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Age: 34
Sign: Taurus

Country: United States
Signup Date: July 06, 2020

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A mother's goodbye
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Tempest stood inside the quaint little shop. She felt the power here and knew it was real. This was not some human run magic shop. Not some tourists store for baubles and trinkets. This was real. And now that she knew the truth.....she recognized the smell of its owner. But it was different now. More potent. More ethereal even. She picked up a Labradorite orb and held it gently in her palm as she waited. Her dark red hair fell in loose curls. The black top and jeans hugged her curves. She barely recognized herself now.

"Can I help you?" A soft voice asked from behind her. She could hear that cautious tone. She once used to feel warmth from this aura. But now....she felt a cool fall breeze. Tempest set the orb down as she turned to face her. She had seen her dozens of times before but only now did she take her breath away. Her daughter. Pale and beautiful as always with her pale hair and bright eyes. Tempest's eyes.....at least, thats what they once were. Skyler was the Phantom Queen of War now.....a Death Goddess. She looked so worried now. As if waiting for Tempest to strike her down. "Hi baby...." Tempest said simply. She saw her eyes widen and tears well. Skyler took a step forward cautiously. "You......remember?" Skyler asked. 

Tempest nodded slightly but recoiled when Skyler moved forward to embrace her. Skyler paused, waiting and keeping the distance between them. Merely a few feet and yet it felt like miles between them. "I remember more than I ever knew......but much of it is jumbled and scattered." Tempest explained. Skyler nodded slightly as she took a step back, her hands clenching as she fought the urge to hug the mother they all had been aching for. They knew she lived but it had been like looking at a Ghost for so long. Hoping. Praying Tempest would awaken. Skyler knew she had to take care.....to go slowly with her mother. There was so much of her past no one had known....so many lies that had been uncovered. Tempest' heart broke for the pain in Skyler's eyes. 

"I'm sorry. For forgetting. For taking so long. For-" Tempest started to say but Skyler merely shook her head. "Don't. It wasn't your fault. Ares and Willam....THEY are the ones to blame. Not you. We never blamed you." Skyler said soothingly. Tempest sighed a bit. "A mother should always recognize her child.....I failed you in that." Tempest took a step towards Skyler and touched her pale hair. Tears welled. "You've grown up so much. I see the brave little girl I raised in your eyes but you've become a woman now." Tempest said sadly. Skyler nodded. "And a mother. To Sura.....she's so much like you." Skyler said as she gently took Tempest' hand. Tempest nodded a bit. "The best parts of me, I hope." 

Skyler smiled. "Stubborn to the core...though she has her father's gentle heart." Skyler said. Tempest nodded before she took a step back. Being here made her ache. So much was wrong. So much was broken. She could see it in Skyler's eyes. But there were so many things still uncertain. So many truths that changed things. "You won't stay.....will you?" Skyler asked sadly, though she knew the answer already. Tempest shook her head. "I can't....Theres still too much confusion. Too many pieces scattered but I.....I had to see you." Tempest said as she looked at her daughter. "My baby......I am so proud of you. Of the legacy you are giving our family. Your daughter fighting for our honor...." Tempest said. 

Skyler bit her bottom lip. Tempest impulsively moved closer and kissed her daughter's brow. "I'll come back.......some day. When the pieces are whole and the sky is clear again." Tempest said sadly before she forced herself to vanish. Leaving her daughter behind.....again.

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