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The Puppet Master and The Wolf King Heal. The Rise of Sirens Cove.
Category: Blogging

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) Moving out onto the porch the puppet master listens to the rain fall down around him and across the ocean. The calm waves that softly moved against the shore looked as though millions of insects continued to jump out of their depths. Leaning against the cane the puppet master cringes a bit and moves forward slowly allowing the rain to hit him. The overcast of the sky gave off a very peaceful atmosphere. The smell of wet dog could be smelt in every direction however, a scent that continued to infiltrate the puppet masters nose despite his best efforts. "Fucking wolves."

(Strife Nightshade King of Wolves) The soft tap of a cane could be heard in the air as the noble wolf approached his brother from the house entrance. "Just remember, without those wolves, any one of your many enemies you have acquired over the years could have come to finish what your marionette started." Stopping beside his brother the noble wolf looks out to the scenery and takes a deep breath in. "It is very peaceful here..." Taking a step forward Strife allows the rain to hit his own face as well as he closes his eyes for a moment. "How are you feeling brother?"

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) Crunching up his nose a bit the puppet master looks over towards Strife. "People have been trying to kill me for millenniums.. none have succeeded yet, until recently. However, here I stand... the epidemy of perfect health and vigor." Taking a step backwards the puppet master removes himself from the rain. "Peaceful... it reminds me of that god awful hole we use to call home." Alucar refused to admit anything to his brother about his own peaceful state of mind when it came to looking out over the ocean. "I have just as many enemies under the water as I do above it... when does it end."

(Strife Nightshade King of Wolves) "I reckon it ends when you stop pissing off everyone around you. You know, you never use to be this grumpy old bear that stands beside me. There was a time where you were actually at peace with yourself, and the world around you." Looking out towards the ocean water again Strife lets out a little sigh. "Yeah... I reckon that you do. However, if they come, we will face them together, as promised."

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) the Marionette was in the kitchen preparing a meal for those who would be eating soon. Outside she could half hear the brothers speaking. She had been glued to Alucars side since he came back and as much as she didn't want to, she thought it would do them well to mend old wounds. She was always prepared though in case he needed aid in anyway.

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) "I will stop pissing people off when they stop pissing me off." Leaning against the porch railing the puppet master swings his stick out towards his brothers stick. As his stick hits the bottom of Strife's the wolf would fall over into the mud as the cane flies from his hand. Bending over a bit the puppet master lets out a loud laugh as he looks down towards his brother who is now sprawled out in the mud.

(Strife Nightshade King of Wolves)  Feeling gravity take hold the wolf falls face first into the mud sliding across the ground a bit. With a painful groan Strife hears his brother laughing. Rolling himself over the wolf lifts his hands and wipes mud from his eyes and mouth. “Alucar you fucking dick!” Laying there on the ground he allows the mud to begin to rinse off of his face with the rain.

(Echo The Last Blood Reef Siren) Just below the surface the siren listened. Hearing them both fighting she shakes her head and pops up out of the water. "Well as I LIVE and BREATHE... look at the two of you bonding..."

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) The Marionette was bringing the last of the feast she prepared to the dining hall when she heard the commotion  she gave a small sigh setting a boars head on the table and then turned to walk out of the door and down the hall towards the front door, opening it to see Strife in the mud. A smirk crossed her lips and she crossed her arms. "Decide to try and take a walk there mutt?" She then smiled a bit hearing Alucar laugh. She couldn't remember the last time he had.

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) Alucars laughter would come to a stop as his eyes caught hold of the creature within the water. Looking down to Strife he heard Karasu come up behind them both. “Karasu... be ready.” Shouting over the rain the puppet master smirked towards the girl. “Still alive are you?! Unfortunately the same can not be said about your precious Alaric fish. Why don’t you come on up here and visit with your old friend, I’m sure we still have your aquarium on standby!”

(Echo The Last Blood Reef Siren) Rolls her eyes.. staying a good distance within the waters, "I just had to see for myself if the rumors were true. You keep his name out of your treacherous mouth!"

