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Roleplay Etiquette (Fan Domain Repost)
Category: Blogging

Use of out of character details.

1. Fandomain strongly suggests that you be careful to whom you give any Ooc information that you wish others not to know. Remember it is your private information and if others release it even our actions can not take it back once it is out there.

2. Under no circumstances should you use another writer′s real life name (or without permission other characters name), picture, address, phone number etc in any public post. This includes status be it yours or others, comments even if your comments are hidden on your profile or in bulletins. If you use them in messages and others release them you are still accountable for things you have said, therefore if that information was not yours to release and you do so privately in a way that can be deemed offensive the admin may act.

The use of a first name or second name etc that happens to be the same as another person is fine however if they request it we will monitor these pages to ensure they are not used to insult anyone. 

3. From this point on there will be a one strike and you′re outruled on any use of the above. FYI, if others do it to you and you respond in kind then you both will be treated the same. If you see it report it but don′t retaliate in kind.

(If you guys are not comfortable will this next one we could make it a specific period of time ban)

4. Those that are deleted for two strikes in this violation will not be allowed back into Fandomain as to do so would put our other writers at risk of the same abuse.

Note: We will only act on specific incidents that we see. We can not act on word of mouth, past incidents or generalisation.

Status Issues.

1. There are many reasons why a person may not like seeing what a person posts in status. This can be from something as innocent as posting too many YouTube videos or images for your liking, to people posting stats that you consider low level drama (such as "sigh", "done" etc) all the way up to full on abusive or aggressive stats be they direct or ′subtle′. 

2. If you do not like what you see in status you can click the ′X′ next to it to delete that status. However if it is a repetitive issue and you do not like the types of comments or content posted by another user the only way of addressing this is by deleting them. 

3. You are welcome to discuss your issues with the admin however the only issues that admin are likely to consider stepping in over with regards to status posts are issues that breach the rules on out of character details, or stats that insult or mock other users without their permission. (Doing so behind the guise of being ′in character′ is only acceptable if the person being discussed or attacked is in on it making it a story line). Note, generic comments such as "pissed off" or "fed up of that" will not be dealt with by admin. Only those that identify a targeted individual or group by name or by description. 

4. Please respect the rights of a person to choose to not have you on their friends list. People should never be subjected to any negative response for that, however if the person you are deleting is a person you have a storyline with it is good manners to message them and inform them of your choice, not to explain yourself, but simply so they do not do additional work that is not going to be read.

Again, the admin will only respond to what they see or is reported to them and they are able to see. For individual situations were status rules are breached we will advise only that you delete and block them, however if a person continuously is abusive to people in their stats the admin will discuss how to address this.

General issues

-the admin will not address any issue that takes place off Fandomain.

-the admin will be happy to help with general queries but please be patient.

-contacting the admin on there own pages is okay if the admins say, however bare in mind that they are under no obligation to respond from those pages when they are trying to enjoy there own RP.

-at no point is it acceptable to be rude, threatening or insulting to the admin. By definition when talking to us administrators of a site you are talking to us Ooc and therefore such language is subject to the rules on Ooc conduct. The admin are giving up free time and for some there own money to allow you to have this site. Please appreciate that.

-any issues regarding site errors, pages being deleted etc can all take longer.  Please be patient.

Page copying/Rights to pages.

-nobody owns the rights to any mythological, historical or established fictional character. You can however tag yours with an original name/tag which others can′t use. Eg anybody can make Spider-Man, but if your page is called Spider-Man -web master- we will support in nobody else using that. 

-established places from history, myth or fiction are open to be used, however an original place can not be copied. If you do make a group based in a place eg Roman Empire and one already exists your group′s initials should avoid being too similar.

-if you copy your bio offline and others use them admin will not step in as it is available for all.we will only step in if the bio is original and your work. 

-pages that seem very similar or appear to be made to mock others will be looked into and dealt with at the admin′s discretion. Pages designed to insult others will not be tolerated.


The admin do not promote or encourage blacklisting, however what groups and individuals do with regards to this is their own affair. Blacklisting may not be liked but it is not an issue the admin are here to address.

Lastly with many of the issues mentioned such as issues between writers etc please consider, are they issues for people running a site or people running a group. Remember MySpace would never have stepped in on these issues, many of them are for individual kingdoms or groups to sort out, not for the admin.

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