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Tygan and Rehema's Engagement Party
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Rehema didn't have much say in the engagement party that was underway. Niether as she in control of the union that would be made between her and Tygan. She did have to go thru with it and kept telling herself that everything will be fine in the end and Tygan would be a great husband. Rehema didn't even know him, though she felt everything would work out in the end. She was dressed in a magnificent gold evening dress. It was very formal and she itched in it. Managing to find a hiding place after the party started, she had taken herself a nice hard drink and stayed out in the balcony for most the night. She wasn't against the marriage by no means, she just worried about her home and hopefully all back there was safe and her letter she sent to them was received and some people would show up. If not to the engagement party, then definitely to the wedding.

Rehema starred out into the night sky, her drink in her hand that she drank quite heavily. The plan was that she would be freed upon this marriage. She came to the Land of the Dead by killing herself, wondering if she was doing the same thing with this arranged marriage to Tygan. She hadn't quite got the chance to really know him, but he seemed nice, reserved, and she knew she would learn to love him, or she deeply hoped. She turned to go back into the party, Maybe Zosar had showed up. Or someone else she knew, other than Leviathan. Rehema scanned the room with her eyes that flashed yellow some. Filling her mind with happy thoughts and made her lips curl into a warm and gentle smile as people she didn't know, seemed to know exactly who she was. She thought it odd, but shrugged it all off.

She hadn't seemed to find Zosar but still optimistic that he would come around. She even tried to remember what Tygan look liked. Chuckling to herself as she amused herself to be able to forget the man she only met a few days ago thru his Father, Leviathan. She had sent a letter home to inform her parents of the union. Being able to tell her father face to face but not her mother, Maya. Rehema took a seat at a table, her feet hurt from walking all over the room a few times, she took a drink of her wine and placed the glass in front of her. Quiet as she starred into her glass now.

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A Son OF Sparda -ROC; Retired


-As the Engagement party seemingly moved on into full swing. It was such a lively night indeed. Many people speaking of the marriage itself. Surprise, joy, excitement all together. The dark and blue lights of the massive room with wonderful decorum all around of moons and stars for such a lovely theme to the party. As guests continued to come in one by one. It wasnt until a sudden change in the air and soon a complete change in the lights and colors of the entire place that it grabbed everyones attention. Like a sudden magic shift, the lights turned dark crimson reflecting everything to black. As people looked around and the people in charge of the party tried to fix it but seemingly it didnt work. The doors opened as a small group of black hooded people forming around a formation of sorts entered. Then suddenly the air within the entire place grew cold.

It was caused alarm at first but it wasnt until the hooded men parted that it all started to ease. Or well at least for the most part. As those wild and neon blue eyes stuck through the entire room lit in red. He wore a perfect fitted red suit with golden buttons and trims as he walked slowly with each step. As of ALL quests to show up. The Dark King, he had in his hand a gift wrapped in black and red lace wrappings that he placed upon the gift table. The silence was deafening, for it had been a very long time since anyone had seen Dante in public setting. His clean face too, a far cry to how he normally rocked it. His jet black hair slicked back slightly as he finally snapped his fingers. And the lights returned to a normal gaze of the blues and darks. He signaled a waiter as he grabbed a glass of wine of his own and slowly walked toward the young Rehema. "well gold looks wonderful on you dear...and ..congratulations...dont open my gift in front of everyone..." -he ran his hand along his mouth to whisper; "its a bondage kit.." -he chuckled as he sipped his wine; "normally I dont do formal...anything...but...I thought it would be a great time to get out.." -he continued;

Posted by A Son OF Sparda -ROC; Retired on Sat May 08, 2021, 19:05

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