(Níðhöggr {Aria Saphira}) The Norse Dragon had been sitting and looking over the plans of the lands, taking note of areas that were destroyed by Alucar but could give a much further needed hard to breach path in case any one dared come through. The Jungles of Despair and Desolation was home or had been home to many strange creatures such as griffins and crocodiles the size of small ships. There was even a creature Aria had been trying to track down herself for many years before her slumber. Her name was Acherontia  and she was known as the Queen of the Monsters with the ability to use her dust from her wings to heal anything it touched. She had a great interest in getting her pet back and was sure the massive moth went into hiding when the jungles fell. She was wrapped up in looking for possible locations when she heard the commotion outside and she too went to the porch only to find Strife laying in the mud. She growled some and pushed past the puppet standing there watching and she creaked as she did so before she went and got Strife to his feet.

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master)Seeing the mother of dragons help his brother to his feet the puppet master placed his hand on her shoulder as he moved down from the porch steps looking to the fish. “I’m sure the mother of dragons would be happy to know that there are plenty of fish left in the area to eat.” The puppet masters eyes would take on a red hue as he smiled towards the Siren, taunting her to test the power he had regained since he had fallen. “Not shy are we? You should be thanking me.. clearing out that bay has given you the opportunity to diet, heavens know you needed it Echo. If you would have stayed Misha’s fish, then you would have been properly dieted.”

(Strife Nightshade King of Wolves) Feeing Aria help him to his feet the wolf kisses her cheek. “Thank you Aria.” Turning Strife looks towards the Siren in the water. “Let me guess.. friend of yours.”

(Níðhöggr {Aria Saphira}) She smiled some but wiped her cheek, "You need a bath." She felt Alucar's hand on her shoulder and arched a brow to him as she listened. She then rolled her eyes. "Don't use me in quarrels with fish." She then gave a small smirk as she stepped aside with Strife causing her to no longer be his support and watched him fall on his face as retaliation for him doing so to Strife.

(Echo The Last Blood Reef Siren) Tilting her head she laughed. "Resorting to fat jokes? By the gods times have changed. You will never put me back in that tank Alucar. Not ever.. I’m not alone here I’ve brought a friend with me.." She gave him a sharp teeth filled grin then looks to Strife "Don’t remember me ? I only helped Alaric steal the Embrace .. the same ship that still dosnt belong to you Alucar.."

(Pandora Pawn of the Gods{Curse Siren}) The mythical being containing all gifts from the gods including Calypso herself rose from the sea next to Echo. She stared upwards and looked to the man now on the ground in the mud. "This was the threat that destroyed Sirens Cove? He looks like an old man.....Maybe he should get back to his rocking chair on the porch and talk about days of old." She commented. When the Embrace was mentioned she gave a nod. "A ship that is now beached thanks to a certain cretin of a man but will be dragged to the depths when he tries to come for his treasure." She growled slightly.

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) Falling forward Alucar hits the mud and then slowly pushes himself up to where he is sitting on his knees. Looking out towards both Pandora and Echo the puppet master begins to laugh. Moving forward he puts a hand on his stomach as the laughs continue to come. “Remember you? He was too busy trying to help that pathetic son I murdered. You have not seen the last of a cage little fish..” Looking towards the other the puppet master smirks a bit. “Pandora isn’t it? Pet to the gods of old for betraying an OLD MAN. Careful, never know when you will be forced to suffer another eternity of hell by insulting an old man.. we see how well that worked out for you the first time.”

(Echo The Last Blood Reef Siren) She giggles at Pandora’s comment.Then growls at his remark on Alaric. "He is and was and will forever be 100 times more powerful then you will ever be!" Looking to Pandora she shook her head. "They have no idea what’s to come.."

(Pandora Pawn of the Gods{Curse Siren}) Pandora disliked the man above and he seemed to know her somehow. "Well thanks to Echo my bonds are broken and that was not the only reason I was sent to Hades. But I am free now and I think you need a lesson in manners." She snarled at him and she placed her hands in the water and began to circle them.

