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The Engagement and Marriage Proposal of Alucar The Puppet Master to his Fractured Marionette
Category: Blogging

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) The marionette had managed to mop up the remaining water after buckets upon buckets of dumping it off the cliffs. Now the floors where clean and the house no longer flooded. She then rebuilt the porch this time of stone and sat upon it a two benches and two rocking chairs. The night was cool and the moon half full as she sat, rocking away while her fingers traced the empty space on her left hand where a ring once sat before she descended into hell. She absently sighed as she couldn't even remember what it looked like and her brows furrowed a bit before she closed her eyes and relaxed back in the rocking chair.

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) Leaning against the porch door frame the puppet master watches the marionette trace her finger. Moving his hand in front of himself the shadows begin to manipulate and form a small obsidian ring. A ring he had held in safety for many years. With the ring levitating above his palm Alucar moves a finger up and spins it. Looking much like a penny on a table after being spun he watches the obsidian ring for a few moments before closing his hand around it. Placing it within his pocket he smiles a bit. “Feeling sentimental my beautiful marionette?”

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) When she heard his voice she smiled softly and stopped, tucking her hands under her as she leaned forward and looked to him. "Maybe." She noticed he had managed his way to the doorway on his own. "Healing quickly I see. I almost dare say you are almost back to full health."

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) Once again in his black suit the puppet master smirked a bit and moved over to sit next to her, his walking seemed unaffected. “I dare say you’re pretty accurate my little puppet.” Leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, his hand moves to her own and begins to trace the same finger she had just been tracing. “It’s feels like a lifetime ago... and at other times.. it’s feels like only yesterday.”

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) She looked at him and with her hand in his she felt him trace the same spot she had been and she gave a small nod to him as her eyes locked onto his. "Time is tricky like that. My time in hell felt like centuries but it was only three years when Strife came for me."

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) With one final thumb trace along her finger she would feel the obsidian ring along her finger once more. “I think it’s time that this was returned to its rightful owner..” looking into her eyes he smiles a bit. “It feels longer then centuries Karasu.. it feels like there are times where I am simply dreaming, that this is just another twist of reality conjured forth by Judgement...”

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) She felt the ring on her finger again and the memory flashed before her eyes a moment she placed her free hand on his cheek and gently kissed him. "I never thought I would ever see you again. Suppressed the memory of when I was given this. I still can only see bits and pieces. But this is real my love." She smirked some and pinched his cheek gently. "See."

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) Taking her hand along his cheek he brings it to his lips and kisses her palm softly. “I thought you were lost to me forever Karasu... I thought you were outside of my reach forever.” Returning her kiss Alucar closes his eyes, upon opening them again his eyes had a red hue to them. “I will never let you go again Karasu..”

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) "I almost was. I didn't think there would be so much pain and sorrow left inside me until I killed you.. then the heartbreak was unbearable. I knew I made a mistake too late." She saw the red hue and smiled deviously. "Is this the part you ask me again?" She inquired keeping her hand in place.

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) Smirking a bit the puppet master looks down to her hand and then back up to her eyes. “This time, I think I shall ask you a bit differently.” Standing from the seat the puppet master kneels down onto the porch in front of her, his eyes still red. He now knelt within the same position he had been when she had killed him. Flashbacks of his death would race through her head as a devious smile forms along his lips. “Will you marry me Karasu? In life, and in death, forever..”

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) She remembered looking down at him as her strings buried into his frame. It wasn't one she would soon forget but when he asked she chose this moment to remember rather than the other. She kissed him once more and she would smile with tears lining her eyes as she was sure he would never want to be bound to her again after what she had done. "Forever and after." She smiled as she nodded.

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) Moving forward the puppet master moves his thumb under her eye and softly wipes the tears from her face. “Are those tears of happiness my beautiful puppet?” The puppet master smiled once more and leaned forward kissing her. “The last time I saw tears from the great and terrible Karasu, they were not ones of happiness.. I don’t think I have ever seen these type before.”

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) "In the words of the wise and oh so stable Hecate Master left the faucet on so these are just overflow from it but on the inside." She giggled some and pressed her cheek to his palm. "You just make me happy and the idea of being your wife someday is all I ever could ask for....for now." She gave a sly smirk.

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) Smirking towards her he stands up. “The very wise Hecate indeed. You will be the only wifey, and the last I ever have my beautiful puppet.. that is something I long for, and look forward to myself.” Pulling her close to him Alucar wraps his arms around her holding her. He doesn’t know if he ever really did this before. In their past, they always had a very clear relationship with one another, methodical almost. Whatever their relationship had been in the past, it was never romantic.

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) When he pulled her to him, she creaked some and wrapped her arms around him as well, awkwardly at first before resting her head against his chest and embracing the change. She smiled when he said Wifey and her happiness reached New levels at the thought of never having to share him again. "I wish for that as well." She soaked up the moment as much as she could and knew that now with his soul intact and him back to how he was before he ever came across her, that their relationship would be much more as those of humans that she had watched from afar always secretly longing for how affectionate they were and found comfort in one another. They also now had two beautiful daughters who now would have the chance to see him as more of a Father than before and it excited her to know they would finally have a true family.

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) Moving his hand up as he held onto her he softly strummed her hair with his fingers. The dark energy around them both would begin to swirl around their bodies, embracing them both. “Our daughters will be happy to know that here soon, they will have an actual family that they can call their own.” Moving a hand up to her face again he smiles. “An you, will finally get what you have always wanted my beautiful puppet.”

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) She looked up at him and tilted her head to the side against his hand some and kept her arms around him. "Oh? And what is that?" She smirked some. "I want oh so many things my love."

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) Nuzzling his face against her own he holds her close to him. “The unconditional love of the puppet master, and a family of your own my beautiful puppet. Someone to call your own forever, someone to always stand by your side, and protect you.”

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) She giggled as he nuzzled her face and she wrapped her arms around his neck as she smothered his own in kisses. "And you will as well. My eternal love and support. And a home with tiny pattering feet that you can teach all sorts of tricks and ways to use their darkness."

(To be continued)

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