Princess Avalon Tara Pendragon (EOC-ROC)

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Whispers In The Darkness
Category: Adventure

As Ava slowed on her horse she looked back at her brother. "You hear it too don't you?" She asked then she looked into the darkness again. Slowly she urged the horse to move forward and then she looked back at her brother again. "Yes, let's see who this is playing tricks with our minds." She said then as she looked forward she snapped the reigns and headed into the darkness quickly. She didn't even think of anything but seeing their mother again. That was what she wanted the most. The fog began to surround them as they got closer then a sharp whistle was heard and sped past her but it didn't go past her, it went through her. Looking down she could see an arrow sticking out of her chest then turned around slowly as she heard her brother approaching. "Killian." She said before her eyes closed and she fell from her horse to the cold ground.

Prince Killian Knox Pendragon (EOC-ROC): Killian approached his sister unlike her who charged recklessly forward he used a more cautious approach. He arrived just in time to see her turn towards him with an arrow sticking out of her chest. Time seemed to freeze as he watched in shocked horror soon that horror turned to rage. His eyes bled completely into a deep poisonous emerald green as his veins burned black. The dark Magic corruption that had been held at bay for so long rushed through him as he abandoned all pretense and used the power he was born with. The wind howled around them though it was drowned out by a primal scream of inhuman rage. With no hesitation at all he lept from his horse narrowly avoiding an arrow that would have nailed him as well. He raised his hands and clenched his fists the wind around them responding to his will forming a veritable wall of swirling winds blocking any further missile shots and clearing the fog revealing multiple fur covered men and women holding oak bows and shoddy made swords. With a deep glare of the utmost hate he flicked his wrists hurling blades of razor sharp wind hacking apart limbs with little regard for there screams or pleas of mercy. It all fell on eaf ears he was in no mood for mercy or any of the chivalrous traits a knight was meant to have no he was out for bloodstained vengeance and he would have it even if he had to tear this entire forest apart. With the enemies dead he looked down at his sisters body with no hesitation he ripped the arrow from her chest and cradled her body to him the winds howling grew greater as trees were uprooted and hurled in every direction. His hands gained a green glow as he laid them on the fresh bleeding wound words unbidden flowed from his lips as he enacted a blood ritual trading his life force for hers to keep her alive.

Princess Avalon Tara Pendragon (EOC-ROC): Why did this happen? No one knows but once Killian unleashed his power he killed everyone who was hiding there in the forest, but not the one who shot the arrow. Since dark magic was being used to try to bring Ava out of the state she was in, it only made things worse. Darkness was inside the arrow that shot through her heart and as she laid there cradled in her brother's arms, she began to transform. The arrow wasn't meant to kill her but to use her when the time was right. "Don't do it, Killian. Don't speak those words." She said but he continued with his words. She knew he was trying to give his life for her but he was not the one chosen to bring destruction to the land.

Prince Killian Knox Pendragon (EOC-ROC): Kiliian pauses as he spoke the final words of the ritual a single ray of light shined down on them. He didn't know why but the light gave off a feeling of such purity such innocence that his eyes bled back to there baby blue and his veins returned to normal. He could feel there mothers presnce even though he could not see her he knew she was watching over them in spirit if nothing else. While he was strong and powerful in both martial ways and magic he knew he was outclassed. Whatever was going on was not in his area of skills. True he could heal well a bastardaized version of healing at any rate now that the fog of bloodlust and the temptation of dark magic was purged from his mind he could think clearly. Looking down at her he ripped off a strip of cloth from one of the corpses and used it as a makeshift bandage to stop the bleeding. Once he was sure she would not bleed out he lifted her up bridal style and looked around the scene of destruction was so vast it shocked him. Dozens maybe hundreds of trees had been uprooted and strewn about while almost a even dozen corpses laid strewn about missing various limbs and soaking the ground with blood. He focused on a point ahead and spoke the words of power and watched in satisfaction as a emerald green portal formed in front of them leading back to the castle. Walking through the portal they exited in the throne room he then made his way ignoring the guards and severants headed to her room. Laying her on her bed he summoned the doctors and sent out the guards searching for the wizard Merlin.

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