 Below in shambles she could see what was once the beautiful home of the Sirens that was destroyed and she was here to correct that miscarriage of destruction. As her hands circled in the water a maelstrom formed and from it a waterspout cackling with lightening formed in its center. Soon the waves rose several hundreds of feet upwards exposing the ocean floor below before being forced outwards in a massive tsunami wave that struck the side of the cliff and caused water to reach those above and flood their home as it destroyed the porch and uprooted trees.

The skies where now black and using one hand as the other controlled the maelstrom near her and Echo, the Blood Reef began to meld together, the ocean life there binding together as life returned to it and it rose a two hundred meters upwards.

Pandora then dropped the maelstrom and the sea took hold of the reef as well as filled the Cove until it barely broke the surface by twelve feet. The oceans new depth would allow the Sirens a collection of vessels and within the caves under the surface of the water laid treasures that lured even the most skilled of pirate to Sirens Cove on Blood Reef Sea. With the rise and sudden surge in the waters as the ocean came and claimed the Reef once more a massive echo was sent and any Sirens still alive would feel the call home.

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) Grabbing hold of a twig the puppet master is thrown backward towards the house by the massive wave that slammed into him sending his surfing down the hallway of the house.

(Hecate Nightshade Doll of Death) Poking her head out towards the hallway the small doll looks to the water that now enters her room. With tears in her eyes she then watches the master fly down the hallway. “Master left faucet on. Karasu spank you for being bad later. Hecate socks wet.. bad master, needs to check on Misha. She wet kitty now cuz master forgot faucet.

(Strife Nightshade King of Wolves) Taking a couple hastened steps backwards the wolf watches the wave slam into his brother. “Leave it to you to piss off a goddess when you can barely stand up! This goes back to our conversation Alucar!! Stop pissing people off!” (Alucar) Sliding down the hallway. “SCREW YOU STRIFE!!”

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) As the wave easily breaks over the edge of the cliff she watches. eye twitching as she takes hold of a nearby tree and sees Alucar disappear into the house through the open door as the porch was now a small pond and the entire stone walkway to the house now looked black as the dirt kicked up and remained flooded, a few tree trunks up to their centers in water as it was know knee deep. She looked to Strife and her anger was growing at the creature that just flooded their home and her eye twitched more. "For the love of hell...." She growled and slowly trudged her way into the house only to hear Heacate before face palming. "Fucking Doll......." She shook her head and she went to retrieve Alucar who was still sliding down the hall, picking up Hecate as she did so. "No Master pissed off apparently a GODDESS and got our house and front yard a few feet underwater!" She shouted for him to hear now looking for Misha.

(Níðhöggr {Aria Saphira}) Aria couldn't stop herself from cackling as she stood in safety near Strife and held her sides. "This is the greatest day of my life."

(Little Neko Neshu Misha Nightshade) The Neko dancing through the water comes sliding out of her room splashing and dipping her octopus in the water Master brought the beach to Misha!!! she squeals happily chasing after her master and Kara who was holding Hecate HECATE!!! The beach comes to us.

(Hecate Nightshade Doll of Death) “Master left faucet on! Come on Misha’s! Mama carrying me to see surfing master. Was funny, Hecate saw its. Masters arms and legs were out like Hecate’s!” She would say as her arms and legs lay limp as she was carried by Karasu.

(Strife Nightshade King of Wolves) Rolling with laughter Strife holds his stomach as he replays the puppet master sliding down the hall in his head.

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) Slamming into the front door the puppet master twitches a few times and coughs up a small fish that falls into the water and swims away. As he see’s Karasu enter the hallway carrying Hecate he quickly tries to crawl away, splashing like a mad man. “NO!! NOOOO! IT WASN’T ME KARASU!!! STRIFE!!!! HELP ME!”

(Little Neko Neshu Misha Nightshade) Rushing up behind her mother she clings to her and howls in laughter at her master Why master acting so funny’s? He can’t swims?

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) The Marionette picks up Misha and then using her strings she wrapped them around ALucar's leg with her eye twitching madly. "Do you know how long it took me to find a house for us?! I'm going to dangle you over for the fish!" She then began to drag him outside.

