! Because she doesn't allow a bunch of whores to walk all over her... Oh and because followers of the vermin have seen and heard the truth. Delete anyone in our cesspool that has her as a friend!)

Bursting out into laughter. The Empress sat back and enjoyed a good laugh. Before she added toward her trusted informant. 

"Did you know that she banishes and blacklists her own members? If she only THINKS they are coming close to finding out the truth or actually speak up against her spineless motives? Isn't that bullying? Hell she has a witch hunt every day trying to find out who you are my love... If she only knew? Combing the lists in her kingdom to see if I am there. Haha. I feel very special!"


The fucking idiot doesn't know that you only add me once, message me, then remove me ( to get her whiny scum ass off their backs)...and then message me contniuously without her knowing!"

Chuckling loudly, Saváhnne enjoyed the moment. 

"Oh I love being remembered and mentioned everywhere. People sit upright watching if I arrive. In fact I think I am feared. People come searching for me in the realm that holds no slag group and they actually think I am pretty awesome! I must say we have great laughs and conversations are truly interesting. Much like ours."

Standing up as her long curls brushed the rim of her ass. The trade mark hip sway in sync with every step downward. Cupping the male's cheek she kissed him deeply. 

"Thank you. For your support and your love. In which you have never faulted.  Come...let me give you your reward..."

Handing the scroll to her most loyal foot soldier. 

"Put it with the rest of the proof."

Leading her lover from the throne room to her chambers. 

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