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Age: 25
Sign: Capricorn

Country: United States
Signup Date: July 05, 2021

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You saved me their story.
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She had been in danger, and taken, scared out of her mind screaming for help. No one could hear her. “ They can’t hear you” said the Voice.

 It scared Riley the voice, she had no clue who it was she just knew she was taken. She had no clue where she was “ where I’m?” She asked the Voice. 

No answer.Riley had no clue how long she’s been here for or if any one was going to find her at all. Sitting and there she could hear voice multiple voices as they were talking it was her changes to scream.”in here” she said loud. The voice came to her, her heart was pounding as the voices get loud.

“ Found her” said one voice, he was cute for geek guy. Riley got scared again. “It’s okay I’m not here to hurt you I’m here to save you” He said. Just hearing him say he was here to save her made her feel safer.

As he helped her out she smiled “T-Thank you I’m Riley” she said to him and hold on, he smelled good. “ I know” he said to her, she wondered how he knew her name , but did not ask, she was glad just to be saved.


Year past from the time, they had gotten together prior to the incident, and kept it a secret until it was time to tell everyone. When they did it was better. Soon or later they got married.

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