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Chapter 1
Order for Two

If it was dealing with Diablo, ruling a kingdom, or simply still trying to be the legendary hunter that he was so known to be. All the above seemingly put the King into a absence. Vanishing away from the Chaos Realms. He took a moment of peace to himself. Returning back to a place he always knew has home. Sure, it was reckless to appear back on the mortal world like this but he made sure to mask himself. As he gazed up toward the bright neon lights of the shop. Ocean blue hues reflecting those ever famous words across; "Devil May Cry". A part of him missed it, turning his key for a moment he took a deep breath smelling the night air of New York and laughed; "smells like shit...just the way I remember" -Dante said to himself before turning the key and realizing the door had yet open. He sighed; "really!?...kid changed the locks...little asshole" -Dante gave a soft nudge and broke it open as the doors slowly opened and he walked in. Gazing around, it felt like just the way he left it so long ago. The beat up couch, and half broken TV, a pool table in the center that could break apart at any minute. And clear to the far end was. "where the hell is my desk.." -Dante walked a few feet seeing his office spot seemingly covered up with Nero's gear and clutter and a bench of tools; "those damn kids...moving my stuff...NERO!....NICO!" -Dante yelled but no response; "hmm...must be out I guess..."

 -Dante gazed upward to the next level above finally seeing his stuff tucked off in storage. He walked up the stairs to pull his desk and chair out. That chair of his, covered in slash marks and bullet holes over the years as he laughed and kicked it up. Flying in the air and roating several times till it landed perfectly he sat in it and relaxed a moment finally. "this chair always could make things better ..." 

-He reached into one of the drawers of his desk grabbing a magazine out as he blew the dust off and slowly opened it with a read as he gave a whistle to the centerfold. "what a beauty..." -Dante spoke once more only to glance at something. Something he had forgotten, something he couldnt believe he would forget. Along the centerfold stuck a post it note. With a date, TODAYS date and a time, and simply ready "Order for two.." -Dante blinked for a moment and dropped the magazine as he gazed up; 

Eighteen Years ago

The same magazine laid along the table opened up with bottles and pizza boxes from the night before. Before suddenly a loud moan escaped followed by a thunderous series of thumps over and over again. A female's moan or two. Each matched by a powerful loud banging as the bottles fell over. The pool table brand new began to rock as the pool balls moved back and forth. The entire shop was shaking as Dantes desk chair fell over. For upstairs. A large bed lay, with two very curvaceous girls beyond beauty itself. One was dark hair with bright red highlights and she was of ivory skin and a rack the size of watermelons. The other was dark hair as well and matching red highlights but of Ebony skin and an ass the size of dumptruck as both of them seemingly collapse over in exhaustion. For nestled between was a slender and young man. Eyes so blue they commanded their own time zone to gaze in. His wild silver hair stuck to his face as his perfectly ripped chest glistened lightly of sweat yet he himself seemed unbothered a bit as he leaned up on his arms gazing at his handy work with a smile; "dont tire out on me now girls.." -This, seemingly young man in a sea of tits and ass was the wild and dangerous Dante Sparda. At just 19 years of age. By this time, Dante was only into his second year of running the Devil May Cry. But was already gaining wild establishment as a reckless yet successful devil hunter. And of course, if he wasnt killing hordes of of demons and monsters. He was always partying. As the Ebony and Ivory ladies turned into him for another round. Suddenly, the front door below the shop busted open wide was a young girl in a short skirt and blouse walked in completely like she owned the place. She instantly marched upstairs as the girls turned to stare and Dante gazed up lightly with his head under the giant breasts of one. Lady, let out an annoyed groan before drawing her gun; "BEAT IT WHORES!" -He fired and both of the busty ladies screamed and leaped out of the bed as Dante raised up; "WAIT!" -They grabbed their things as they grew mad back; "this is last time we are working here! you are getting billed triple for this bullshit Dante!" -Dante groaned; "TRIPLE!" -as they took off out the front door slamming it back. Dante sighed with his hands out; "but ...." -He looked to Lady as she threw his pants at his face; "you really love ruining a great time huh?" -he put them on as she walked back down; "for someone who talks a lot of game.....you pay for that...is I think the more embarrassing part" 

-Dante sighed once more before walking downstairs; "well...this better be good...I had to book that months ahead of time!..." -Lady rolled her eyes; "you like magic?" -Dante blinked for a moment and then laughed as he sat down; "sorry...the only magic I like was the feeling of my .." "THATS NOT WHAT I MEANT! ...asshole" -She laid a small flyer down along the desk of a magic show; "come see the famous Marik Hassan..." -Dante looked up at her; "if your asking for a date...forget it..." -Lady folded her arms; "This man has been on tour and each city he has appeared at, multiple missing persons cases have went up. Course they cant link him to anything but. Its rumored, Marik's magic is...real...he has fooled and confused even some of the best minds on his tricks..." -Dante gazed over at the bra draped over his TV from the ivory girl, so big it nearly covered the entire screen as he seemingly tuned out; "she then fired her gun at the tv as the bra fell over and Dante laughed; "look...I fight demons Lady...not ...fucking...Harry Houdini..." -Lady turned the flyer over revealing another look of the person; "here is a full close picture of the man" -Dante gazed down, Marik was of Egyptian decent, long blonde locks and wild brown eyes with tan skin. Quite a look that stuck out; "I did some background research in local archives here he is again on the west coast" -She pulled another flyer out and placed it down; "why is it so old.." -Lady smirked; "its dated 1930s..his name is different but that look is still the same" -Dante compared the images and then narrowed his ocean hues on something; "his gloves...there is markings on them...I seen those markings before.." -Dante sighed; "alright alright...guess we are going to a magic show" 

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