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Sonny's House.
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Sonny was at the house getting everything ready for Michael and Sasha's wedding. 

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Penelope Morgan


Penny came in with Chase, and grinned at him.

"Here we go again, Chase. Are you sure, you want, to put up, with us." She, looked at him, and giggled. She, softly, kissed his lips.

Posted by Penelope Morgan on Sun Oct 03, 2021, 22:10

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Sasha smiled at him, and nodded her head.

"I think the baby dropped, dad." She, looked at, Michael. "What do we do."

She, put her hand on her stomach. "Is Britt or Kim, still here." She, looked around, and saw, Patrick. "Patrick! Michael." She, started sitting down. And, grabbed his hand.

Posted by Sasha on Fri Aug 13, 2021, 14:08

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Jason Morgan


Jason watched as everyone started to leave and head to the Metro Court. He looked at Sasha. “You okay?” He asked with concern.

Posted by Jason Morgan on Fri Aug 13, 2021, 00:08

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Alexis Morgan


"Thank you, Mariah.

Okay, now looks like a good time to all of us go to the reception. We'll meet every one at The Metro. And, this time we have open sitting."

She, grinned at them, and went over to Sasha. "Are you okay, for this." She, heard her say yes.

Posted by Alexis Morgan on Sun Aug 01, 2021, 14:08

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Mariah came over and smiled at every one.

"Hi Michael, Sasha. Congratulations. You, guys remember Devon right. We're part of the G.C. family. Hi, Sam, Penny. Aunt Alexis, and Uncle Jason." She, grinned at them. Then saw Sharon. Okay, mom. I think it's time to give Aunt Victoria her baby back. We'll see every one at the reception.

She, took Jill, and gave her to, Patrick. "Here's, daddy. There you go, baby." She, grinned at them.

Posted by Mariah on Sat Jul 31, 2021, 21:07

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Samantha McCall


Sam giggled when she heard her, mother.

"Easy there, mom. Congratulations, Michael. Sasha." She, hugged them tightly. "You're being a good baby, so far." She, patted Sasha's stomach. "Hi, Jason." She, grinned at him.

Posted by Samantha McCall on Thu Jul 29, 2021, 20:07

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Penelope Morgan


Penny felt his kiss, and kissed him back, and giggled.

"Thank you, Chase. Oh, by the way. I volunteered us, for sister duty today. We're watching these girls today, and taking them to the reception." She, grinned at him. "I think, we also have to keep an eye on Sharon for Billy, as well. I'm not liking, what I'm seeing. I hope, she's not going back, to her old ways. We have to talk to, Dylan." She, looked at Chase.

"Patrick, doesn't look, too happy, either."

Posted by Penelope Morgan on Tue Jul 27, 2021, 16:07

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Alexis Morgan


Alexis hugged Sasha tightly, and giggled when she heard her.

"Well, being mom. I think, I'll say hello, first." She, gently put her hand on her stomach and felt the baby. "Oh, my goodness. You, weren't kidding, honey. Well, we have a room, full of doctors and nurses, so don't worry. We got this." She, looked at them, and giggled.

"Jason, you got to say hello to your, grandchild." She, giggled again.

Posted by Alexis Morgan on Tue Jul 27, 2021, 16:07

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Victoria Newman


Victoria and Patrick came over with the kids and said hello to every one.

"Congratulations, Sasha and Michael." She hugged them tightly. "Katie, Johnnie. Oh, there's, Reed. Come, say hello, Reed. Have you all, met my, son Reed. And, Patrick's, of course." She, giggled.

"Oh, Sharon. You, don't have to hold Jill. I'll, take her." She, heard Sharon say it's okay. "You can hold her, until we go the reception." She, looked at, Billy.

Posted by Victoria Newman on Tue Jul 27, 2021, 15:07

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Sasha couldn't wait, to hug, Jason and Alexis.

She, hugged them tightly. Then Anna and Sonny.

"Yes, dad. I'm okay." The baby just gets very excited, when he or she, hears, Michael. He, or she, can't wait, to see him. We decided, to be surprised. Right baby. Can you say hello, to your brother, Wylie. And, every one.

"The baby, hears everything. It's so amazing. There goes, the baby. Who wants, to say hello." She, looked at them, and giggled.

Posted by Sasha on Tue Jul 27, 2021, 14:07

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Sonny Corinthos


Sonny went over to everyone with Anna. He hugged Michael and Sasha. “Congratulations you two. What a beautiful ceremony.” He looked at Sasha. “Welcome to the family, Sasha.” He kissed her cheek. He looked at Wiley. “You were the cutest ring bearer I ever saw.” He smiled.

Posted by Sonny Corinthos on Tue Jul 27, 2021, 04:07

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Jason Morgan


Jason went up the aisle with Alexis and went over to Michael, Sasha and Wiley. “Congratulations. What a beautiful ceremony.” He hugged them. He looked at Sasha. “Are you okay?”

Posted by Jason Morgan on Tue Jul 27, 2021, 04:07

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Harrison Chase


Chase went over to Penny and smiled. “You looked so beautiful walking down the aisle with the girls.” He hugged and kissed her.

Posted by Harrison Chase on Tue Jul 27, 2021, 04:07

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Dylan McAvoy


Dylan gave her a soft smile. “Thank you, Courtney.” He chuckled softly. “I did too. When I saw her hesitate before saying I do. I had a feeling the baby had kicked. Thankfully, everything turned out to be okay. I am so happy for them.”

Posted by Dylan McAvoy on Tue Jul 27, 2021, 04:07

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Michael Corinthos


Michael nodded his head and smiled. “We will definitely go to the hospital tomorrow to make sure everything is okay.” He watched as Wiley went over to hug her and smiled again. “Of course you can go by mommy, buddy.”

Posted by Michael Corinthos on Tue Jul 27, 2021, 04:07

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