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The Governor: Human Target Practice
Category: Adventure

Dark Antihero Version: The Governor wanted to blow off some steam right now, so he forced fifteen prisoners to walk over a mile from Woodbury until they were only one hundred yards away from dozens of walkers. His well armed men and women made sure that these wretched excuses for human beings never got the chance to escape nor attack their captors either, because he had certain dark and disturbing plans for them instead. The Governor cleared his voice before speaking in a casual and almost nonchalant manner.

"Oh these? Well these right here are my brand spanking new .44 Magnum revolvers, but I haven't had the time to test them out just yet. You know how it is, I'm a very busy man and my people always come first no matter what, but today's Sunday and everyone's resting and taking things easy. Isn't life grand, right? Well for us yes, but for all of you, maybe not so much."

He smiled and playfully winked at the prisoners before looking down to admire his new and deadly weapons. Several minutes passed as the Governor made every convict sweat it out some more before their fate was eventually decided, but soon enough he glanced back up then continued speaking calmly again.

"One shot and those bad boys over there will be heading this way pretty damn quickly, so I highly suggest you fine gentlemen start running as fast as you can. Unless of course, you prefer me shooting everyone of you dead right now. Now tell me, where's the fun in that? Oh and one more thing. You make it past my bullets and through those goddamn biters, then guess what? You're free men and all sins are forgiven. Now get moving or I'll fucking kill all of you right where you're standing!!!"

The Governor suddenly turned into a madman as he screamed that last sentence out at the top of his lungs, which of course scared the worthless rapists and murderers into immediately running away from him, only for many of them to be gunned down from behind as he began wildly, but at the same time also accurately shooting his victims with those large caliber revolvers. Brains were blown out as skulls exploded from high impact bullets, but the demented Woodbury leader also delighted in shooting people in the back and also legs too, thus making it almost impossible for them to get up and run at full speed again. The starving biters quickly closed in as the Governor continued torturing the very worst which society had to offer. 

"Man this is so much goddamn fun it's making my dick hard! Yeehaw!"

He reloaded his weapons but started firing them into the air this time around, while laughing and screaming as the ravenous biters made short work of those few prisoners who'd gotten that far without being shot. They tore into these disposable humans with unrelenting fury, teeth ripping flesh from bones while powerful hands did the same to other body parts as well, and soon stomachs were disemboweled and intestines gorged upon while convicts took their final breaths. Those prisoners who were still alive but unable to run or even move also suffered the very same fate, until none remained living and out of fifteen captives, six had been killed and another six wounded by the Governor, then shortly thereafter the walkers finished off those who survived, be they wounded or otherwise. Prisoners who came back from the dead were then shot through their heads by the Governor's men and women, before every single walker also perished as the brutal massacre continued until only Woodbury army members were left standing.

"Oh no Rebecca my dear, I wasn't about to let any of those assholes live, even if they made it through that little gauntlet there. I had more people waiting on the other side, to blow out the fucking brains of whoever might have survived!"

The Governor and Rebecca both laughed after he answered her question, as did the rest of his fighters so all in all, it was a very good and productive day at the Woodbury office!

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