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Age: 25
Sign: Capricorn

Country: United States
Signup Date: July 05, 2021

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This are my rules simple.

1�m a para Multi para , I will do that, no one liners at all.
2. I�m not always on, I may have this online but does not mean I�m on.
3. All my pictures are made by me and some of the gifs. I use different sites to make them.I mostly use photopea for making my gifs for banners.like above.but for rest I use  app.

4. I�m not here for sex, I came here to Roleplay. I understand maturity of this. My Character is. Married, though her love interest is non-playable. I have it that away because I�m not ready to open him up. So I play him off Screen and add him in my Drabbles and in to my storyline and post pictures  as if he was a real person. . I won�t cheat.

5. Please respect.

More rules as I see fit.

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