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Return of the Seer part 2
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Part 2

The journey had been an arduous one.  When Vylette had run from Kalevala and all of the painful memories it held, she had retreated to the furthest place she could find but even that didn’t seem to quell the rage she felt.  As the gates of the capital city came into view, a strange feeling overtook her.  She was home.  It had been so long since she had felt anything resembling like it that the feeling took her by surprise.  Anthony turned in his saddle to look back at her, “Welcome home your Majesty.”  Vylette smiled in spite of herself, could this ever be her true home again now that Brendan was gone?  That remained to be seen.  As they passed through the gates of the city, Vylette was surprised at the cheers and adulation that went up from the townsfolk.  She had been gone for more years than most of them had been alive and it surprised her that they even knew who she was.  She had taken great pains to make herself as inconspicuous as possible.  Her gown was a pain hunter green riding habit and her unadorned hat sat low over her brow seemed to have had little effect in disguising her.  For the first time in days, Vyette smiled and waved at the crowd.  Her people were thriving as was evident by the growth of the capital since she’d left and her heart swelled with pride.  She blushed and waved to the adoring crowd.  Anthony reigned in his horse and waited for her to catch up to him.  “You have been missed Mi’lady, more than you know.”  

Once inside the castle, Vy could still hear the cheers from the crowd outside.  Removing her hat, she handed it to a waiting footman, “Thank you Bronson, that will be all.”  He bowed and left the room.  Moments later Vylette’s ladies maid entered the room carrying a tea tray.  Setting it down on a nearby table.  “Thank you Volare, has the luggage been seen to and the horses as well?”, she asked.  “Yes ma’am, everything has been done according to your instructions.”  Vyette hadn’t brought her entire household with her.  She wasn’t sure how long she was staying in Kalevala.  Just long enough to do what she had to do.  Vylette nodded her thanks to Volare and the maid left the room.  

Later that afternoon, Vylette sat at the massive oak desk that had once belonged to Brendan in the study.  Papers covered the surface in front of her but she sat staring at the almost life sized wedding portrait that hung over the fireplace opposite her.  God, that had been so very long ago.  They both looked so young and in love.  Brendan smiled down lovingly at his bride as her adoration for him showed in her eyes as she gazed up at him.  Vylette closed her eyes and was instantly transported back to that happy day.  Allowing herself to reminisce for a few moments, she recalled their happy life when they were the newly crowned Emperor and Empress, and that's when the smile faded.  The first years of their marriage had been idyllic but soon the fairytale ended and the nightmare began.  His infidelity, the miscarriages and his eventual departure to realms unknown.  At first she waited for him, ruling Kalevala according to his wishes but when it became evident he wasn’t going to return, she could remain no longer in the ashes of her former life.  It made little difference where she was, the visions told her of Brendan’s new life, one he didn’t want her to be a part of apparently.  Eventually the visions faded and she was left in blissful ignorance, until the day Anthony came that is.  

A knock at the door roused her from her walk down memory lane with a start, “Come in”.  Volare entered the room and curtsied, “Ma’am, you said you wanted to know when the body had been prepared and laid out in the great Hall.”.  Volare looked up apprehensively at her mistress but she didn’t need to see her face to know that her words cut Vy like a knife.  Vylette closed her eyes momentarily, willing the tears not to fall.  “Thank you Volare, I shall be along shortly.  Please make sure that the Hall is empty until I have had a chance to make sure everything is set up as it should be.”  Volare was eager to leave the room as quickly as possible.  The pain her mistress was going through was hard for her to watch.  Volare had been with her mistress for many years, they were more like friends than mistress and maid.  She had been with Vylette during the years of her marriage to Brendan and her subsequent exile.  Being back in the castle brought back so many memories to Volare as well.  “Is that all Ma’am,” Volare asked.  Vylette was so choked up now that she was unable to speak and merely nodded her ascent.  Volare curtsied again and hurried from the room, shutting the door softly behind her.

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