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Restored Souls Collide
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Tempest let out a loud cry of excitement as she swung out on the rope and let go as she went out over the cave opening. She howled as she let go and dropped through the opening. It was a good several stories down before she hit the pristine waters of the underwater cave below. This was her favorite place to visit. To swim and clear her head. She let the water close over her head and swallow her before she kicked back up to the surface. She let out a loud sigh as she surfaced and pushed her long hair out of her face. She laid back as she looked up at the cave ceiling overhead and stretched out. This place was so beautiful. Untouched by man. No pollution. Just clean air. Pristine water. Crystals glittering overhead. Soft ocean currents. The raw beauty of nature. Her element. Her source. She closed her eyes as she let herself float there.

After a little while, she felt something change. She opened her eyes as she straightened in the water. She could feel the change in the currents. She looked down as she saw a soft glow of radiating under her. Her eyes widened as she saw an orb circling her in the water. "What the fuck!?" Tempest moved to reach for her rope but a strange weight latched onto her ankles and dragged her down. She let out a scream as it drew her down. Down under the water. She drew in a breath before she went under and held her breath as it dragged her down. She frowned when she saw that strange orb circling her quickly, creating a whirlpool within the water. Her lungs began to strain for air as it held her down. Her eyes glowed as she tried to use a God bolt to blast the force from her. Her scream was gurgled as the bolt bounced back and struck her.
Her wide eyes went to the orb as it paused infront of her. Her eyes widened when she saw the orb change and shift into.....it looked like her. But it wasn't her. She froze as the water swirled. She felt panic set in as the strange woman lunged at her. It slammed into her and her scream left her as she felt the water swirl as agony slammed into her. She saw stars. Then darkness as her entire being, right down to her soul, felt like it was tearing her apart. She thrashed and screamed to try and fight it. But she couldn't. She let darkness take her as the water drew her down. 

The water carried her away. Took her from the cavern. From her home. Her world. Her life as she knew it. Styxx and Beth stood on the pier of New Orleans as they watched the glowing orb floating through the sea. "Its over....." Beth said as her husband held her shoulder. "No. Shes still our daughter. This wasn't the plan....but it happened. Wrongs were set to right. Now....all we can do is pray." Styxx said to comfort his bride. Beth and Styxx had raised Tempest as their own. To protect her and restore the balance that had been destroyed with her mortal life. Now....all that hard work had come to an end. The youngest witch had done the impossible.....and mended the broken soul. 

Now all that could be done was to pray....and hope that madness would not be all that remained of her mind. The sea carried her to the shoreline and laid her there on the sand. She was pale and still. Her heart raced as she laid there, as two souls merged and thrashed together to mend what had been broken by the Gods themselves. Who would wake? Would she still be Tempest? Would she be Luralena? Or would she be a mad woman?

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