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"(Elder Scrolls) Crossovers welcome. My home is in The Rift of Skyrim. I am A Beldmraven the male equivalent of a Hagraven. (Don't care for BS drama)"
117 years old
Tau, Rogaland
Norway - TheRift
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There are creatures that dwell in the Reach and the Rift of Skyrim. Creatures that gave up the humanity for dark powers and gone under a dramatic change. Deformed and twisted creatures the were once women and became Hagravens. Witches that wanted more than just being a necromancer. But deep within The Rift there was a man. He prayed to the old gods also know as the Daedra. Having written runes all over his body and using Black Soul Gems that he filled with souls of innocent lives. He prayed for thirty days without food nor water. He gave his soul to these old gods and in return they heard his prayers as they took not only his soul but the souls her gathered for them in the gems. Black smokes surrounded his body and the runes glowed and branded to his skin. He became a Baldmraven, an equivalent to a Hagraven but a male version. Though this was never done he was not grotesque looking but was in a dark cloak and his skin had become harden that blades nor dragon talons or teeth could pierce his body. Renaming himself Night the Demon of The Rift. Night can do most spells like a Hagraven but also is able to use Arcane spells without having to rely on potions to use. Night also can use hand to hand combat as his is much stronger and is able to crush rocks with his fists and feet.

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