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Age: 25
Sign: Capricorn

Country: United States
Signup Date: July 05, 2021

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Loving you is losing game. ( my first Drabble on here ) I know it’s short.
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It had been a month since Riley had seen Him, and she missed him, Riley had thought she  lost him. But he had been gone for a month now. With no words from him. She wondered what was going on. She was strong and not going to let it get to her. Looking at the time it was late and still no call or answer. It had been strange not hearing from him at all. Being a part from him had scared her even more than anything in the world . Riley had thought he had abandoned her since she had not since him for a month. She remembered, his sent  and his smell, As she would Lay on the bed they had shared together. Looking at her phone in hopes of hearing him.And in time of hope, her phone rings “Hello” she said on the phone. “Hey My love”said the Voice , Hearing his voice made her weak, his voice was like Music to her ears, they talked for while. As he had to go. She hung up the phone. And went to sleep holing his pillow.

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