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) With strings shooting out from his fingertips they latch onto the front door like putty. “IT WAS STRIFE! IT WASNT ME!” Holding onto the door for dear life the puppet master looks back towards the marionette.

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) carrying her children so they dont get any more wet than they already were pulls harder and calls out. "I GOT SOME FISH FOOD!"

(Little Neko Neshu Misha Nightshade) The fishes are back!!  Can Misha have her pet backs!! squirms to look at her master as he is dragged Can Misha have the fishy???? Pweaseeee!!

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) “YES!! Misha can have the fishies!! Misha just needs to get master free!” Hearing the strings pop loose from the door frame like suction cups Alucar falls face first into the water and hits his head against the wooden floor.

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) (Karasu) "She shakes her head. Not these fishies........I don't need our house LEVELED. Well make a pond once the water is gone and Misha can have her own pond of fishies."

(Níðhöggr {Aria Saphira}) Struggles to hold Strife up during his laughing fit.

(Strife Nightshade King of Wolves) Watching his brother get dragged from the house Strife lifts a hand. “Hey now hold on Karasu..” Looking towards his brothers pleasing eyes he chokes back another laugh. “If the fish get ahold of him, there’s a good possibility you ever ever see him again.”

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) She stops a moment and closes her eyes as her brows twitch and releases Alucar. "You are lucky I love you....."

(Little Neko Neshu Misha Nightshade) Wiggles free and raced to her master Misha still gets the fish? She can catched them like before!

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) Spitting up water he looks over to Strife and gives him a very subtle nod of appreciation. Looking up towards Karasu Alucar stands up without the use of his cane. Looking out towards the sirens he goes to taunt them again and then looks to Karasu and the house. Coughing a bit Alucar turns around and heads back into the house.

(Níðhöggr {Aria Saphira}) (Aria) She smirks watching Alucar and stops him a moment, raising a finger. "You know I was looking at the lay of the lands and with that  Cove restored down there and the Sirens free to call it home they wouldn't need to ever leave to hunt as their prey would come to them in search of treasures. I noticed there used to be a vast Jungle before that was laid to waste. Perhaps it is in the best interest as a tatical advantage to earn an alliance with each. I am also looking for the Queen of the Monsters, my pet. With her she can heal the injured simply by dusting them. Perhaps she can help restore the Jungles and Strife with his sword can bring back to life the creatures lost. But he would need your help to boost his power a bit."

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) Carefully places Hecate down in the water as it goes up to her waist. "Be careful."

(Hecate Nightshade Doll of Death) Feeling the water ride to her waist the dolls leans down splashing in it a few times. “Salty water, Misha right, master bring ocean to Hecate and Misha, master love us!”

(Little Neko Neshu Misha Nightshade) Trudging over to Hecate she hugs her tightly. And hands her Sir Legsolot to play with.

(Alucar Nightshade The Puppet Master) Looking back towards the mother of dragons Alucar remains quiet and then turns heading into the house.

(Karasu Mei Fractured Marionette) She sighs and follows him. "You know pouting solves nothing."

(Pandora Pawn of the Gods {Cursed Siren}) Gives a satisfied smirk and dives down the depths,  finding an entrance to an underwater cave and after careful inspection decides to call it home.

(Echo The Last Blood Reef Siren) "Hey you can’t go without me!" Follows Pandora.

(Pandora Pawn of the Gods {Cursed Siren}) She smiles at the massive cave and starts to swim about filling it with glowing jelly fish, kelp, and soft sand holes large enough to lay in. "HOME!" She giggled and hugged Echo.

(Echo The Last Blood Reef Siren) Hugs her new sister and begins to help. "I can’t believe it’s back.. thank you Pandora. No more roaming the entire sea.. hopefully more of our sisters will return home.."

(Pandora Pawn of the Gods {Cursed Siren}) She nods. "Once it was finished rebuilding I sent out a beacon. Hopefully any who are alive will feel it and come home, it will stretch the entire sea and keep beating from this spot and we can all live within this cave and gather the treasures that where lost so our prey come to us."

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