Boa Hancockô [T] Kai

Last Updated: Tue 09 Mar 2021, 6:23:43

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Status: Swinger
Age: 116
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Panama
Signup Date: February 23, 2021

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The Joy Of The Pirate Empress
Category: Blogging

Boa sat upon her throne as she smiled at how her fame spread once more.  Holding the most recent parchments of information within her long slim fingers. Lifting her eyes to one of her most loyal friends. Parting her lips with a smile she added. 

"You have done so well behind enemy lines. All this time you have served me with the ammunition and knowledge I needed to defeat the unsuspecting enemy.  Thank you..."

She sincerely offered her gratitude to the male. His loyalty and love never once failing his Queen. Her enemies always thinking she did not know about their lies and deceitful ways. Yet thanks to this one ally, she could always smile.  Nodding toward him she continued. 

"Do what you do so well and report back to me in secret as always. Once I have deemed it enough, I will strike. I will laugh while they think themselves superior.  For now, I will sit back and enjoy my name being praised."

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