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Status: Single
Age: 33
Sign: Leo

Country: United States
Signup Date: June 26, 2021

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Colleen had decided to take a night walk. She usually slept during nights, but  she guessed her vampire side liked the night. She knew vampires if there were any around usually hunted at night but doubted they would bother her. She decided against drinking any blood before she left. She had downed a glass from a bag earlier in the day, and she wasn’t feeling any cravings for it.

She stepped outside and headed toward the city. It was rather late, but she could hear conversations of people still awake from inside the buildings. The moon seemed to be hiding behind  a cloud but Collen’s night vision was excellent.

Colleen stopped as she tuned out the sounds. The scent coming through the air was blood...and quite a bit of it. Was someone hurt? She ran toward the sound but not quite at vampire speed until she spotted the shape on the sidewalk. She knelt down next to the man as she approached him resisting the urge to lap up the blood already on him while looking for an entry wound. There was none. Puzzled, Colleen smeared some of the blood on her hand and licked it. This was not human blood. What was going on?

Before Colleen had ascertained that something very wrong  was going on a searing pain went through her electricity of who knew how many volts wracked her body. She gasped and collapsed writhing waiting for the pain to subside. But before she could recover someone else came and wrapped twine around her body. Colleen could easily break free once the effect of whatever had hit her went away , but this twine had thorns all over. They gouged into her skin in many different places and embedded in there cutting at her. Her regeneration was not fast enough to heal her skin before she was  punctured again and again.

There were two men dragging her out into the street now as Colleen struggled and writhed in agony. She saw a woman dressed all in black brandishing a very long sword. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way,” she told Colleen. “Answer one question , vampire, and we will end your suffering quickly.Whether you wish to die in extreme pain or not is your choice. Now for the question. Where is the nest?”

Colleen knew that the woman was not asking for a nest of birds. It was a vampire nest, but Colleen was not aware of one, and even if there was she wasn’t part of it. She was living like a human. She just looked at the woman with a look of confusion on her face even as the twine spikes bit into her skin and she was shocked again. What could she tell her? These vampire hunters. Nothing. But she knew they wouldn’t  believe her. They would kill her eventually and there was nothing she could do.

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