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Age: 117
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Bulgaria
Signup Date: October 23, 2020

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From The Desk Of Emperor Lucifer Du 'Marais
Category: Blogging

Sitting on his throne Lucifer began reciting what he wanted to be written on the proclamation:

("Good day all!

After a long semi absence I am finally back. Life is a very demanding lady that does not take no for an answer, so I have been very busy. 

However, it does not mean I do not hear or see what has been going on either in my Kingdom or on the outskirts of it. From members that lie about real life causing them to have to go on RETIREMENT, only to create their accounts on the pedo site! Quite noble, I must say... Seeing your current choice I prefer you to be gone from my group! We just expected more decency in your move being done, but we do also understand that not everyone has morals or decency. It is unfortunately lost on most - like you. You are banished from ever setting foot in my Kingdom or communicating with any of my members ever again! If anyone chooses to contest my word on this? They may join you OUTSIDE the gates of HODM!

Furthermore, I wish to address the rumour that is STILL circulating by means of unwanted and unwelcome scandal mongers that seem to have nothing better to do than lust after cock and troll people because they refuse to bow to your bullshit self proclaimed whore superiority! I am many pages, but I DO NOT WRITE ANY FEMALE PAGES! I mean for fucks sakes! Be a little more original in your lies?!

Nor do I give a shit who dislikes me. I am very happy with my members and my friends. Unlike others I do have an image to uphold. One I will not tarnish by associating with cock polishers who have no self respect and no meaning or worth unless they are spreading rumours or blacklisting people!

Yes, your little inbox messages and your other social gossip columns have reached me and I saw it all. Thanks to a certain cunning goddess. Aside from you all having big mouths! If only you would talk fact - yet you choose to talk crap! As usual. 

So if you feel you have the ammunition and balls to go head to head with me? Then do it. I dare you. 

By the way? Hiding on closed off pages and in inbox is not facing me. It's cowardice. Exactly what you are known to be. 

If you think this is about you? It is.

- Emperor Lucifer Du 'Marais")

Standing up from his throne he then lifted his hand as a signal of finality in closing. 

"See that this is put up for all to see. Far and wide. You are dismissed."

Taking a well deserved sip of his bourbon he looked across the Kingdom before him. Clenching his jaw as he felt the breeze caress his tanned skin. Pulling his fingers through his dark hair he set off to find the beautiful women in his Kingdom... How he had missed them. 

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