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Age: 116
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Antarctica
Signup Date: April 20, 2019

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All I wanted was my little piece of happiness.
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Someone to play my daughter. All that remains of what and my deceased wife created together. The writer passed away over a year ago. To keep her memory alive. To know that all that we did together was not just a waste of time. I wanted that more than any other happiness that I wanted. Denied this time after time again. Even the last writer I found ended up abandoning the role. I'm a mess, I know and it's something you can't really understand unless you live it. For some, the loss of someone you truly loved is something you can't get over. Even if so called friends of your beloved will abandon their image and  memory without a second thought. I will not, regardless of any truths. So instead of ranting and raving and complaining and whining. I will ask this, is there no one that will play the daughter of Amranth Primordial and Skye Lilliane Blacksoul. Valentyna BlackSoul Primordial? Age(Since playing her as a child is out of the question on her like I originally wanted and frankly. Too much time has passed) can be up to you. Playby as well. Orientation, while I wanted her to have a thing for her mother. It's up to what you want. All I ask is that you don't turn her into a slut, a sex starved fiend. What I fear most people would do. So I ask this, isn't anyone out there with a heart as golden as mine that can give me at least a small semblance of piece at long last? 

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