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Age: 116
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Greece
Signup Date: October 07, 2020

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The Empress' Hilarious News!
Category: Blogging

Sav�hnne sat upon her throne. Emerald green pools lighting up as they scanned the content of the parchment scroll. Her lips filled into a wide grin before she burst out laughing. 

"Interesting indeed. Vermin scouring for my personal details? Laughable. I must be extremely intimidating! Haha! That they would go to such great lengths just for little 'ole me? Not to mention their pipe dreams of creating a scum based new realm? Make sure to begin sounding the alarm and warning good people of this. You will find the necessary knowledge within..."

Sav�hnne's loyal friend stood laughing just as hard. Nodding in understanding as he stepped forward. 

"What shall transpire my lady?"

Lifting her eyes toward him she held her smile. 

"You'll see... For now we will laugh because that's what you do with jokes!"

Standing up she held the scroll out to him. 

"Take this to Master Russell La Mara. I believe his name too was mentioned. If you want to be left alone? Stop talking shit and lying about people! Something these imbeciles have never been able to fathom."

Handing her friend his reward as she winked while taking her place on her throne. 

"Here you go my love. "

Watching her handsome friend leave. Also expecting to hear from Russell very soon. Her smile painted across her face. Lacing her fingers together as she added. 

"Bring me some blood wine. I would like to start enjoying the future."

Chuckling in wait for the flaccid response to redeem scum worthy stature.

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Empress Saváhnne Shelton-Knight™


Bursts out laughing.

"A 'Narcissist'? Haha. Please... Quoting dictionaries to cast shade away from yourself? Yup. The exact pathetism I expected. So yes, keep your mouths shut! It seems you are finally learning something apart from spelling my name correctly after THREE years! Fucking idiot! Get your fucked up pedo site created so you can fuck off and get off of the decent sites you infest like a flesh eating disease. We are all ecstatic and cannot wait for the trash to clear out! The admins are counting the days for you all to leave.

So hurry up!?

Posted by

Empress Saváhnne Shelton-Knight™ on Wed Apr 14, 2021, 07:04

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