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Age: 25
Sign: Capricorn

Country: United States
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what is love Baby don't hurt me.
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what is love baby don't hurt me

Riley was  reading a book. as she  hared the door. right  away she  knew
 who it was, it was  him. He was  home. she  runs to the door " your home" she  said  hugging  him  tightly, He  smiled  hugging her back. His hugs made her  weak.  Oh it  was good to see  him   home again. " I missed  you" she   said still hugging him and  not  want to let  go.

She  hoped he would not need to leave  again, but she  knew  he  did. Just having him here with her made everything  better and having him in her arms had made it all  better. She looked at  him and smiled his  face was  beautiful. everything about  him was.

 She held on to that every time he had to leave again. Embracing   him with and  not want to let  him go, but she  had to let him go she  knew that." Do you  have to leave  again?" she had asked  him. he smiled and  looked at her " No not  right now  but soon" he had told her, she had a sad look in her eyes, she  had not wanted him to go, he just  got here " when  do you  need to go?" she asked  him". He  looked  at her " soon here i  just  came to see  you" he  had said. She did not  not  say any thing to  him at all  just  held  him. It was time for  him  to leave  again, she  hoped he would  have stayed longer this time " good bye"  she  said and  kissed  him as he lift  and she  went back to her  book.

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